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Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive absolutely always, and not only at celebrations and holidays. That is why, for most young ladies looking after their appearance, morning makeup is a normal procedure, akin to brushing your teeth and other good habits. The rules of day makeup vary greatly with the requirements for the evening. Beautiful daytime makeup implies first of all a fresh and natural look, clean skin and neatness in any appearance details. 

How to make a day makeup

Creating a naturalistic look only at first glance seems like a simple task. In fact, to make morning makeup barely noticeable and at the same time skillfully hiding all the skin imperfections is quite a difficult task, requiring compliance with certain rules and sequence of actions. When daytime makeup becomes a fairly easy daily procedure, you can begin to increase the speed of its application.

  1. The first rule to consider when creating a beautiful day
    Differences Daytime Makeup From Evening
    Make-up - the need to apply it in natural sunlight. Only in this case will it be possible to make the morning make-up realistic and adequately assess the brightness of the colors, the clarity of the forms and correct the errors. It is important to understand that it is daylight that makes all the imperfections of the appearance obvious. He can help emphasize the dignity.
  2. The second condition of how to make a day makeup beautiful - competent work with the skin. It must be carefully processed with a nourishing or moisturizing cream and evened with tonal means. Toning should be done so that it does not look like a heavy mask, but at the same time all the bumps and reddening of the skin should be hidden.
  3. After applying the cream correctly make a pause and wait until it dries. Only then you can do the processing of tonal means.
  4. Doing daily make-up, properly use brushes and sponges for applying the base. This will allow to achieve a light and natural look.
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    skin. In addition, it is worth remembering that the tool itself is the right way to pick up the skin tone or a little lighter. When buying cosmetics, it is necessary to make test strokes on the skin of the neck. Evaluate the result you need after drying the tone.
  5. It is very important to ensure that daily makeup was made exactly and all transitions of tones were soft and barely noticeable. All areas on which cosmetics are applied must be gently shaded afterwards. Such areas as the neckline and neck should not be forgotten either.
  6. Doing makeup with your own hands, do not neglect the secrets of professionals. For example, using the tonal fundamentals of several shades correctly, you can correct some features, giving them a more beautiful look. Light tones make the treated area larger and closer, while dark ones make it smaller and farther away.
  7. The last and decisive is correct for those who do their own day makeup - use paints carefully, avoid screaming shades and focus on the eyes and eyes. Day makeup for gray-green eyes, brown, green, blue have their own distinctive features and a palette of acceptable shades of cosmetics.

Rules for creating a daily make-up for different shades of eyes

Green Day Eye Makeup

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Day makeup for green eyes to create correctly using warm colors and shades. The charm and mystery of green eyes can be emphasized with golden, beige, cream and copper colors. At the same time, blue and turquoise hues do not harmonize with green eyes at all. Mascara and eyeliner for green eyes is better to match the hair and do not use black. Cosmetics for eyes of gray and brown colors will look beautiful and natural.

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After the skin and eyes are worked out, you can start applying lipstick and rouge. These products should also be as light and calm as possible. Blush and lipstick of a warm shade will organically fit into a day make-up for green eyes. Instead of lipstick, you can use a transparent lip gloss.

Day makeup for girls with gray or blue eyes

Doing day makeup for blue eyes, it should be borne in mind that the shade of the iris is directly dependent on the shadows that will be used. Thus, shades of blue can give your eyes a distinct blue color. The use of darker shadows will give expressive look, and white shadows can make blue eyes very pale.

Makeup for blue eyes

Daytime makeup for blue eyes allows the use of beige and coffee shades, sandy shades look good.

After working on the eye area, lipstick is applied. Choosing lipstick, you need to be guided by the size of the lips. If the lips are thin, you need to choose a lighter tone. To create the most realistic look when doing daylight makeup for blue eyes, lipstick can be discarded in favor of lip gloss.

Day make-up for owners of brown eyes

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Brown eyes cause the most controversy among makeup artists. There are many opinions about which shades are suitable for them and do not fit. This situation arises from the fact that the brown color may look different depending on the skin tone. The owners of brown eyes and dark skin are more suited to golden shades, and girls with brown eyes and pale face and dark hair should pay attention to white, light green and blue shades. Daily makeup for brown eyes, appropriate for a blonde, may include metallic shades. After the shade of the shadows is selected, it is necessary to determine the color of the carcass and liner.

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Daytime makeup for brown eyes allows the use of radical black contouring means for the eyes. It is this color that will make the look deep and expressive, while the gray and brown shades can put it out.

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Day lip makeup

In recent years, ideas about the palette used for daytime lip makeup have changed somewhat. If earlier it was believed that the use of red lipstick is too bold option for a casual look, today this solution will not cause anyone to be puzzled. However, it is important to understand that not all shades of red can beautify the appearance. At the same time, if red lipstick looks beautiful, the image becomes truly fatal. When choosing a red lipstick, brunettes should pay attention to cherry and burgundy shades, and to fair-haired young ladies - to carrot and coral.

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