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make-up for a date

By the way the girl dresses up and dressed up, you can immediately tell whether she’s gathered for a date or not. And if the outfit is simpler - you can take off and put on a dress several times during the selection process - then make-up should be determined immediately. What make-up to choose for a date and how to make it at home?

First date

To understand what makeup is suitable for the first date, let us outline the goals of this event. The minimum task is to win over a person, the maximum task is to please him. The main mistake made by girls is to paint as they never painted before. That is, they make experiments. But best of all, if the makeup on the first date will be familiar to you. Make a make-up that you have already done 300 times in order to avoid shortcomings.

beautiful makeup for a date

We place accents

A date often takes place in a cafe or restaurant, which means you will see the guy’s face in front of you, as well as he will see you. Under a thick layer of cosmetics, he will not be able to see the highlight in you, so with a make-up you should focus on one part of the face.

Nude face

Let's try to perform step by step make-up in the style of nude. From English, nude is translated as “naked”, but in make-up this word implies naturalness. In this make-up, the emphasis is on the freshness of the skin of the face, so if you are young, you can well afford to make-up nude. It is difficult enough to do it yourself, because you need to make it look like there is no makeup on your face.

But we are not looking for easy ways, so we will try to do make-up for a date in the nude style with our own hands.

Dakota Faning Makeup

  1. We emphasize the freshness of your face with a day cream with reflective particles;
  2. If necessary, apply a foundation that matches the color of the skin;
  3. We emphasize cheekbones with rouge, blondes - peach color, brown-haired women and brunettes - scarlet;
  4. Apply a little brown mascara to the eyelashes, make out eyebrows;
  5. Shadows can not be used. In extreme cases, you can put a little dark brown shadows on the outer corner of the eye.


If your business card is plump, beautiful lips, then you can focus on them. Make-up for a date should not be fancy, so give up unnatural colors (orange, purple, black ...). The following colors are suitable for underlining the lips:

blake lively- makeup for a date

  • Blondes: pink, scarlet, coral;
  • Red and brown: brick, coral, fuchsia;
  • Brunettes: burgundy, brick, terracotta.

Step-by-step instructions for bright highlighted lip makeup:

  1. Apply on lips hygienic lipstick. It will protect the delicate skin of the lips from the penetration of small particles of decorative cosmetics;
  2. Powdered lips puff. This way we will match their color with the skin tone and will be able to draw any contour;
  3. Pencil outlines the boundaries of future lips. Do not make them unnatural forms;
  4. Apply liquid lipstick or color shine;
  5. Excess lipstick removed, lip wetting napkin.

Camilla Belle with bright lipstick

Makeup for a date with an emphasis on lips does not allow bright eyes. In this case, you can only slightly emphasize the eyelashes with mascara and give the eyes a contour with a thin eyeliner. It is not recommended to paint eyebrows.


Proper eye makeup can help a girl conquer a guy at a glance. For a date, you can take full advantage of such a female cunning.

Kirsten dunst

The phased scheme of applying cosmetics to focus on the eyes:

  1. Be sure to align the skin tone around the eyes with a concealer or corrector;
  2. Apply base shadows to the entire sub-area, the color should be neutral: white, beige, gray;
  3. We select the main color with the movable upper eyelid and the outer corner of the lower one. You can draw an arrow with the same shadows;
  4. Eyeliner is optional. Brunette she recommended, blondes - only as a last resort;
  5. Mascara is applied at the very end of eye makeup. It may be brown or black. Bright colors leave for the disco. Using them for a date may not be entirely successful.

kim kardashian makeup

Remember, lovely girls: no makeup can replace your sincere emotions and smiles during a date. The more openly you will communicate with the guy, the more chances you have to conquer him. And make-up, manicure and outfit are just modest helpers of your charm and femininity.

Video: master class on creating makeup for a romantic date

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