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Daring make-up is an opportunity to rest from the severity of the working dress-code, allow yourself to open up, be a little rebel, emphasize the brightness of the eyes and the richness of the lips. With the help of unimaginable colors and smoky effect in makeup, you definitely feel like a real movie star and turn on yourself admiring glances of the opposite sex. Today we will tell how to make a impudent make-up and to become a star of any party.

rebellious spirit

Rock Eye Bold Makeup

Eminent rock stars are sometimes shocked by their appearance. Sometimes you want to try them yourself "cutting" make-up, but adapt it a bit to fit your appearance. So, for a rock party you should prepare like this:

rock makeup

  1. Cleanse your skin with gel or foam. So the final make-up will look neat and last longer.
  2. After this cleaning, apply a foundation suitable for your skin type. In order not to wear a kilogram mask on your face, make a thin layer of cream. For application, use a brush or, at worst, clean your own fingers. The main task is not to overdo it and properly distribute the product over the skin of the face. Fix the effect of a transparent powder.
    fatal style
  3. A perky rock makeup is an emphasis on the eyes. Therefore, in order for the make-up to really look “fatal,” purchase a liquid eyeliner or eyeliner such as a felt-tip pen.
  4. Start by dusting the upper eyelid. Bold makeup you will use matte shadows of dark colors. Coffee, dark brown, graphite, exactly those shades that suit you. Apply them to the entire movable upper eyelid, capturing a zone of 1 cm above it. Blend well. Do not overdo it, and in no case use black shadows. Otherwise, you get a rough make-up in the Gothic style.
    new image in gothic
  5. In the same way, trace the area of ​​the lower eyelid with dark shadows.
    bright image
  6. Apply the eyeliner in the form of an arrow starting from the middle of the century or from the beginning of the eyelash growth line. The thickness should be medium, and the tip protrude 2-3 mm from the outer corner of the eye and be pointed upwards.
  7. Mascara should definitely be black. Gray or brown very soften the whole image.
    application technique

Such a bold makeup involves cherry, burgundy or brown lipstick.

Star cheeky makeup

Recently, very often girls are trying to copy their idols in everything. Since plastic surgery is a dubious and expensive pleasure, the easiest way to achieve the effect of "similarity" will be by making a makeup like your idol. For example, make Rihanna. Makeup start like this:

star style

  1. Apply one to two tones on your face and neck darker than your natural complexion. Shatter as much as possible.
  2. Comb your eyebrows and tint dashed movements with a dark brown pencil.
    reserved insolence
  3. In a black eye pencil, circle the eyes along the contour. Use a comfortable brush to blend in a pencil. Duplicate the dark color with the same shadows.
  4. Then apply pearl red shadows on the upper movable eyelid. Such a make-up can often be seen on a talented singer.
    sharp option
  5. On the contour of the upper eyelid, walk around with a black eyeliner, and twist your eyelashes with the help of mascara and forceps.
  6. Finishing this bold makeup, do not forget to touch your cheekbones with light blush and highlight your lips with the help of bright lipstick.
    star makeup variations

Bold makeup ready. Remember that it will look organic on you only in the evening or at the relevant event.

Cat Eye Makeup

Cat's eye is a method of applying cosmetics that will highlight your eyes and give them a mysterious skirmish. Makeup of this kind will suit both young girls and mature women. Let's try to create such an alluring and bold makeup:

cat's eye

  1. Apply foundation to the mobile eyelid and powder it.
  2. Bring the lower eyelid with a dark brown or brown pencil and blend the makeup with a brush.
  3. Use black eyeliner or pencil to draw the mucous membrane of the entire eye.
    evening make-up
  4. Highlight the outer corner with black shadows, capturing a couple of millimeters of the lower eyelid zone. This make-up requires a handy brush.
  5. Apply a golden or any brown shade to the entire eye, starting from the inner corner to the darkened outer part. Carefully soften all transitions and borders between colors.
    perfect combination
  6. Go through the black eyeliner at the top of the eyelashes, and darken the corner with a flick of a brush with dark shadows.
  7. When making such a make-up, it is better to use false cilia, but in the absence of such, make up your own with the help of black mascara.
    step-by-step instruction
  8. Make-up in the cat's eye style provides a calm color gamut of lipstick or lip gloss.

Bold makeup in retro style

The prefix "retro" always means something that is time-tested and remains relevant to this day. Juicy plump lips and bright arrows are the main trumps of the heartbreakers of all time. Makeup is created like this:

Monroe style

  1. Cleanse your skin and apply your favorite and proven remedy. Apply it on the area of ​​mobile eyelids and under the eyes.
  2. Apply transparent powder if desired with patting movements.
    for any type of appearance
  3. The main part of your operation called “cheeky makeup” is the arrows. For professional women, using a liquid eyeliner is a fun affair, but for beginners, it is better to choose an eyeliner in the form of a felt-tip pen. Apply it, starting from the inner corner and lead through the outer. Arrow gradually thicken.
  4. Apply light shadows to the area of ​​the moving eyelid. They should not be very different from the color of your skin, so as not to create the effect of tired eyes.
  5. Looking at the photo of famous beauties, you note the density of eyelashes. It can be achieved with the help of black mascara and curling tongs.
  6. Comb and tint eyebrows. Creating makeup, remember that thin eyebrows in the form of "strings" are irrelevant, and huge and unnatural, even ridiculous. Observe the principle of naturalness.
    seductive look
  7. Cheekbones slightly touch with a brush with peach blush, moving towards the temples.
  8. Highlight lips with satin scarlet lipstick. Do not try to "draw" a new contour of the lips. So you can not achieve their plumpness, the effect will be the opposite.
    step by step scheme

Having created such a bold make-up, you can dress in appropriate attire and plunge into the pool with your head in the exciting process of seducing men.

The main and main task that any make-up performs is to make a face much more attractive. False eyelashes, double and bright arrows, sparkles and stencils are all the delights of the modern beauty industry at the service of every woman.

female magic

And if you try to use new techniques and a variety of colors, applying make-up, you will definitely be able to create a spectacular and memorable image.

Video: Doing makeup for a rock party with your own hands

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