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Cute makeup - the trend of the summer season is not the first year. The popularity of such a make-up is due to its naturalness, not complexity in execution and versatility. Properly selected palette of shades will allow you to create a puppet image with a cute make-up yourself at home as blondes and brunettes.

Every girl would like to catch admiring glances, testifying to her attractiveness. But not each of us, alas, can boast of porcelain skin, puffy sensual lips, long silky eyelashes and huge bottomless eyes. Using some tricks, surely present in the arsenal of every woman, we will figure out how to make a cute makeup with your own hands.

Instructions for doing cute makeup

Stage 1. Preparatory.

girl with perfect face tone in cute make up

Surely each of you knows, to create a true masterpiece of art, you must prepare the basis for applying the strokes of the palette. So, the basis of our skin. The main rule is a perfectly even skin tone.

  1. To do this, apply a base coat (leveling tone, concealer, concealer, make-up base, mousse powder, etc.) on the pre-cleansed face. Each woman, for certain, has the preferences in the given question.
  2. Cute makeup at home involves the technique of its execution in warm, pink, peach, natural tones. Therefore, applying a foundation, the preference should be given to light shades, with a small "rozovinkoy." Welcome to the basis of reflective particles.
  3. Concealer of yellow or pink pigment will help to hide dark circles under the eyes.
  4. The final touch will be applying crumbly powder.

side makeup model

Stage 2. We place accents.

Cute eye makeup and a scheme for applying it are the basis of this make-up technique. Puppet eyelashes and expressive eyes - the goal to which we aspire. Consider the step-by-step instructions for its execution.

cosmetics to create cute makeup

  1. Technique performing cute makeup involves the use of pastel, gentle tones of the palette. But this does not mean that you should not be guided by the situation: daytime makeup requires lighter shades of pink, pale blue, light gray colors, and makeup for evening out may contain more saturated shades.
  2. Cream pearl shadows - perfect for a nice make-up eye with their own hands. The scheme of drawing shadows provides step-by-step execution of the following actions. The main shade is applied completely to the mobile eyelid. The middle tone of the same color scale is applied to the fold of the eyelid, and the eyebrow border is drawn by a bright highlighter, which also “highlights” the inner corner of the eye. This technique will allow you to open the look, make it more radiant.
  3. After applying the shadows, you need to draw arrows. To this end, a line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye with a slight “lifting” of the tail of the arrow is drawn clearly along the line of eyelash growth. At the same time, preference should be given not to coal-black lines, but to its softer variants: brown, gray, lilac.
  4. And finally, eyelashes. Here the main rule - as long as possible, thick and fluffy eyelashes. To do this, you can use several different carcasses (volumetric and lengthening) and experiment with the number of layers.

blue eyed beauty with cute make up

Stage 3. We give freshness.

Cute makeup provides a healthy glow, slightly touched the cheekbones of the beauty. To do this, choose a shade of blush light pink, peach or pale carrot color, only to give shine to the appearance without overloading it.

blonde in colors with cute make up

Stage 4. Final.

The final point of cute make-up is applying lipstick. The goal that we strive to achieve is sensual, voluminous lips. The tone of the lipstick should be in harmony with the hue of the shadows, or be transparent. To give your lips volume - apply gloss over the entire surface of the lips, and in the middle of the lower and upper lips, put a barely noticeable point with pearlescent gloss - this technique will give additional volume and seductiveness to your lips.

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