Curling eyelashes with forceps

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One of the ways of giving the look expressiveness and openness is the curling of eyelashes with forceps. This method is known for a very long time, it was used by our grandmothers. After all, before no one could have imagined that it would be possible to curl them with the help of chemistry or use carcasses with a twisting effect. And now, when there is a sufficient number of alternatives to this device, eyelash curlers do not lose their popularity.

How curling tongs look

Outwardly, this device for creating a perfect bend looks like nail scissors, but instead of a sharp cutting edge, they have a special clamp. One part of which is applied to the upper eyelid, and the second presses the cilia. On the lower lobe of the clamp, the edge is rubberized, this protects the curl from injury. Some models of tongs have removable elastic bands; if they are damaged, you can replace them with new ones, this will prolong the life of the device.

Some people, especially men, curling lashes resemble something terrible. Indeed, looking at them, it becomes somehow uncomfortable, especially considering the fact that this object needs to do something with the eyes. But in reality everything is not so scary. With skillful use of this terrible tool turns into an indispensable tool when creating a beautiful look.

eyelash curler

All eyelash curlers have one working principle and a similar appearance. But manufacturers, trying to make their product unique, can add their "zest". So some tweezers have a soft surface with handles, embossing and engraving on the surface of the clips, colored pens and even incrustation with stones. All these additions do not affect the functionality, but significantly increase the price of the tools. Although such unusual tongs will be an original gift, an ornament for the cosmetics of a real glamorous diva.

Curling tongs - must have for girls with straight eyelashes

A playful curl is always beautiful and fascinating, but sometimes a curl of cilia becomes a necessity, and not just a beautiful attribute of appearance. This applies to those girls whose cilia grow down or simply straight. There are a lot of such young ladies and they often face the inconvenience caused by such a specific growth. Not only do flat or lowered eyelashes make your eyes look sad, they can also cause discomfort and irritate the eyes.

curling process

Eyelash curlers are able to solve this problem at home, so for these girls it is a certain mast of kev. The main thing is to learn how to use them independently and correctly, then daily use will not be burdensome, and the whole procedure will take a few minutes. Phased curling eyelashes with their hands requires experience and skill. And yet, it is important not to overdo it with a curl, otherwise, instead of a playful bend, you may end up with a look of a surprised mime, not typical of your everyday look.

Curling tongs - user manual

Having considered the design of the forceps, you will probably immediately understand how to use the curler for eyelashes. This device is quite simple, it does not have any complicated modes and a lot of buttons. Therefore, it becomes intuitively clear what to do with them and you are unlikely to need instructions. So it will be more useful to know that when curling with forceps you should not do:

  • Heat the tweezers. Many experienced girls in this matter advise heating the forceps with a hot stream of air from a hairdryer or under a stream of hot water. But in practice it does not give almost any gain curl, but the burn of the century you can earn.
  • Curling cilia, you will go to their coloring ink. Important point: do not touch the place of bending with mascara. If you paint over the bend, the curl will immediately straighten.
  • Avoid rooms with high humidity. Curls straighten from moist air and steam.
  • You can not hurry. If you apply makeup in a hurry, it is better to do without the use of this device. Otherwise you risk being left without eyelashes. One wrong move, trembling hand, and the tips as it happened.
  • Do not let the clamp too close to the eyelid. Otherwise you can clamp the skin.
  • Mascara is always applied after curling. Do not paint the cilia before using the forceps, as you hurt them or break them. Well, at least they will stick together in one awkward lump.


Curling eyelashes of different lengths

Curling eyelashes forceps slightly different in the scheme of the procedure for different lengths. For owners of long eyelashes, you need to step through three clips from the roots to the ends. Each time you need to withstand time for 10-15 seconds.

But girls with gentle eyelashes to make the length of this procedure will not succeed. Experts advise for such cilia to make three clips at the roots, but the main thing here is not to overdo it so that the curl does not turn out to be too sharp. Determine the clamping force and their number for each case can only be experienced. Practice several times and you will be able to choose for yourself the ideal scheme for the perm.

Care of curling tongs

As well as any tool, nippers need care and careful operation. Follow the state of your assistant in creating the perfect look and he will serve you a long time. Necessary care:

  • periodically wash tweezers and maintain their sterility;
  • monitor the condition of the gum on the clip, wear them with new ones during wear;
  • Do not allow contact with water, otherwise the clips may rust.

Eyelash curler kits as a gift option for a girl

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Perhaps no beauty will not give up cosmetics and tools as a gift. The eyelash curler kit is an original and unusual gift. It may include the following products:

  • curling tongs;
  • mascara with a lengthening effect;
  • mascara curling cilia;
  • mirror;
  • liners and liners to create arrows;
  • bunches of false eyelashes to increase the density and many other means.

The eyelash curler set is not a trivial gift that will be useful to every girl to create the perfect image at home. And the cost of it can be adjusted individually, focusing on your budget.

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