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Curd diet is considered one of the safest and most effective. By following all the recommendations, you can lose weight without harm to the body. Like all mono diets, a diet on cottage cheese should not last longer than a week. If you can not sit on mono component diets, you can use a cottage cheese diet for 4 weeks Maggi, which has a varied diet. In addition to the benefits to the figure, cottage cheese is very useful for the health of teeth, hair, nails and bones. The most effective diet affect the body with the right diet. This article will help you choose the compliance scheme and the curd diet menu.

About the benefits of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is known for many years and its benefits are beyond doubt. Its protein is not inferior in quality to protein in meat and fish. This product contains a set of essential amino acids. It is rich in caseins, sources of available calcium and phosphorus. Methionine in its composition contributes to the efficient breakdown of fats. The composition of this product contains many vitamins and trace elements, as well as lactose milk sugar.

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Vitamin A in its composition is involved in the regulation of metabolism, vitamin E is an antioxidant, giving the body's cells resistance to external factors. Vitamin D regulates the process of calcium absorption, vitamin P is not produced by the human body, and therefore its content in this fermented milk product is even more significant. This vitamin helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, slows the heart rhythm.

A portion of this product contains the daily rate of iron, calcium and protein for the human body. These qualities made it an indispensable product in the diet, beauty and traditional medicine.

Choosing cottage cheese for a diet

If you decide to eat curd for weight loss, you need to know which product to choose. Usually on the store shelves we choose one of the following products:

  • Grain curd. Nutritionists consider it the most easily digestible. It is recommended to use athletes, bodybuilders, people with great physical exertion. Neutral acidity allows people with stomach disorders to use it. This is the perfect curd for weight loss.
  • Defatted. It is made from skimmed milk. This product is quickly absorbed by the body, but scientists believe that long-term use of low-fat cottage cheese leads to a deterioration in human health, in particular to brittle hair, nails, loss of teeth. The lack of fat in this product makes it not the best choice for diets that last more than 2 days. If you want to make a fasting day, you can choose a low-fat product for use on that day.
  • Curd. It is thoroughly ground cottage cheese with the addition of dried apricots, raisins, prunes, zest, flavors, sugar and butter. The usefulness of this product is not inferior to classic curd, as it does not undergo any additional temperature processing. Many people prefer curd curd mass for taste. The fat content of this product depends on the fat content of the curd, on the basis of which it is made. If you choose this product for the diet, choose a mass of 4-6% fat.

Diet on cottage cheese will give the maximum results and benefits for the body, if you choose a product with a fat content of 4-5%. Fat-free cottage cheese will deprive your body of the necessary fat, and too fat will not give the expected effect.

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The benefits of losing weight on cottage cheese

The use of this fermented milk product has the following advantages:

  • strengthening teeth, nails and hair;
  • improvement of intestinal microflora;
  • prevention of osteoporosis;
  • improvement of the nervous system;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • prolonged saturation of the body.

Choose your own individual power scheme

Curd diet for weight loss has many schemes. You can use one of the instructions developed by nutritionists, or you can make your own diet. The main advantage of any of these methods is high efficiency combined with harmlessness. Whatever scheme you choose, remember that the cottage cheese diet has a pronounced diuretic effect, so it is important to observe the water balance. Drink at least one and a half to two liters of pure water per day.

Strict curd mono diet for 3 days - rules and menu

If you urgently need to lose a few pounds, for example, to get into an old dress, you will need a curd diet for 3 days. Mono diets are considered the most aggressive for the body, so sitting on it is not recommended for more than a specified period. Reviews losing weight talk about its high efficiency, every day can go up to a kilogram of excess weight.

The menu should consist exclusively of cottage cheese. The daily rate of the product depends on its type and fat content. So, fat-free cottage cheese can be eaten up to half a kilogram, and fat homemade only 300 grams. The entire volume of the product must be divided into 5 parts - 5 meals.

To prevent dehydration, try to drink as much fluid as possible. Green unsweetened tea, mineral water, water without gas is allowed. Curd diet for 3 days requires great willpower and endurance. To make it easier, it is recommended to prepare your body in advance, reducing portions of food.

Fermented milk week benefits and diet

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This cottage cheese diet for 7 days is a milder option than the one described above. In addition to cottage cheese kefir is added to the diet, the usefulness of which only enhances the positive effect of this diet.

  • The menu of the cottage cheese diet for every day consists of half a kilogram of cottage cheese of 7-9% fat and 1 liter of 1% kefir. This amount of food should be divided into 5 receptions. Try to eat at regular intervals.
  • In between meals, you can drink water and unsweetened tea.
  • Unsharp curd diet for weight loss does not prohibit the use of fruits, honey, cinnamon, raisins as an additive to the main product. You can even add high-calorie banana to honey or honey. Moreover, fruits contribute to the removal of toxins from the body. But remember that the effectiveness of losing weight depends on your diet. Due to the high nutritional properties of these dairy products, losing weight often refuse to add additives to the curd and kefir.
  • It is not forbidden to cook cottage cheese casseroles and fruit salads with this dairy product.

Choosing kefir, pay attention to its date of manufacture. It is recommended to take kefir no older than 3 days from the date of issue, otherwise it will have a bonding effect. Curd diet for 7 days allows you to lose up to 6 kg of excess weight.

We grow thin in a month - system Maggi

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Maggi-cottage cheese diet for 4 weeks is widely known among women who want to say goodbye to being overweight.

  • To lose weight on this system, you need to gradually create a low-calorie diet in itself, which should not contain sweet fruits, potatoes, legumes, and sweeteners are prohibited in beverages.
  • The menu includes simple home-cooked meals, such as vegetable salads, boiled meat, and steam fish.
  • For breakfast you need to eat about 150 grams of cottage cheese, lunch and dinner consists of simple boiled protein foods.

The advantage of the Maggi system is that you will not feel hungry. Curd diet for 4 weeks allows you to lose about 7 kg without major restrictions for the body.

Out of the diet

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The effectiveness of such cottage cheese slimming combined with the benefits for the body. But it is important to get out of the diet correctly so that the lost kilograms will not come back at an accelerated pace. To save the result as long as possible, it is first recommended to gradually enter the cereals menu, and later on lean meat. Try not to eat sweets for 2 weeks after completing the diet.

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