Cucumber diet - a fresh solution for weight loss

cucumber diet for weight loss

In an attempt to find a panacea in the fight against obesity, women demonstrate remarkable ingenuity, the fruit of which was the cucumber diet. This way to lose weight is recognized as one of the most effective, with its help you can lose from 10 kg of weight at home. How safe to use cucumber for weight loss, try to find out below.

Diet on fresh cucumbers: good or bad?

Available to absolutely everyone, regardless of region, income and season, a cucumber diet is an inexpensive way to become slimmer. However, as impartial reviews about this technique warn us, the following effects may occur:

  • Weakness, lowering blood pressure. Cucumber is considered a product with a negative calorie content: it gives less energy than it needs to digest and assimilate it;
  • Bloating and flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Cucumber fibers - coarse fiber, which irritates the intestinal wall;
  • Strong diuretic effect - which prevents participation in events, exits to the city on diet days. This is a pretty dubious gift to itself.
  • In addition, respondents noted a constant feeling of hunger. You can't fool the body - eating only a vegetable, more than 90 percent water, is difficult to get enough.

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So, cucumber diet for weight loss does not contribute to improving well-being, mood, and may even lead to depression. The decision whether to expose the body to such stress for the sake of getting rid of a few pounds, each takes independently.

However, it should be noted that the cucumber diet is considered to be one of the most effective. Numerous reviews indicate a loss of 3-5 kilos in a couple of days and a weekly deliverance from 10 kg of live weight, and this is an excellent result - you cannot argue with him.

Cucumber - a miracle of nature

As the name implies, the cucumber diet for weight loss suggests that you will eat only cucumbers in a certain period of time. It is possible not only a mono-diet on fresh fruits, but also variants in which a cucumber will be only a basic product. The second way is definitely healthier and safer.

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Like any vegetable, cucumber has beneficial properties, and it is very useful to eat it in limited quantities. Before developing the menu of the cucumber diet, let's consider in stages what elements and vitamins are in these fruits:

  • What is important for weight loss, cucumbers consist almost entirely of water and coarse fiber fibers. The “cucumber slimming” scheme is based on this - the stomach is full, but almost no calories are received. For the continuation of life the body is forced to take energy from the reserves of fat;
  • Cellulose of plant origin enhances intestinal motility, which can help with constipation;
  • Iodine is a necessary element in the composition of thyroid hormones. It regulates the functioning of the heart and the vascular system;
  • Vitamins of groups B and C, folic acid, phosphorus, sodium and iron - all of them are involved in the most important life processes and are all contained in a cucumber;
  • Cucumbers include the most important component - potassium. Through it, blood pressure is normalized, the work of the blood vessels and the heart is optimized, edema disappears and excess fluid is removed from the body.
  • In addition to the above, cucumber evens out skin color, rejuvenates, improves the condition of teeth, gums and even helps preserve memory. Thus, a diet on cucumbers, if it is built correctly and there are no contraindications, will help to become slimmer and healthier.

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Be sure to note that the result can be obtained only by using fresh cucumbers. Marinated, salted vegetables lose some of their healthy ingredients during processing. They contain a lot of table salt, the consumption of which causes fluid retention in the tissues.

Cucumber kefir diet: a risky combination

At first glance, the components, the mixture of which implies kefir-cucumber diet, are not particularly well combined. But together they perfectly fulfill their function:

  • Low-fat kefir has a mild laxative effect on the digestive tract;
  • Cucumbers fill the void in the stomach, provide the necessary moisture and help clean the intestines from the effects of stagnation.

The popularization of the method of losing weight on cucumbers and kefir is attributed to the domestic Prima Donna: it is believed that Alla Borisovna thus “threw off” more than a dozen kilograms in her life. In fact, kefir-cucumber diet in no way can be considered gentle and soft. It does not suit people who have problems with stool and digestion.

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A simple instruction will allow you to become slimmer for a kilo and a half a day: you need to fill in the grated cucumber flesh with lean kefir. A delicious refreshing cocktail is offered to cook in different ways: in some recipes this is a vegetable per liter of kefir. In others - a kilogram of cucumbers to two liters.

The menu of the cucumber diet with the addition of dairy products may include the following dishes:

  • 2 liters of kefir (1-2.5% fat);
  • one and a half kg of fresh cucumbers;
  • 100 g of fish (low fat boiled or steam).

This is enough to comfortably live one day. On the second day you can try:

  • cucumber salad of greens and lemon juice (olive oil or sour cream with a fat content of 10% is also suitable for refueling);
  • 1 cup of kefir;
  • again a glass of sour-milk drink and a salad of cucumber and salted cheese;
  • variations of salad plus kefir.

These dishes will provide a variety that is so lacking with such severe restrictions.

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A week with benefits: cucumber marathon

Many have successfully tested a cucumber diet for a week - although nutritionists do not recommend stretching this "pleasure" for so long. They advise choosing a day or two in the seven days, and only during these periods to focus on cucumbers. Nevertheless, the cucumber diet for 7 days exists, such is its exemplary menu:

  • 1 day: rye loaf with cucumber at the first meal, vegetable soup, apple for lunch, light salad for dinner;
  • 2 day: for breakfast, similarly, at lunch you can add cucumber salad with boiled lean meat. Dinner - traditional fresh salad;
  • 3 day: breakfast - rye bread and cucumber, lunch - steam rice and fish, dinner - salad of crisp green vegetables;
  • 4 day: breakfast is the same. Lunch - cheese is added to rice (durum, no more than 30g.), Cucumbers. In the evening, a salad with parsley or dill;
  • 5th day: Traditional vegetable and vegetable breakfast, midday meal salad with cabbage (cucumber) and citrus fruit. Dinner - green salad with cucumber;
  • 6th day: breakfast is similar, lunch - vegetable mix, hard-boiled egg, pear. Dinner - again raw vegetables;
  • 7 day: In the morning everything is as usual, for lunch, vegetable soup (radish, cucumber, carrot). You can eat avocados. At dinner, vegetable mix, filled with vegetable oil.

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Of course, a cucumber diet for 7 days is a venture that carries health risks. However, if you step-by-step enter fasting days during the week, reducing the amount of fatty and sweet food before the “marathon”, and also ensure a smooth exit from a limited calorie corridor, you can achieve a weight loss of 5 kg or more That is, a cucumber diet for a week is a very effective, though not an easy way to become slimmer.

Sensational cucumber recipe Xenia Borodina

According to some reports, the famous beauty-leading lost overweight just with the help of cucumbers. The mysterious cucumber diet of Xenia Borodina does not give rest to women of the whole country: the result is visible with the naked eye.

The notorious leader was able to get rid of at least 16 kilos of excess weight. How did she do it? The opinion that the Xenia Borodina cucumber diet consisted of only one product was mistaken. This method of weight loss is also called the "green diet", because it includes a lot of green vegetables.

slim Ksyusha Borodin

An exemplary menu by the method of Xenia is:

  • breakfast necessarily includes rye or whole-grain bread (a small piece), plus vegetables - in a salad or covered with low-fat sour cream (drinking yogurt);
  • for lunch, soup with vegetable broth, or salad, supplement with meat (chicken, lean beef, veal) or fish;
  • lunch - a hard-boiled egg + vegetables, a loaf;
  • Dinner modest: only salad from green vegetables with greens.

In addition, Xenia gave the body a noticeable physical exertion, which advises her followers.

Rules cucumber diet

Important points in compliance with any diet:

  1. Complete rejection of alcohol and cigarettes;
  2. Exclusion of salt and sugar from the diet;
  3. 3 hours before bedtime we have the last snack;
  4. If possible, provide some kind of physical activity and cardiovascular exercise.

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Also, nutritionists advise those who impose serious restrictions on the diet for a long period, drink plenty of clean water (about 2 liters per day); some insist on taking pharmacy vitamin preparations.

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