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Cream upsize for breast augmentation is a great opportunity for any woman to increase and tighten her bust without resorting to surgical interventions. The drug has no contraindications, therefore, suitable for any representativeness of the weaker sex. The manufacturer promises that after a week of regular use, you will be able to wear a frank neckline. Today we will understand, is it?

What is the cream Apsise

According to the statistics cited in the journal “Health” by Russian sociological scientists, the most common size of the female breast is the second, the first is slightly less common. A small bust often becomes the cause of numerous complexes and stresses of its owner. Not every woman decides on hormone therapy or plastic surgery, but tries to find a painless and effective alternative.

The preparation to increase the bust Apsize works in a complex: increases the breast in size, improves skin tone and masks stretch marks. The growth of the bust occurs due to skin tightening, which becomes more elastic, from which the breast rises. The components of the composition affect the growth of the gland, increasing it, and moisturize the skin.

bust growth

Components of the cream and their effects on the body

The tool UpSize was created solely on the basis of applying the beneficial qualities of each ingredient. This is due to the lack of a negative impact of funds on the hormonal background of a woman. The ointment consists of such ingredients:

  • Rose essential oil. It actively affects the skin of the décolleté, tightening it, and enhancing turgor. At the same time, the oil protects the breast, and prevents the formation of ugly stretch marks.
  • Deoxymyroestrol. This component inhibits the aging process, stimulates the growth of the bust and starts the process of rejuvenation.
  • Root Pueraria Mirifica. Provides proper nutrition of glandular tissue and skin cells of the bust. In addition, the plant protects the body from the harmful effects of the environment, which provoke premature aging of tissues.
  • The extract of the rhizomes of the asmodeloid anemarrenes This plant will accelerate blood circulation in the chest, will become an obstacle to the formation of blood clots or blockage of veins. In addition, the plant is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, known as “provocateurs” of cancer diseases.
  • Macadamia oil is a monounsaturated palmitic acid present in human skin. Oil perfectly cares for a vulnerable female breast, nourishes and moisturizes it, softens and normalizes blood flow.
  • Shea butter is one of the main protective and softening elements. As part of caristerol, producing the effect of regeneration, and activating the production of collagen. The aging process in the tender neckline slows down, which will protect this area from dehydration and wrinkles.
  • Jojoba oil is responsible for the level of moisture of the skin of the breast throughout the day, in addition, helps to normalize the production of sebum.
  • Vitamin E will be a powerful brake on aging. It will improve blood circulation, restore tissue, especially in problem areas, where scars, stretch marks or scars are concentrated.

composition of the drug

These elements constitute a unique formula for increasing the bust, effective and practically safe for women of different ages.

The benefits of the drug for breast Apsize

Women's neckline is a special part of the body of any woman. It is this zone that attracts the attention of men first. Proper care for her is the primary task of self-respecting ladies. There are other creams for breast augmentation, but only Upsize, according to the manufacturer, combines such useful properties:

  • provides skin hydration, starts the process of rejuvenation and tissue repair;
  • stimulates glandular tissue, which leads to an increase in the volume of the bust without affecting the hormonal background;
  • cares for the skin, and as a result, it becomes soft and velvety.

the effect of the cream on the chest

In addition to these properties, Apsize significantly improves the psychological state of the lady, and deprives her of many complexes. The girl becomes more self-confident and liberated. At the same time, a woman does not go through a difficult and long period of rehabilitation, there is no need to control implants, like after plastics, to observe a special motor regime and diet.

Contraindications and possible side effects from Upsize

In the process of developing and researching scientists, negative effects from the drug were not found. The natural composition eliminates the harmful effects on the female body and its breasts. The only problem may be individual intolerance to any of the components included in the composition. To eliminate this problem, it is imperative that you test for allergies. To do this, apply a little ointment on the elbow bend, and wait 15 minutes. If there was no burning, redness and rash at the site of application, then calmly apply the product for its intended purpose. If there was an allergy, you can not apply the cream on the chest, but rather go to the doctor for advice.

surest means

Interesting! Studies have shown that the risk of an allergic reaction is 0.01%, which is extremely low.

How to use Apsize Cream

The manufacturer explains how to use upsize cream easily and easily. The instructions for use are not attached to the tube of cream, but it should be studied below.

beautiful breasts

It is necessary to follow all the rules in order to achieve the maximum result:

  • Carefully and carefully wash the delicate area of ​​the female decollete.
  • Light movements, slightly blooming, towel dry the chest.
  • Take a small amount of ointment, and apply first on one part of the chest. Rub it in soft movements, gently massaging in a circle, until the drug is completely absorbed into the skin. The procedure usually takes 10 minutes.

application of funds

  • Go to the next gland. Take your time, because the process should bring you only pleasant emotions, and no discomfort.
  • The final step is a massage of both glands. Gently massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes.
  • Manipulation repeat at least 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. For some, the result may appear in a week, while others will need a month for metamorphosis. The manufacturer says that soon the breast shape will become more round and pleasant, the glands will fill and the size will increase.

effect of the remedy

The cost of the drug in Russia on average is 1000 rubles, but it is still not found in the pharmacy. The price is quite high, however, we note that it is better to purchase goods from the official manufacturer on the Internet than to buy a dubious mixture from illegal traders.

Real reviews on the use of the drug

Even despite the fact that the manufacturer cites as an argument the result of clinical trials of the drug. World Wide Web users are still arguing: the effect of cream divorce or the truth? Your attention is the real reviews of women who have experienced the effect of the cream.

  • Catherine, 35 years old: My forms have always been far from ideal. A full-fledged “dvoechka” suited me completely, but after giving birth and feeding, she was “blown away”. I had to constantly wear underwear with lots of foam. Studying women's forums, I came across an article about miracle cream, and decided to try it on myself. After a couple of weeks, the bust only slightly changed, but I expected more.

enlargement of the glands

  • Maria, 45 years old: In her youth, everyone was jealous of my bust. But with age it lost its elasticity, and wrinkles and stretch marks began to appear on the skin. Deep cleavage, as on glossy photos from magazines, have become a taboo for me. Apsize turned out to be a magic wand. After 20 days, the bust was pulled, and the skin looked younger by at least 10 years.


  • Irina, 25 years old: I have always been pyshechka and have lost weight for a long time. With a weight loss of 20 kg, the chest is gone. I set out to restore the old forms. Having studied the reviews of doctors in the forums, I discovered Upsize. Simple application + natural composition made him my favorite. I still use it, but for prevention.

before and after the change

Breast augmentation cream according to the promises of the manufacturer will raise and enlarge the glands without affecting the health and hormones of the woman. Have you had experience using this product? Write about your impressions in the comments below.

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