Cream-gel maxi lash for the growth of eyelashes

cream gel maxi lash

Fighting the external flaws that nature has so unfairly endowed, is already a way of life for many people. Shampoos for baldness, depilation creams, bracelets for weight loss ... And a bunch of advertised devices that promise to solve all the problems in a magical way. Eyelashes, so important for girls, also could not be ignored. Maxi Lash for the growth of eyelashes is another miracle of the beauty industry, which is designed to make the look charming and seductive. Another divorce or manna from heaven? Read on.

What is MaxiLash?

MaxiLash is a modern tool for the growth and density of eyelashes. In addition, it smoothes fine wrinkles around the eyes and gives delicate skin a general healing effect. The drug is a cream-gel based on supposedly natural oils with the addition of vitamins.

Manufacturers assure that if you use maxi lash gel regularly, then literally in a month your eyelashes will become voluminous, long, stop breaking and fall out, and the skin around the eyes will become fresh and radiant. Well, just a dream facility, isn't it?

growth agent maxilash

How to use maxi lash cream?

After reading the description of such miracles, you involuntarily ask yourself a question - how does it work? Manufacturers explain that the composition of the Maxi Lash for the growth of eyelashes plays a key role. Here you have a glycoprotein, and creatine, and panthenol, and vitamins ... If you listen to marketers, you don’t have time to believe that with such components you can not only strengthen eyelashes, but literally grow new ones.

In addition, complete with a magic tube of cream maxi lash is a step by step instructions on how to conduct a session of "lengthening the eyelashes" at home. Indeed, at the forefront, along with the super-effectiveness of this tool, manufacturers put its ease of use. Allegedly, you do not need to go to beauty salons for eyelash extension procedures, you just need to apply a miracle cream to yourself and enjoy the results at the mirror.

Phased application of maxi lash gel:

  1. Apply cream-gel maxi lesh with a special brush along the lash line;
  2. 10 minutes give the gel soak;
  3. Perform this procedure regularly, every day.

That's all. Such simple actions, and a charming look guaranteed. Well, you already wanted to buy?

supposedly a wonderful tool for the growth of eyelashes

Price maxi lash

Perhaps the desire to buy the maxi lash tool for eyelash growth will discourage its cost somewhat. The price for a small tube, which is briefly enough, is 1,500 rubles. Moreover, maxi lash cream can be purchased exclusively on the manufacturer’s official website.

Isn't it a divorce divorce means Maxi-lash ?!

If, despite the cost, you still want to buy maxi lash for the growth of eyelashes, then it is worth explaining in more detail why it is not advisable to do this.

  • It is impossible to grow hair. Whether it is a hair on his head or, as in this case, eyelashes, means that they grow back until they come up. Judge for yourself, if it were real, then bald people simply would not exist;
  • No result. After reading the reviews of the "happy" owners of the miracle gel, it is easy to understand that the effect of such a tool is zero;
  • The promised composition may not match the real one. In the case of such semi-legal means, which live only on the Internet, on the so-called official sites, it is always difficult to figure out where the truth is, and where it is a lie. Guarantees that the composition of the drug is the same as that which is written on the package, in this case no one can give you;
  • Side effects. Some buyers note that after applying MaxiLash, the situation with the eyelashes not only did not improve, but became even worse. They began to fall out, and redness and itching appeared on the eyelids.
  • The price does not match the quality. Not everyone can give 1500 rubles for cosmetic products, but if this is a truly effective and high-quality thing, then why not? But in this case, according to numerous reviews, buying this product, you just throw money away.

manufacturers promises

Real reviews of the tool Maxilash

The Internet is filled with sugary reviews of supposedly satisfied customers, who speak with the same phrases, noting the effectiveness and efficiency of MaxiLash. But it should be understood that these are comments fabricated by marketers for the purpose of additional advertising, and by going to the forums, you can read real customer reviews. This is what they think about maxi lash cream:

“The manufacturers promised to restore eyelashes, highlighter effect, rejuvenation around the eyes ... But what can I say after 2 months of use? Nothing. No result at all. Well, at least the allergy did not start, but the eyes did not fall out, already a joy! In general, I will not buy more myself and will not advise anyone. ”

“Spend with your girlfriend on advertising and on puff reviews, say to build and restore eyelashes on your own ... They also encouraged others to buy. In the end, after 4 months of fair regular use of any effect. All lies and advertising, do not believe! "

“Attracted a good composition of the product. Bought. I use only the fifth day, but already in a panic. My eyelashes began to weaken and fall out. I can’t imagine how to strengthen and restore them now. ”

In general, do not believe in such miracles and do not spend a lot of money, relying only on online advertising. Be beautiful, you will succeed!

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