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In anticipation of the beach season, most women face the question of how to tidy up their body. Any woman dreams of a beautiful toned figure, thanks to which she will not only like herself, but also delight others. However, an ideal body implies not only slimness, but also the absence of cellulite, which today bothers women with any physique. Today, cellulite is an actual problem for many women, both young and mature, especially after childbirth and sudden weight changes. To combat it, many creams, scrubs and wraps have already been created, shelves of shops and pharmacies are packed with all sorts of means, among which the body fitness cream from Floresan's cellulite deserves special attention. The article will look at how the fitness body cream works, what are its features and what are the reviews about the preparation on the Internet.

Product Description "fitness body"

Body fitness cream from cellulite of the Russian company Floresan is a product from the anti-cellulite series "Fitness-body". Gel fitness body is positioned as a means to effectively combat cellulite and prevent its occurrence, so it is recommended to use it for anyone who wants to get in shape and constantly keep the body in shape. This anti-cellulite gel provides enhanced collagen synthesis and quick skin tightening.

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"Fitness body" not only gradually fights visible signs of cellulite, eliminates minor skin imperfections, but also moisturizes, tones and nourishes it. By systematically applying the product, the appearance of the skin is improved, it becomes elastic and moisturized, the silhouette becomes slim and fit, and the body looks more well-groomed and healthy.

The composition of the cream "Fitness body" includes both natural ingredients and chemical compounds:

  • Centella extract, camphor, laminaria, White Sea minerals and polysaccharides activate cell metabolism, normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • The complex of essential oils of mint and juniper promote active splitting of adipose tissue and improve skin condition;
  • Menthol and caffeine have a cooling effect.

The drug has a pleasant mint-citrus smell and a uniform dense texture, it is quickly absorbed and does not form a film on the skin. When applied cools the skin.

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Gel fitness body from cellulite is recommended to be used in combination with other products of the series, among which are scrubs, cooling and warming slimming creams and against stretch marks, massage oils, masks for problem areas, sprays and gels.

The tool is available in bright orange vials of 125 ml. You can buy the product in pharmacies, shops selling cosmetics and household chemicals, and on the official website of Floresan, the average price is 136 rubles. Despite the fact that the product is not completely organic, it is one of the best-selling anti-cellulite remedies due to its low cost and visible effect. Suitable for all skin types.

Method of use of anti-cellulite "Fitness body"

To achieve the visible effect, it is necessary to use the drug step by step after taking a bath or a shower daily. The instruction says that the gel fitness body from cellulite should be applied in circular massage movements on the legs, going from the ankles to the thighs, special attention should be paid to problem areas, which focus on cellulite.

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Contraindications to use

Individual intolerance to the components of the cream.

Reviews from the Internet about gel fitness body

Veronica: “I decided to try the cream by reading reviews. The gel has a pleasant smell of needles, after application there is a slight tingling, it is quickly absorbed. The skin has really become more tender and smooth and cellulite has become less noticeable, however, I regularly go in for fitness and go for a massage. I think that fighting with cellulite is in the complex, from one cream, probably, there will be no effect. Also, the tube has a small volume, so it lasts for a couple of weeks. ”

Julia: “I started to buy Fitness Body cream several years ago, applied it after the shower and did wraps with it. Absolutely pleased with the result - the tool absorbs quickly, the smell is pleasant, the skin becomes smoother and the effect lasts a long time. ”

Maria: “Awesome effect: for 1 month of using the cream in combination with diet and exercise, I lost a few kg and gained soft, elastic skin.”

Irina: “Cream - an asset has a fresh citrus-menthol aroma, refreshing in summer. This cream will not remove any cellulite, however, as a prophylactic agent, it is irreplaceable. The appearance of the skin has improved, it has become more even and elastic as a result of weekly use. ”

Alla: “I use the cream at home for a little more than a week, but the effect shocked me. I used it every day: a hot shower, then a cream. I also turned the hoop and used a scrub of the same series, there were no restrictions on food, but the volumes decreased, although only a week passed. I advise you! ”

Olga: “I have two children and childbirth influenced my body not in the best way, hated cellulite appeared. There are a lot of funds in stores against him, but not all of them are affordable for me. In a social network I read a review of a girl who had lost 15 kg, who recommended a fitness body cream, with which she got rid of orange peel on thighs. Having tried the remedy, I noticed a month later that cellulite had decreased, the skin became smooth, and the volumes decreased. ”

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To summarize the cream fitness body

Cream fitness body cellulite received both approving and critical reviews.

  • In general, the tool justifies its cost, there is a noticeable effect of improving the appearance of the skin, it is smoothed and becomes more elastic; means most suitable for a small "water" cellulite.
  • However, one cream of cellulite is not always enough, it is necessary to use the entire complex of fitness body in combination with physical exertion and proper nutrition.
  • In addition, the gel must be applied step by step, massage movements, which requires a lot of time and effort, that is, the tool is not for the lazy: from a simple application to the skin, the effect will be minimal.
  • Cream Fitness body is uneconomical, it is not enough for a long time, so you need to buy it constantly: a long-term effect will appear only with regular use of the tool.
  • The product is not completely natural, it contains chemical compounds in combination with natural ingredients, which is a drawback for some users. However, the negative effects after using the gel fitness body was not observed, so it can be safely used as an aid to reducing the signs of cellulite.

If you tried gel fitness body from cellulite, you can express your opinion about the tool in the comments under this article.

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