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contour makeup

Recently, such a service as a contour makeup has been popular in beauty salons and clinics. It is a mistake to believe that the contour of the face makeup is the same as the tattoo. The result of applying these techniques varies, which is especially noticeable in the corresponding photos.

Face contour makeup - performance technique

flawless face

To get the natural contour of the eyelids, lips, eyebrows, apply a revolutionary way. With a sharp ultra-thin instrument, the top layer of the skin is scratched, so the paint gets shallowly and gradually fades until it completely disappears from the face. Pigmentation lasts from three to five years, depending on the regenerative abilities of the skin.

Clients describe the operation as not particularly painful, it is performed under light local anesthesia. Unlike tattoo, contour make-up is not contraindicated for eczema sufferers or carriers of herpes simplex virus. It is believed that after the procedure there is no inflammation and swelling, although, of course, the contour does not immediately look perfect. At first it has a reddish color, and only after a couple of weeks should acquire the desired color.

the difference between tattoo and contour makeup

Preparation of the skin under the eyebrows and around the lips involves peeling before the introduction of the dye. High-quality contour makeup of the face can be done only by an experienced practicing cosmetologist in a clinic or a doctor's office, but not at home - otherwise you can bring an infection to yourself and cause adverse effects on health and appearance.

Contour eye makeup

Eyes can be the most expressive feature in the image of a woman. To perform the makeup of the upper and lower eyelids independently, it takes time, which is so lacking in the morning gatherings.

Wanting to save time for sleep and save up to half an hour a day, you can make a contour eye makeup. It is a thin line along the border of the growth of eyelashes. The purpose of this procedure is to give the eye openness and visually enlarge the eyes, to make their owner visually younger.

drawing on the century

  • The eyeliner is also made with the help of a pigment that is inserted shallowly under the skin. The type of liner, the thickness and boundaries of the line are determined by the beautician-makeup artist, taking into account the client's features.
  • The color of the liner can be any one - from the traditional gray or brown to the expressive black and exotic lilac, which is especially important now. The main condition necessary for contour eye makeup was a success - an experienced and faithful hand of the master. Therefore, the clinic and the contractor should be chosen carefully, focusing on the available reviews.
  • In addition to the above, the contour makeup of the eyelids suggests an optical correction of the outer corner of the eye, which is important in the presence of ptosis (lowered eyelid) and other age-related changes. This scheme requires great care and delicacy, because often the skin around the eyes is not as elastic as we would like.

Eyebrow makeup

eyebrow paint

Modern contour eyebrow makeup is not just a feathery background in the color of hairs. This procedure involves artistic drawing strokes that mimic the natural growth of hair. Looking at the photo "before and after", it is impossible to suspect that these beautiful eyebrows are the fruit of a cosmetologist's work.

It should be noted that the contour makeup eyebrows - a special art. It includes the symmetry of the eyebrows, the search for the perfect shape and the selection of tone.

before and after eyebrow contour

Lip contour makeup

The classic instruction for cosmetologists suggests performing lip contouring in two versions:

  • By the natural line - if the lips fit into the classic canon of beauty and (or) completely suit the hostess;
  • Going beyond the natural contour, if correction is needed, for example, a slight increase in the upper lip.

If we choose the second way, then the gap between the lip and the new contour must be gradually filled with a dim pigment so that even unpainted lips look natural and attractive.

Traditionally, contour lip makeup is performed in the color of lipstick, which is used by the client in everyday life, or slightly darker. For opponents of decorative cosmetics on the lips choose a soft pigment, close to the tone of the lips, as far as possible.

soft contoured lips

"Underwater rocks" makeup contour

It would seem that the contour make-up faces all good, but it has disadvantages.

  • First of all, it is swelling, soreness and even crusts in the places of the applied microtraumas.
  • Despite the fact that the technique is gentle, reviews warn against people with sensitive skin from using it.
  • If you have firmly decided to conduct this beauty experiment, then it is worth taking a few days off at work, so as not to scare your colleagues with tear-stained eyes and seemingly weathered lips. Most of the clients at the same time note that the contour makeup of the eyelids is transferred more easily and has virtually no side effects.
  • In addition, you should carefully choose the color - the initial color of the skin can change step by step within a few hours or days, the effect of the dye individually. Therefore, from the first time, not everyone can find the desired tone.

clear and feather arrows

In general, we can conclude that contour pigmentation of the main features of the face is a convenient and reasonably safe service, the purpose of which is to make the image bright and attractive without resorting to a long make-up procedure. In combination with anti-aging technicians, this method of correction can work wonders, provided that it is performed in a well-equipped modern institution.

Video: Contour makeup using Long time liner

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