Coniferous baths - we pass the aromatic spa procedure


A bustling life in the metropolis often keeps our body in a state of constant stress, both nervous and physical. Polluted air, chlorinated water, junk food, viral, fungal, nicotine attack from large crowds of people - all this adversely affects human health. Not surprisingly, many suffer from various chronic diseases. In order to maintain, strengthen and tone up the general condition of the body and the structure of the skin, in particular, pine baths are recommended.

Active exposure to pine needles

bath composition

The medicinal properties of pharmaceuticals made from extracts and needles oil have been used in medicine for a long time. From time immemorial, people made decoctions of bark and pine needles for cold infusions and many other illnesses.

Water treatments with the addition of coniferous solution - reliable prevention of colds and a protective agent for the immune system. In the process of skin contact and needles components occurs:

  • cell enrichment with vitamins B, C, E, K, P;
  • anti-inflammatory effects due to the presence of volatile production and essential oils;
  • replenishing epithelium with biotin, folic acid, carotene;
  • tonic effects of phytoestrogens;
  • saturation of the skin with microelements: iron, cobalt, manganese;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • muscle relaxation.

Also, needles, having in its arsenal of antioxidants, resists premature aging of the skin.

Coniferous baths: indications

tinctures for swimming

Coniferous baths are used in the complex treatment of ailments of the nervous, bone, respiratory, circulatory, urinary systems. When sleep disorders, stress, depression and neurosis. For inflammation of the joints, gout, rheumatism and neurodermatitis.

Coniferous baths: contraindications

  • First of all, pine baths can not be used by people with individual intolerance to some components and extracts of pine.
  • In order not to harm yourself, consult your doctor before using such baths. Because the needles are quite an active product that can cause an allergic reaction, if its concentration is higher than permissible.
  • Besides, "Christmas tree" Baths should not be taken by people with oncology and atherosclerosis.
  • Coniferous baths for babies up to six months are also contraindicated. Such babies are more suitable herbal broths - a series, celandine, chamomile, valerian, nettle, thyme, added to boiled and cooled to 36 ° C water.

Coniferous baths in cosmetology

cosmetic procedure

Cosmetic use of pine needles involves toning and improving the quality of the skin, activating metabolic processes, which contributes to the fight against extra pounds. Warm water, in conjunction with the active elements of the pine needles, causes the body to work faster: to accept the necessary trace elements and give the waste material (toxins, slags). In this scheme, how to make coniferous baths with your own hands, is very simple and includes the following steps:

  1. Fill the bath with water at a temperature of forty degrees.
  2. Add liquid coniferous bath concentrate at the rate of 100 mg per total volume.
  3. Take a bath for fifteen minutes, plunging into the water to the level of your heart.
  4. After taking the procedure, take a break after lying in a relaxed state for half an hour.

Warning. Taking a bath immediately after a meal is not recommended. (must pass at least an hour since the last meal).

Coniferous salt baths are considered even more effective. In this case, sea salt is added to the coniferous solution. It is best to take a bath at night. But do not forget to rinse after the procedure under running water.

needles and sea salt

Liquid pine extract for the bath can be replaced by a solid (in briquettes) at the rate of: 100 mg of liquid = 80 g of solid. It is recommended to perform the procedures every other day during the crescent.

How to make coniferous baths for children

Coniferous baths for children can be made if they have reached the age of six months. For very restless babies who have emotional surges, this is a good sedative. However, they can be used only in consultation with the pediatrician. At home, a twenty-day course is usually conducted step by step: every other day, ten minutes before bedtime. The composition scheme: needle oil - 2 mg per 10 liters of warm (36 ° C) boiled water.

baby in the bath

Coniferous baths for children with rickets are very effective in combination with sea salt. If you do the bath yourself, the instruction provides the following dosage: for 10 liters of coniferous composition - 100 grams of salt. You need to take a similar course in stages twenty days, 10 minutes before bedtime (no later than 22 hours) - 3 times a week. For children from ten years old, coniferous salt baths can be made half the size of the adult norm.

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