Christmas hair ornaments

Christmas hair ornaments

It is necessary to choose New Year decorations for the hairstyle now, so that in the pre-New Year troubles you should not miss such an interesting part of your look. Women are an interesting people, they always want to decorate, decorate, change something. Hairstyle is a considerable field for fashionable experiments, especially on the eve of such a magical holiday as the New Year. The Fiery Rooster, the symbol of the coming year according to the eastern calendar, adores everything bright and brilliant. We offer decor options for hairstyles in the style of a fiery bird.

types of decor

Christmas headbands

Perhaps the bezel is the most unpretentious of all the variety of items for decorating styling. In this case, it does not matter what color and length you have curls. A variety of feathers, beads, stones and flowers turn a prosaic rim into a real work of art. Modern women of fashion can not only buy a rim in the store, but also design it with their own hands. Ideas for every taste:


  • Bezel with felt. On the basis of the old hoop you can make all sorts of hair accessories for the New Year. To do this, buy white and blue felt, cut out of it according to a previously prepared pattern of snowflakes, circles for the snowman, hearts. Attach blanks of neutral color to the rim, and then put everything on the glue.

with felt

  • Feathers. Choosing feathers as a decoration for a hoop, remember that this material does not tolerate busting. You can easily turn into a New Year's Peacock. Therefore, put a 2-3 feathers on the base with the help of glue. You can add them with beads and rhinestones.


  • Harness The master class for making this Christmas decoration is pretty simple. Tie several flagella in a knot, measure the length of the hoop on the bundle and cut off the excess. Glue the tied rope on the rim and hide the edges with pieces of tape.


  • Decor with stones. Suitable for hair of any length. Lay the stones on the felt base as you wish. Sew them, alternating with beads and beads. Attach to the hoop and glue the workpiece. Trim the back side of the skin or any thick cloth.

the stones

Tiaras for the New Year

Diadema is a symbol of grandeur in the past, now she characterizes the hostess as a special lady. The choice of hair ornaments for the New Year in the form of a tiara requires consideration of a number of features of its wearing and fastening in styling.

  • Tiara scallop. Fits on special teeth to a high hairstyle. Often the teeth are not enough to firmly fix it in the cap. Invisibles come to the rescue. Choose them in the color of the strands.


  • Tiara hoop. No additional attachment required. The main thing is that the volume of the rim should correspond to the size of the head. On short hair, tiara should be placed in the center of styling, so all attention will be drawn to a beautiful accessory.

tiara hoop

  • Diadem in the Greek style. New Year's hair accessories in the Greek style act as ornaments and retainer curls. Openwork curls, beads, flowers are located at the edges, and when worn, they are on both sides of the head at the temples. Having fastened several strands around the tiara, you will give an image of antique chic and romance.

Greek style

  • Tiara on the forehead. Such a hair decoration for New Year's Eve will suit a girl for creating a gentle image of a princess. Tiara is mounted on the already finished hair, without violating its integrity. Beautiful decor, descending from the hairline to the forehead, favorably emphasizes the solemnity of the image. The main thing is that the size of the tiara should clearly correspond to the volume of the head in order not to crawl with each movement.

tiara on the forehead

  • Stylized kokoshnik. An interesting version of the decor hairstyle created based on the national Russian costume. A kokoshnik is made of brass, but, despite the metal base, it does not press behind the ears. The use of this accessory is very different. From the creation of a modern Russian image to everyday wear with elegant dresses and trouser suits.


Christmas hairpins: choose the right

Options for hairpins on the New Year are so many that it is very easy to get lost in their diversity and choose the wrong option. Remember the basic rules for choosing fashionable decoration of the hair.

  • The color of the clip should be combined with the color scheme of the dress. You can choose a hairpin to match the dress, or you can have a contrasting color in order to correctly place the accents of color. If you have an interesting coloring of hair, for example, red ombre, then choose a bright red color of the subject of decor.

bright touch

  • With a different face shape, the same accessory looks completely different, and is not always attractive. For oval faces, any variations will do, and for chubby beauties it is better to choose small studs in the amount of several pieces. It is possible to add an image, using coloring to ink for hair.

round face

  • Materials for the manufacture of pins abound: wood, plastic, metal, fabric in the style of kanzashi. It is worth choosing solely from personal preferences. Any hairpin will look beautiful on a lush head of hair. If you use a hair curler before decorating a hairstyle, the result will exceed expectations.


  • The cost of a hairpin is determined by the type of material from which it is made and its exclusivity. Handmade products are much more expensive, but you will be sure that there is no second such decoration in the world. Some accessories are decorated with precious stones, and instead of a hairpin, you can easily buy a small apartment. But any lady will be able, even at the initial level of preparation, to design the Hair Decor with her own hands. Fortunately, on the Internet you can find many master classes (MK). The price of an exclusive item in this case will decrease significantly.

gold and cloth

Christmas decorations for hair will help every woman to bring a zest to the image. Hairstyle for the New 2017 with the use of fashion accessories will acquire a magical uniqueness. With the help of the correct decor only magnetism enhanced by beautiful female hair will intensify.

Video: Master class on making simple and beautiful hair accessories for the New Year

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