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The Chinese diet is more based on the inherent benefits of rice. With its help, you can not only get rid of excess weight for a long time, but also cleanse the body well, saving it from various harmful substances and slags. In addition, it contributes to the rejuvenation of the whole body. [Adsa1]

The principle of the Chinese diet

There are several options for the Chinese diet. They differ in the number of days during which this very diet must be followed - 7 days, 14 days and 21 days. In any case, the Chinese diet rebuilds the rhythm of the metabolic system and changes the very quality of such an exchange, that is, brings it back to normal. The instruction implies a strict and strict observance of the rules of nutrition - you cannot change a single product from the menu, otherwise the expected result will not work, besides, you can again disrupt the metabolic process. In the case when the Chinese diet for weight loss is used, in addition to strict compliance with the menu, you need to limit the use of water - drink only mineral water (purified), non-carbonated, warm, not more than 1.5 liters per day. Sugar, alcohol and salt - under the strictest prohibition!

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Seven-day Chinese diet

The variant of the Chinese diet for 7 days is optimal, since it is much easier to sustain it. Of course, the weight in this case will not decrease very much, but for the body the stress will be much less. Classic menu for this option:

  1. The first day should begin with cabbage salad with dressing in the form of vegetable oil and a glass of water. Lunch should consist of red rice, sliced ​​grated carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil, and a glass of water. The day should end with dinner with boiled fish, lettuce and a slice of black bread;
  2. on the second day, the morning meal should consist of carrot salad (grated carrots) with dressing in the form of vegetable oil, a glass of water and toast, lunch includes a glass of apple juice, fresh vegetables sliced ​​and a slice of bread, for dinner - boiled rice, leaves lettuce, grapefruit and glasses of water;
  3. On the 3rd day in the morning you need to eat fruit platter (oranges, pears, bananas and apples) and a juice mug, for lunch - a ration of boiled asparagus, cabbage salad with lemon juice, a slice of bread and a glass of water, should be finished with a dinner that includes fried mushrooms, boiled potatoes and a glass of water;
  4. on the 4th day in the morning, the meal should consist of orange, apple, a glass of apple juice and toast, boiled asparagus with rice, an apple, a slice of bread and a glass of water for dinner, dinner includes boiled fish, boiled potatoes and a slice of bread;
  5. on the 5th day in the morning you need a meal of boiled rice and a glass of water, dinner - cutting from white cabbage and sea cabbage, flat cakes from rice flour and a glass of water, dinner - cabbage-carrot cutting with the addition of green salad, rice cake and a glass of water ;
  6. On the 6th day, you need to have breakfast with boiled rice and a glass of water, lunch with a fruit salad (orange, apple and kiwi), boiled fish and a glass of fruit juice, and dinner with boiled meat, orange and lettuce;
  7. Day 7 you need to start with a fruit mix (apricots, prunes, apples) and a glass of water, lunch - from boiled rice with fruit and 1 tbsp. l honey, a glass of water, dinner - from boiled fish, sliced ​​from white cabbage and sea kale, rice cakes and a glass of water.

All of the above can be easily prepared by yourself at home.

Chinese diet for 14 days

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The scheme of this variant of the Chinese diet is no less rigid than the weekly one. Her diet is also scheduled for 7 days, but the full course is designed for 14 days, that is, every week it is repeated.

  1. On the first day, it is recommended to eat cabbage salad, 2 boiled eggs, fresh tomato, and also boiled or fried fish.
  2. On the second day, fish, cabbage salad, boiled beef (200 g) and a glass of low-fat kefir are allowed.
  3. The diet of the third day should consist of one raw egg, 3 boiled carrots, apples.
  4. The fourth day - fried parsley or lard, a few apples, 2 eggs, boiled beef (200 g), fresh cabbage salad.
  5. In the diet of the fifth day should be boiled or fried fish, grated carrots, cabbage salad and a glass of tomato juice.
  6. The menu of the sixth day - boiled chicken (500 g), cabbage salad, 2 boiled eggs, carrot salad.
  7. On the seventh day you need to eat fruit and boiled beef (200 g).

During the second week the menu should be completely repeated. Products in the diet are the most common, so that they are easy to prepare for yourself and at home.

Chinese diet for 21 days

This version of the diet - the most difficult, because you need to strictly abide by it for a long time. However, in 21 days you can “lose” about 15 kg of excess weight, so the work is worth it. In this embodiment, the diet changes in stages, every week. Every day the menu is the same throughout the week. For example:

  1. The first weekly daily ration consists of 3 medium oranges, green tea without sugar, 3 boiled hard boiled eggs.
  2. During the second week every day you need to eat meat, low-fat broth, porridge and green tea.
  3. The third week is a vegetable, every day you need to eat stewed vegetables, flavored with olive oil and green tea. By following this diet step by step, you can become significantly slimmer.

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Contraindications to the Chinese diet

As can be seen from the above rations, food is organized without carbohydrates and without salt, which is why such a Chinese salt-free diet can cause malfunctioning of some body systems, since there may be a shortage of certain vitamins and trace elements. Before you begin to follow this diet, you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages so as not to hurt yourself with your own hands.

Reviews of the Chinese diet

Due to the fact that the Chinese diet helps to “throw off” excess weight well, it has many adherents. Increase their number and positive reviews of those who were able to accurately follow all the recommendations and keep the diet during the whole time of losing weight. With a strong will, each person will be able to part with pounds for a long time.

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However, it is necessary not only to strictly observe the Chinese diet, but also to get out of it correctly. So that the departed kilograms do not come back again, it is worth changing the usual diet and introducing more vegetables, fruits, boiled and baked dishes into it, reducing or eliminating alcohol, sugar and salt to the minimum - everything that was forbidden during the Chinese diet and what it is based on.

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