Children's manicure

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Manicure for girls from the category of “pampering and excessive wastefulness” goes into the category of standard hygienic procedures for children. Do you know that a shortened nail plate is the result not of a genetic predisposition, but of the inattentive attitude of parents to the manicure of their child.

Remember yourself in your childhood, how you ecstatic with your mother's paints, trying to depict a manicure on children's nails. Mother's hair “stuck up” from such “beauty”, but the process itself was important for us, and not an acceptable end result.

Children's manicure is becoming a standard procedure for beauty salons, but this does not mean that parents will not be able to perform it on their own at home. To do this, you should know some features of how to make a girl manicure.

Manicure Secrets for Kids

children's manicure

  • First, in contrast to the standard adult version, manicure for children is carried out exclusively uncut.
  • Secondly, all cosmetics used in the process of creating a manicure should be special. Means for baths, soap, cream - exclusively children's line. Nail polishes - medical or children's (fortunately, many manufacturers produce special series for children's manicure).
  • Thirdly, since the children's nail plate is thin, easy to deform, it is worth being extremely careful in the performance of a cosmetic manicure.
  • Fourth, leave the length of the nail at least 1-2 mm. Do not cut the plate under the root, as this may cause shortening the nail with each subsequent procedure.
  • Fifth, give preference to varnishes, which include vitamins and calcium! In this case, the purchase is made only in specialized stores, so as not to run into a fake, which could harm the health of the child.

Children's manicure: a detailed description

How to make a children's manicure with your own hands - further, in our step-by-step review.

baby manicure procedure

  1. Manicure for girls should start with steaming handles in aromatic trays. This technique will allow you to carefully remove burrs, to work the area of ​​the cuticle and nail plate. To bring maximum pleasure to the procedure, add a few drops of rose, jasmine or vanilla aroma oils to the water. This will help give the atmosphere a more relaxing atmosphere and interest the child.
  2. We process the child's cuticle with a special softening oil. This will help to avoid further burrs formation. If, nevertheless, the burrs have already formed on the tender skin of the child, it is necessary to carefully cut them with nail scissors or forceps, treat the skin with a moisturizer.
  3. We file a child’s nails with a non-rigid file, with abrasive properties not less than 180. The best option is to work with a glass file, which causes minimal vibrations of the nail plate and does not cause discomfort to the child.
  4. Apply a base coat for nails, let it dry and lubricate the handles with a moisturizing lotion. You can make a small massage of the palms, which activates blood circulation in the tissues, and a real pleasure will give a young woman of fashion.
  5. We approach the issue of the nail plate design creatively and decorate the nails with non-standard drawings, gradually moving from one to another. Such a simple technique, as a rule, saves the child’s nails from nibbling, because your child will simply be sorry to spoil the beautiful drawings.

Thus, in addition to the therapeutic and aesthetic effect, children's manicure allows you to wean the child from such bad habits as nail biting. In addition, carrying out the procedure regularly can avoid problems with inflammatory processes, which often develop due to inaccurate processing of burrs or their late removal.

Ideas for children's manicure

On the eve of September 1, for sure, many parents are thinking about how to make a beautiful manicure for a child. In this case, a manicure for a girl of 12 years old, and a manicure for a girl of 9 years old - will have some differences. First of all, in the color design and in the design of the nail.

If at 9 years old the girl is still a child, then at 12 she is already a little lady who is quite demanding on her appearance. Before you apply the picture or choose the color of lacquer, consult with your child, find out what he wants. In the design of the nails use a translucent tone, light colors. In this case, the manicure for the girl to school should be low-key, not much contrast with the skin color.

strawberry and kitty design

Special originality is different manicure for girls, designed in accordance with the theme of the event. For example, on September 1, a manicure for a girl of 10 years may contain drawings of ribbons, blots, ladybugs or fruits - as a reminder of summer. For a birthday party, the nails of a young fashionable woman can be decorated with a picture of a cake, cake, fireworks, and floral patterns. On New Year's celebrations, all sorts of images of snowflakes, deer, Santa Claus, gifts, etc. will be an excellent option. The options are limited only by your imagination and artistic skill.

Manicure for a girl of 11 years can be performed using the art of nail art with the help of a stamping technique. This option will allow you to create fancy patterns, without requiring special skill from the artist, and your beauty will give a lot of emotions and cause a real delight! The scheme and instructions for execution will be standard, only as a base coat of the plate use water-based varnishes that are suitable for manicure on children's nails.

pink red marigolds

So, based on the above tips, perhaps the question “how to make a manicure for children?” Will not be a stumbling block for you. A lot of options for execution, the main thing is a creative approach to the implementation of the plan. Be sure to consider the wishes of the child! Otherwise, the end result can only please you, and the child will cause a storm of negative emotions. Use a children's manicure as a tool that will teach your little fashionista to keep the pens in a tidy state from the very young nails.

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