Chicken diet- mastering weight loss with chicken

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Soon the party, and you have a little favorite dress? Planned vacation on the coast, and the figure is not yet ready to shine in a bathing suit? Need in a short time to lose a few extra pounds? Then the chicken diet will be the perfect solution for you.

The essence of the chicken diet

The chicken diet is a type of mono diet, albeit in a gentle form. The principle of such a food system is the use for the most part of one type of food, in this case chicken products, for a certain period. Make a menu consisting of chicken meat, eggs, broth and 5-6 times, because at intervals of 3-4 hours, eat dishes from these ingredients. This is a good practice for unloading the body and getting rid of excess weight.

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The duration of the chicken diet

Any mono-diet is only a temporary measure. It is impossible to follow such a model of nutrition for too long, otherwise your body may be harmed by the lack of minerals and vitamins of other groups. A diet for chicken for weight loss can last in different ways, depending on your goals: 5 days, 7 days, but a maximum of 3 weeks. After this period, getting rid of the hated extra pounds, you need to gradually get out of this diet, going to a healthy balanced diet to keep weight.

List of foods for the diet on chicken

So, what foods can your diet be made of?

Main products

  • Chicken meat. This is the basis of this food system, since it is the diet on chicken meat that is the most satisfying, comfortable and affordable. Chicken breast for weight loss is especially good, because in this part of the chicken contains a maximum of proteins and a minimum of fat.
  • Chicken broth. For the stomach is very useful in the use of hot broths, and therefore the entry into the diet of this food will make it even easier to move the diet. In addition, based on them, you can cook light vegetable soups, which will also benefit your body and diversify the menu. However, do not get carried away: a diet in chicken broth, exclusively on it, is extremely harmful, because solid food is necessary for the normal functioning of the stomach.
  • Chicken eggs. Excellent source of protein as well as healthy fats. But remember that no more than 3 chicken yolks can be consumed per day because of the cholesterol they contain. If you follow this rule, then a diet on chicken eggs will only benefit you.

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Other valid products

  • Light starchy vegetables. These include tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, etc. They will be a great side dish, diversify the ways of preparing basic products and give a good dose of vitamins.
  • Vegetable oils. These are olive, sunflower, linseed, sesame and other oils. But we must remember that their number should be limited to the maximum. And it is also forbidden to fry food on these oils during this meal - only add to ready meals.
  • Fruits (except bananas and grapes) and berries. 1-2 pieces per day of these products will not be an obstacle to losing weight, on the contrary, you will lighten your mood and provide yourself with another portion of vitamins.
  • Nuts An excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids, which helps the body maintain the balance of fats in the body.

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Benefits of a chicken diet

How does a chicken diet for weight loss differ from other nutrition systems for weight loss?

  • Chicken and chicken eggs are high-quality sources of protein. Protein, in turn, is the foundation of the muscles. Thus, you can not be afraid that during the diet you will lose muscle mass. Only excess fat deposits will go away.
  • A chicken breast diet will provide you with B, PP, A, C vitamins.
  • This food system provides for the presence of healthy fats in the diet. So you can not worry about hormonal imbalance, failure of the menstrual cycle, the fragility of nails and hair, etc.
  • Chicken eggs - a storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals: A, D, E, group B.
  • The feeling of satiety does not go away for a long time. Following this food system, you will not feel hungry, because protein is digested for a long time. This will ensure you a comfortable state.
  • The ability to eat delicious. The above products can be stewed, boiled, baked, steamed, fried in a non-stick frying pan ... You can make many interesting treats from chicken meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits, which you can enjoy. On the Internet there is an abundance of instructions for the step-by-step preparation of dietary dishes for itself. Dare!

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Disadvantages of the chicken diet

Before you start to limit yourself in food, you need to learn the disadvantages of a chicken weight loss system:

  • Like any mono diet, the chicken diet provides for a limited diet. This means that your body for a time will be deprived of nutrients from other products.
  • The same product quickly bothers you day after day.
  • Excessive protein intake can lead to indigestion and constipation.
  • This food is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as people with kidney disease.

Chicken Diet Menu

Your attention is given one of the possible menu options for the day during the diet. Based on this general scheme, you can independently adjust the menu for your lifestyle.

  1. Breakfast: 2 eggs, tea without sugar, 1 apple;
  2. Dinner: vegetable soup in chicken broth, 150 g of chicken breast;
  3. Snack: a handful of nuts;
  4. Dinner: 250 g of breast, fresh cucumber, tomato and pepper salad, olive oil dressing;
  5. Evening snack: 100 g chicken breast.

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Exit from the chicken diet

As mentioned above, similar power systems for weight loss is only a temporary measure for a short period. After you have achieved the desired result, it is important to correctly return to a normal diet in order to keep the weight gained. First of all, the transition must be done smoothly, so as not to shock the body.

  • Start by adding dairy products to your diet: milk, kefir, low-fat cottage cheese (but not low-fat).
  • Then add complex carbohydrates - buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, rice - at first only for breakfast, and after a while for lunch.
  • More fruits can be added to the menu soon, including bananas and grapes, as well as honey and other healthy sweeteners.

This way you will be taken to the right balanced diet. Namely, it is a pledge of a good figure for many years. If you do not follow the rules of healthy eating, then those extra pounds lost on the chicken diet will soon return to you.

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Reviews about losing weight on chicken products

Those who tried the chicken diet were satisfied with the end result. The lucky ones say that it is an affordable and comfortable way to lose weight at home, without resorting to the services of nutritionists. It is only necessary to follow all instructions step by step, and this will lead to the desired loss of extra kilos. Lose weight with pleasure, achieve the desired results and be irresistible! And if you have already tried this method of losing weight, then please leave feedback after the article.

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