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chocolate diet

If you choose this way to lose weight, like a chocolate diet - congratulations, you have excellent taste! Extremely enjoyable for cocoa lovers, the chocolate-based diet is gaining popularity, mainly, of course, among women - they are the main sweet-teeth and vigilantes of a slim figure.

It is wrong to believe that chocolate for weight loss is not like, as it is too high-calorie product. Chocolate bar weighing 90-100 g carries only 500 kcal, and this is quite small. Therefore, dark chocolate (as well as dark, most importantly - natural) is, paradoxically, a dietary product.

Another thing is that mono-diet with chocolate is a serious test for the body, and even experienced experiment lovers can hardly withstand 3-5 days of “sweet torture”. It turns out that the chocolate diet for weight loss is easy and pleasant only the first day, as evidenced by reviews of the method.

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The perfect product: the benefits of chocolate

Magnificent invention of the Maya Indians, improved by Europeans and produced in large quantities by domestic chocolate factories, chocolate is not just indulgence, but a very useful and necessary product. What is its importance - consider below:

  • Plant substances that are part of a dark treat, affect blood clotting and can prevent thrombosis;
  • Chocolate, as a natural antioxidant, is able to slow down the natural aging process;
  • Cocoa beans include phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, so you need to regularly enjoy chocolate - a way to improve the appearance of the skin and hair condition, make stronger nails;
  • It is believed that the chocolate diet reduces the risk of cancer, stomach ulcers (only if moderate consumption of tasty product, otherwise the effect may be reversed).

Taking all this into account, one cannot but admit: a diet on bitter chocolate is a pleasant, fast way to lose weight with a guaranteed result. At the same time, mental processes do not suffer, reviews of this method say the following: the chocolate diet makes the memory tenacious, the mind is sharp, and the mood is elevated. And the published photos of losing weight, of course, inspire.

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It would be dishonest to praise such a strict and rigid system of weight reduction, without mentioning its shortcomings. There are a lot of contraindications:

  • Malfunctions and problems in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Increased blood pressure, hypertension;
  • Diabetes and other serious chronic diseases;
  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Nervous irritability and heart disease;
  • A history of candidiasis and other fungal infections.

As you know, sugar and other substances contained in many favorite treats, can cause jumps insulin curve, and the sweetness of the product provokes the growth of fungi. Therefore, it would not be superfluous to visit a doctor before you independently assign yourself such a diet.

Chocolate Diet Options

How to create a daily menu so that it includes only coffee and chocolate (and, possibly, green tea) - let's take a closer look.

  • The easiest option is tile for the day. One hundred grams of black bitter or dark chocolate (without additives and fillers) is divided into 3-5 meals. Important: drink tea or coffee can not, only clean water. The above-mentioned drinks (naturally, without sugar) can be drunk with an interval of 2-3 hours before or after a sweet snack. Such a chocolate day is considered a classic, and during this time it is theoretically possible to part with a kilogram of live weight;
  • A variation of the cocoa diet is a menu that includes low-fat cow's milk. It can be added to coffee, or cocoa powder can be put into the milk product, so the diet on chocolate will be more easily tolerated by the body. Moreover, coffee and chocolate together are very useful for the performance of the brain, give vigor and excellent mood;
  • Exotic chocolate diet for weight loss suggests that you can eat about 30 g per day of chocolate with a high content of cocoa. However, it is difficult to call such a “chocolate” food system, because it includes mainly a diet of fresh fruits, as well as pasta with a vegetarian sauce.

The last diet is called the Italian, and it is - quite a good option. Fruits, excluding grapes and bananas (which contain many calories), and pasta made from durum cereals are undoubtedly a suitable menu for losing weight. And if you add an obligatory chocolate bar here, she will fulfill the role of “berries on the cake”, making the Italian diet a dream come true.

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The perfect chocolate bar: selection rules

Not every chocolate is dietary and is suitable for express weight loss. Thus, cocoa-containing products are divided into chocolate and confectionery bars, in the latter the content of cocoa butter and powder is significantly lower.

The most valuable are the bitter and dark types of delicacies (with a cocoa content from 55 to 85%). They may differ significantly in taste - it depends on both the quality of the raw materials and the sugar content. Delicate taste and pronounced aroma is what distinguishes true chocolate from a surrogate, or, worse, its “white fellow”, which is indirectly related to the topic of our article.

Expensive or economical, domestic or European, natural chocolate without additives is always the best, especially if you want to lose weight with it. To do this, not a single bar - caramel, nougat, raisins, nuts, fillers - extra calories that remove us from the ideal weight. Tiles with stevioza for diabetics, too, do not fit: there is an opinion that sugar substitutes contribute to the deposition of fat.

Chocolate menu: taste and color

If you just want to supplement a balanced diet with an excellent quality product, then a bar of natural chocolate will last for five days - this is the norm that scientists recognize as ideal. If you are interested in a diet on bitter chocolate and its exemplary menu - we invite you to read them further.

  • Fasting days are an option for beginners who are not sure about the response of their bodies to this wonderful product. Classic chocolate day includes: breakfast - 30 g of cocoa product, coffee is better brewed, not soluble, and always savory. Lunch and dinner are completely similar;
  • Sparing a chocolate diet for 3 days - the usual option implies the same chocolate (tile per day), coffee and water. Variations allow kefir for the night, cocoa with milk and herbal tea;
  • The Italian chocolate diet for 3 days is a much more varied and healthy menu. In addition to the above, this includes cereal flakes and fresh fruit (in the morning), vegetable spaghetti, fresh salads. Also for lunch and dinner can be served with stewed eggplant and tomatoes, garlic and lean meat. I must say that the results in Italian will not be as impressive as from mono-diet, but health will not suffer;
  • For the strong in spirit: a chocolate diet for 7 days is an extreme way of eating only chocolate and a decoction of coffee. It is assumed that the consumption of 2 liters. water per day and a small amount of milk eliminates the negative effect of limited nutrition. It is expected that the chocolate diet for a week will give good results - a weight loss of 6-7 pounds.

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The “before and after” photos available on the net prove that with chocolate one can turn not just into a slim young lady, but into a real skinny one. Although the almost complete absence of adipose and muscle tissue does not always look attractive. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that the chocolate diet for 7 days will have an effect on the body, comparable to prolonged fasting. The body will experience severe calorie deficiencies, as well as vitamins and trace elements, carbohydrates and protein. Therefore, such a serious test, as a chocolate diet for a week, implies not only an active, but also a well thought out final stage. Getting out of the cocoa diet at home implies:

  • Fractional meals, limited portions of food;
  • It is necessary to gradually develop a menu that will include vital substances. These are water-diluted juices from fresh vegetables and fruits, the second broth from boiling chicken and fish;
  • The correct scheme of normalization of muscle mass involves the inclusion of proteins in the diet. That is, step by step during the week we introduce boiled breast fillet (chicken, turkey), chicken and quail egg, nuts and dairy products;
  • The basic instruction that you need to follow constantly (not only at the stage of parting with the diet) is the refusal of harmful fried foods, the habit of eating fast food and overeating.

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The capital truth - the main thing is not to lose weight, but to keep it within the desired limits - it always works. The task of any diet, including chocolate, is not to harm itself, not to cause irreversible changes. Therefore, it is desirable that the chocolate diet remains in the diet only in the form of fasting days.

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