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Modern women are looking for new ways of eye makeup to bring something original to their image. But makeup "cat's eye" was, is and will be popular, thanks to its mystery and mystery. Since ancient times, Egyptian beauties have painted on their faces elements of a crafty cat face to enchant others in the same way as cats, considered at that time divine beings, did. Today, out of that high-grade make-up, women use only the secrets of applying cosmetics on eyelashes and eyelids, that is, make cat eyes.

The peak of popularity for cat eye makeup (cat eyes) came in the mid-twentieth century, when makeup artists noticed the sensuality of this image. Bridget Bardot and Sophia Loren are bright representatives, whose eyes are decorated with cat arrows. Today, the echoes of cat makeup can be seen in the images of Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Eva Longoria and other Hollywood divas.

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The basic principle

hollywood star with cat makeup

Variations in the implementation of cat eye makeup are many. But the main principle is one: the correction of the shape of the eye due to its visual lengthening and contraction. Most often this is done with the help of arrows, which are drawn with eyeliner or pencil. No less popular is another trick: feathering the shadows of the outer eyelid. This is somewhat reminiscent of smoke eyes, but differs from it in a more expressive line. Cat shooters are absolutely everything. The main thing is to correctly calculate their width (thickness), length and roundness.

What to combine

Cat's eyes can not complement the makeup lips. It is enough a little shine on them, so that the lips do not distract attention from the predator's mysterious look. It is also not necessary to add colors to cat makeup. Classic black will make a nice accent without bright tones. Although, for fashion shows or contests often use a variety of shadows to create extravagant arrows, tinted with green, purple or yellow.

Leona lewis cat eye makeup

As for the outfit, the cat's arrows on the girl’s face give her some zest, cunning. This is not a modest gentle person in a light dress, but rather a rebel, ready to challenge the whole world. Feel free to wear jeans and leather jacket; The arrows in your eyes will play the role of an image softener, so your femininity will not go anywhere.

Riana with cat eyes make up

Blondes can draw their kitty's eyes, but the line should be very thin, almost imperceptible. Brunettes, on the other hand, can use pencil and shadows in make-up. Moreover, the darker the hair color, the more intense the makeup of the cat's eye can be.

Classic cat makeup

As mentioned above, the methods of makeup using the effect of "cat's eyes" can be any number. Consider a step-by-step diagram of how to make cat eyes in a standard way at home.

Taylor Swift with cat eye makeup

  1. First you need to even out the skin tone around the eyes. For this we use concealer;
  2. Now we take a well-sharpened eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner can also be used, but only if you confidently own it. The arrow is drawn in one motion, without removing the pencil from the upper eyelid. You can start it either from the inner corner of the eye, or from the middle, and finish not on the outer corner of the eye, but a little further, twisting the arrow upwards;
  3. The turn of the lower eyelid. The arrow also starts from anywhere, and gradually connects with the upper arrow;
  4. We paint eyes with ink. To enhance the effect of cat makeup, apply more mascara on the eyelashes located on the outer edge of the eye. Do not forget to paint and lower cilia.

rock eye cat makeup

Usually the bottom arrow is made a little thinner than the top one. So the look will not be overloaded with makeup. To achieve such a result, you can start cat makeup with the lower arrow, or hold the pencil on the upper eyelid 2 or 3 times.

Tips for beginners

For those who decide to make a cat's eye makeup on their own, we will share five basic tips that will help make it quality.

Christina Agiller

  • Hand, in which you hold a pencil or eyeliner, abut on the table. If it is on weight, the hand can tremble, and draw even arrows will not work.
  • When drawing arrows, slightly loosen the eyelid to make the makeup more perfect.
  • After drawing the arrows on one eye, sharpen the pencil again.
  • The arrow should not start suddenly, abruptly. It should seem to come from the line of growth of eyelashes.
  • The closer the arrow is to the inner corner of the eye, the thinner it should be. The line may thicken, approaching the outer edge of the eyelid.

We make eyebrows

Without the correct design of eyebrows, no eye makeup will not look full. Best of all, make-up cat eyes look with thin eyebrows, the tips of which tend upwards. Also suitable arched eyebrows, ascending or decorated with a fracture. If you prefer to wear the so-called "eyebrows house", the feline look may not work. It will not be the very cunning.

Nicole Scherzinger

Pluck eyebrows can only be from the bottom. For the convenience of the eyebrow line design, it is necessary to tighten the skin with the free hand so that the bases of the hairs are clearly visible. So plucking will be better and painless.

Cat makeup with eye shadow

Now, when we have an idea of ​​how cat eyes are made, let's try to make a full-fledged make-up, applying shadows. We will write out the step-by-step instructions so that everyone can do such a make-up with their own hands. Consider that the face is prepared to perform eye makeup (the tone is aligned). We will use two shades of the same color of the shadows: lighter and darker. For blue eyes, it is recommended to take beige and gold shades, for green ones - light blue and violet, for brown - light green and green.

girl with black eyeshadows

  1. Apply with a wide brush light shadows to the entire sub-area;
  2. Dark shadows create a smooth transition from the middle of the century to its outer edge, gradually darkening it;
  3. Open and close the eye several times. See the fold that ends the upper eyelid? Apply dark shadows with an applicator. The line should be connected to a dark spot on the outer edge of the eyelid;
  4. Apply light shadows to the sub-edge zone where the eyebrow ends. So the look will be more open;
  5. We got a blurry smoky eyes. To make a cat look out of it, you need to add clarity. Take a pencil and draw an arrow on the upper eyelid directly on top of the shadows. Of course, there should be no dark shadows below the arrow. The line should limit them;
  6. The lower arrow, more subtle and elegant, connects to the upper corner of the eye and continues in a smooth line;
  7. If the arrow seems too obvious to you against the background of shadows, you can slightly shade it with an applicator;
  8. The final touch - paint the eyelashes. Ink can be matched in the color of the shadows.

shadow pattern

Any irregularities and shortcomings can be easily wiped off with a cosmetic stick dipped in eye makeup remover. So do not despair if something does not work out the first time. If you do not plan to be photographed or perform on stage, the arrows of the cat's eye should not go far beyond the century. The brighter the lighting in the place where you plan to spend most of the time, the shorter and thinner the corner of the arrow should be. Since the main color for making cat's eyes is black, it is difficult to achieve naturalness in makeup. Therefore, we closely monitor the thickness of the drawn lines.

Video: creating cat eyes makeup in pencil technique

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