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The beauty and grooming of a woman is of great importance not only for a successful personal life, but also for career growth. Regardless of professional skills and talents, when interviewing an employer or conducting important business negotiations, you will be assessed for compliance with generally accepted standards of behavior and appearance. In other words, aiming to work in a prestigious position, you should carefully read the rules of business dress code and understand what should be an office makeup. The subject of this material is the business style in make-up, as well as the rules and schemes for its application. After reading these recommendations, you can safely proceed to the development of office makeup with your own hands at home.

Face control

The basic rule that business makeup should meet is to be moderate and as natural as possible. Makeup for the office can not resemble a “war paint” for discos or parties. However, you should not completely abandon cosmetics. According to leading make-up artists of all known cosmetic brands, make-up for work is created in order to make the appearance more well-groomed, blossoming and fresh. In addition, a person who does not forget to follow his appearance when building a career, invariably causes respect among his colleagues and colleagues.

soft make up at work

According to this rule, the main instruction applies when applying makeup for work: you must use well-chosen cosmetics. You should purchase high-quality products that are suitable for your skin in texture and keep well throughout the working day. Choosing shades of cosmetics, it is recommended to stop the choice on natural or moderate brightness.

However, one should not think that office makeup is a faded mask. With the skillful creation of the image, you can make the appearance bright and memorable. For example, professional stylists believe that business suits are very organically combined with a bright red manicure and an emphasis on lips. This office makeup suitable confident careerists, ready for rapid promotion. To make business makeup more romantic, you can use pastel or neutral shades of cosmetics.

business make up

Creating makeup to work independently, you should definitely pay attention to the subject matter in the cosmetics of fluorescent components. If available, office lighting will give your face a painful yellowish color. Professional make-up artists recommend choosing warm shades of tonal resources for a working make-up. However, warm orange and green shades are not recommended. These colors and in the cold version is better not to add to the business makeup.

How to apply office makeup

light office makeup

In order to rely on a high-quality result, business make-up should be carried out step by step, according to the following scheme.

    1. Apply to the face foundation or powder. You should avoid thick tonal foundations, since with a contrasting office light, it will look unnatural and rough. The use of compact powder will also save valuable time, which is particularly lacking in the morning.
    2. Lightly treat the skin of the face and neck crumbly transparent powder that will make the skin matte and give it a natural look.
    3. Using a special brush, apply blush on the cheekbones. If in everyday life you use glasses, it is worth treating your skin with blush wearing this accessory on yourself.
    4. Place on the skin a little accents, using bronzer. Soft matte shine should be created in the temples, on the chin and cheeks.
    5. A very important point, in preparation for the working day, is a business eye makeup. His start with eyebrows, which must have a well-groomed appearance. Correction of the shape of the eyebrows should be carried out regularly in beauty salons, and to maintain the zone in perfect order, it is recommended to use a special colorless gel. Just a few strokes of the brush - and you can forget about the loose hairs for the whole day.
    6. The eyelid area is processed by the shadows, in stages, starting with the upper eyelids. Here shades of soothing shades are applied: flesh, pale brown, milky white, peach or beige. Under the outer corners of the eyebrows, you can make a slight accent with lighter shadows to give the look shine. The eyeliner is done with a brown or gray pencil. It is better to shade the border of the contour in order to mask the irregularities that become much more noticeable with office lighting than with indoor or outdoor lighting. Mascara is better to use the same shade as eyeliner.
    7. The final touch is lip makeup. Since matte and long lasting lipsticks dry their skin, they should be discarded in an air-conditioned and dry office space. A great replacement will be cream lipstick moisturizing lips. You should know that with artificial light office lipstick brown shade look sloppy and give the appearance of a painful look.

    Makeup Correction during the working day

    girl corrects gloss on lips

    • Using a thermal spray or water, do not wipe the skin with napkins or a towel so that the stains of the tonal framework, the shadows or the blush will not leak.
    • You should not powder very often, so that by the end of the shift the face does not turn into a heavy mask. Bold shine is better to remove matting wipes.
    • Tint balms can be an excellent means of moisturizing the lips, so it is recommended to take them a place in your office cosmetic bag.

    Corporate party

    makeup for business corporate

    Despite some informality, corporate is primarily a meeting of bosses and colleagues, so you should not get involved in bright makeup. If the holiday is scheduled for the end of the working day, then it will be enough to refresh the day makeup and tint the eyelashes with black mascara. The use of darker shadows and red lipstick is also acceptable.

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