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How to make your eyelashes fluffy and long? To use a pencil eyelash extension is a quick and easy way to add extra cilia. Today, eyelash extensions with bundles are offered by many beauty salons, but this procedure can be done at home with your own hands.

Advantages of beam cilia

Build-up is a quick method with a great effect, with which curls can be made incredibly long and seductive. It is not surprising that it is often used to create spectacular images for photo shoots, weddings, various festive events. Its only drawback is the fragility, but the irresistible eyes completely compensate for this. In addition, beam eyelash extension will take much less time than, for example, eyelash eyelash extensions.

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How to glue and remove eyelash eyelashes yourself

Gluing ciliary bundles is a simple procedure that can be done without the help of a master, even at home. In this case, you do not have to worry about how much eyelash extension costs in the salon, because for the home procedure you only need a set of bunches, tweezers with curved tips and a special glue for eyelash extension. Typically, the set includes bundle eyelashes of different lengths - short, medium and long. To make the eyes look natural, glue bunches are also of different lengths — short at the inner corner of the eye, farther than the average, and long at the outer corner.

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By the way, it is not necessary to hold only the extension of the corners of the eyelashes, as the eyes will look ugly. It is best to stick extra cilia throughout the ciliary row. If necessary, you can, of course, increase only at the outer corner, but, as a rule, this is done when creating the original image, for example, for photos using colored or inlaid cilia.

Eyelash extension bundles procedure

The procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. Degrease the cilia, for example, using a special degreaser, tonic or facial wash.
  2. Squeeze a drop of glue onto a disposable plate. Such glue is usually included in the bundle with cilia, but it can be purchased separately. Some skilled workers prefer transparent because it is not visible after drying. Others choose black, which creates the effect of eyeliner.
  3. Using tweezers, pick up a bunch of the longest cilia, gently dip its base into the glue, wait a few seconds for the glue to begin to thicken (the waiting time depends on the specific glue brand, as there are substances with instant coupling, but these are often used by experienced craftsmen who perform professional eyelash extensions).
  4. Attach a bundle of artificial cilia to the base of your own at the outer corner of the eye. Pay attention: you need to glue it to your own curls, and not to the eyelid, placing additional cilia on top of "native".
  5. Step by step in the same way, glue and other bundles, moving to the inner corner of the eye and reducing the length of the cilia.
  6. Repeat the procedure on the second eye. Her scheme is the same.

procedure leshmeykerom

Frequent questions about beam buildup

Often fashionable women wonder how many beams need to be used in the process? It all depends on the condition and number of “native” curls and, of course, on desire. For everyday makeup wizards recommend using 7-10 beams on one eye, 10-15 for ceremonial events. 2-3 long bunches should be glued to the outer corner of the eye, 3-4 medium bunches to the middle of the century, 2-3 short bunches to the inner corner of the eye.

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Another frequently asked question is: how many eyelashes are held. Eyelash eyelash extensions provide an effect for 2-3 weeks, but they need some care.

How to care for extended eyelashes

Whether you used a professional service or carried out the procedure itself, then after the eyes need careful care. The rules for such care can be summarized as follows:

  • do not sleep on the stomach face down - because of this, eyelash eyelashes may fall off prematurely;
  • do not use mascara, especially waterproof — if properly performed, such a desire will not arise, because curls will look so long and fluffy;
  • not to use on the eyelids and prevent fat cream from falling on them - because of it, the adhesive composition may dissolve, which will lead to the falling of the beams;
  • Touch your eyes with your hands as little as possible, wash your face and wash your makeup very carefully.

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How to remove beam eyelashes

Eyelash eyelash extension is a simple procedure; their removal doesn’t cause any problems either. If it becomes necessary to remove the beams ahead of time, a special liquid for removing cilia or makeup remover will be suitable for this (therefore, you need to use it carefully so as not to wash off the beams in advance). Cilia are easily removed without damaging the eyes. Due to the simplicity of their application and removal, they can be used often, for example, making beautiful makeup for a festive event or a solemn event.

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Contraindications to beam buildup

Eyelash extensions bundles virtually no contraindications. The only obstacle to using this procedure is an allergic reaction to the components of the glue, diseases of the eyelids or eyes, such as conjunctivitis or increased tearing of the eyes. If in doubt, it is worth contacting a professional salon to minimize the unpleasant consequences or to avoid them altogether, trusting an experienced master.

Alternative to beams

Eyelash extensions Lash up– an alternative to the above procedure of gluing additional cilia. In the course of its implementation, certain formulations are applied to the curls and the skin next to them, thanks to which the native curls rise, twist, thicken by 30%.

result from lash up before and after

Vitamin compositions contribute to the growth of existing ones and the emergence of new cilia, an increase in their length, darkening of the pigment, strengthening and healing. The effect lasts about 2 months.

Video: Instructions for creating a curl

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