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the benefits of buckwheat slimming

Buckwheat diet may well be considered as Russian know-how - in most countries of the world they do not eat buckwheat and are unfamiliar with this valuable product. But any Russian gourmet will be right if he says: foreign ladies who want to bring their forms in order in a short time will lose a lot. Buckwheat contains a completely amazing set of micro and macronutrients. It is rich in magnesium, a beneficial effect on blood vessels and the heart, it is nourishing and tasty. Weight loss on buckwheat will bring one pleasure, because it is easily tolerated, without delivering an exhausting feeling of hunger and constant "sucking in the stomach."

So the diet on buckwheat deserves to turn Russian cereal into an exclusive product, designed specifically for slimming and knowledgeable experts in proper nutrition.

The essence of buckwheat diet

The buckwheat diet should be based primarily on this product. This is the essence of buckwheat diet. It belongs to the category of mono-diet, and should be thought out in advance, you can at home, but it is better if it passes in stages, under the supervision of a doctor.

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The calorie content of cereals is 314 per 100 grams, there are no fats in it, but in large quantities there are useful fibers that destroy adipose tissue, cause the body to burn its reserves. Together with them, the body leaves carcinogens, toxins and other harmful substances.

It is assumed that the body using such a system of nutrition includes internal reserves and activates the metabolism. The fibers that are present in buckwheat help the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Reviews losing weight declare: the best results of the buckwheat diet - minus 10 kilograms in a fortnight or 5 in one week. Nutritionists allow this rate of weight loss.

How to choose buckwheat?

Proper cream buckwheat with a slight brownish tinge. It should be clean, grains are about the same (if the size is uneven, the porridge will not melt), and not have a "choked" smell. At your discretion, you can choose the "chop" - it has a different taste, it is not inferior to the usual buckwheat. What can not be said about cereal, steamed. Such buckwheat initially does not benefit and is not suitable for a diet. Be sure to refuse the purchase of cereals with additives such as dried mushrooms or tomatoes. Such porridges are flavored with flavors and are not needed by slimming people.

Cook porridge as you like - cook on water. It is popular and not to cook porridge at all, but to brew, pour boiling water over the cereal, and then wrap it with a warm blanket. In a few hours, porridge will be ready without boiling. It is believed that such cereals will save more nutrients.

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Buckwheat diet menu

To diet on buckwheat was not very boring, you can diversify it by diluting buckwheat with your favorite herbs, vegetables and healthy spices. Menu buckwheat diet may look as follows.

  • Breakfast - steamed from the evening buckwheat, low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of green tea with milk.
  • Lunch - buckwheat with boiled cauliflower, cucumber smoothie and dill, which can be seasoned with a spoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Dinner - 150 grams of boiled chicken, fish or beef, a portion of buckwheat (about 200 grams), a glass of natural yogurt or low-fat kefir.

This version of the menu for weight loss is designed for one day. If you decide to comply with it for more than one or two days, you should buy all the products in advance and think about how you will be adding variety to your menu. This will make dishes more appetizing, and also minimize the risk of breakdown. Take a photo of your successful meal and put it in the social network - let the sympathies of strangers give you support. As nutritionists say, it is possible to decorate a buckwheat diet for seven days to anyone: vegetable salads without dressings, herbs, low-fat dressings or high-quality oil.

Permitted Products

Buckwheat diet for a week allows you to include such products as:

  • broccoli and cauliflower;
  • Greek yogurt;
  • spicy herbs (basil, celery, parsley, cilantro);
  • cucumbers, tomatoes;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • low-fat varieties of fish (cod, pollock or haddock);
  • veal and chicken breast without skin;
  • low fat kefir.

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Kefir-buckwheat diet

One of the most popular options for a buckwheat diet is its combination with kefir. Kefir-buckwheat diet carries a good cleansing effect, enhances the process of losing weight. It is said that the popular singer Larisa Dolina broke up with excess weight thanks to these two products. But to get involved in a diet on buckwheat and kefir for a long time can not. But to use them for unloading - please, the reviews of such fasting days are the most wonderful. True, to help yourself and achieve the desired effect, it is important to follow the instructions.

  • kefir should have no more than 1% fat;
  • You can drink no more than one liter of kefir per day;
  • Kefir should be exclusively fresh and natural, without the addition of vegetable-based fats;
  • In addition to kefir and buckwheat, you need to drink 1.5–2 liters of pure water without gas in one day.

Tip: if you follow the diet on buckwheat and kefir is difficult for you, add a handful of dried fruits (raisins, prunes, dried apples, or dried apricots) is also allowed to use fresh greens and ground cucumbers. At the first sign of indisposition on unloading, immediately abandon it. Your first aid option: a glass of warm tea with honey.

Recommendations for buckwheat week

Nutritionists recommend planning a buckwheat diet for 7 days, and a maximum of 14, but no more. Then it will strengthen the tendons, make stronger hair and legs, save you a few extra pounds. A big plus of such nutrition is that buckwheat relieves craving for sweets. It is often called the diet of beauty and youth for a bright, quick-pronounced effect. However, she, like any diet, has drawbacks.

Cons of buckwheat diet

  • buckwheat groats quickly bored;
  • it is called an extreme diet;
  • she faces frequent breakdowns;
  • not suitable for weight loss for people whose excess weight is from 20 kilograms and above.


Remember, weight loss on buckwheat is not suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and it is better to use it yourself as an ambulance, if you have accumulated a few extra pounds after a long vacation or holidays. In this case, the results of the buckwheat diet are encouraging! Those who are set to change radically should take a closer look at other options, which are softer and longer in time, creating a step-by-step scheme of actions.

What if the result is not visible?

Rarely, but among those who lose weight, there are complaints that the process is not moving, and the scale arrow is frozen on one digit. Let's see why this happens. There can be several reasons:

  • critical days are coming. In anticipation of "monthly" the body strongly retains water. You should not despair - in a week the process will go quickly and the body will delight you with big “plumb lines”.
  • The second reason: Often on a buckwheat diet, soy sauce is used for weight loss, which goes well with buckwheat, but it strongly retains water. Eliminate sauce and salt in general and enjoy quick results.
  • And finally, there is a third reason: you have an individual intolerance to buckwheat. This, though rarely, occurs. You should not despair - today in the arsenal of nutritionists there are a lot of fast and tasty nutrition systems for weight loss, supported by convincing results of weight loss.

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