Breast augmentation with iodine

Breast iodine

The lush and beautiful bust is the cherished dream of every girl. By nature, this luxury is not given to everyone, and only a few are decided to go under the scalpel, so the search for the best popular breast augmentation methods does not end. Particularly concerned about the effective ways of acquiring additional volume of young girls who want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Today you will learn how to increase breast with iodine, how effective this method is, and what contraindications to the procedure exist.

Anatomical features of the female breast

Before experimenting with various means advertised on the Internet and on TV, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what is the breast of a woman from an anatomical point of view, because it is the anatomy of the female body that significantly affects the state of the mammary glands.

  • mammary glands and ducts;
  • capillaries and blood vessels of the chest;
  • nerve tissues, fibers and their endings;
  • glandular tissues;
  • connective tissue;
  • muscles of the sternum;
  • subcutaneous fat layer.


A woman's chest is supported by a special connective tissue called the Cooper Ligaments, which are connected to the subcutaneous parts of the chest and all the pectoral muscles. Over time, these ligaments stretch, so that the breast loses its shape and volume. The volume of the mammary glands depends on the amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue in the whole body.

The most popular ways to increase breast

Today there are a number of methods of increasing, from which you can choose the best for yourself.

  1. Breast surgery or surgery correction with the help of surgery is the most radical, but also the most dangerous correction method.
  2. The complex of sports exercises helps to get a more toned form, but takes a long time for the effect to appear.
  3. A proper diet — a vitamin-rich diet will benefit not only the breast, but the entire body.
  4. Traditional methods are breast augmentation with iodine, systematic visits to the bath and sauna, douche, massage, etc.

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Breast Augmentation

  • Strongly increase the size of the mammary gland is almost impossible, since it grows only in adolescence and during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Most of the exercises are ineffective for this area of ​​the female body, so it will not be possible to radically increase the bust.
  • A set of fat will give the bust an extra volume, but the fat will be distributed throughout the body.
  • Only 20 g with 1 kg of typed fat is deposited in the area of ​​the breast.
  • To increase the breast size will have to gain about 7-10 kg of body weight.

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The essence of the iodine method

It is believed that breast augmentation with iodine is possible due to the fact that iodine solution deposited on the surface of a woman’s mammary gland triggers the process of proper blood circulation. As a result, a huge variety of nutrients enter the treated zone and the majority of the fat entering the body is deposited there. Official medicine does not recognize this method, but states that it is harmful to the woman’s body.

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The technology of iodine for breast augmentation

Iodine helps to increase the breast in case of compliance with the following scheme of actions:

  1. Take a shower, thoroughly wash your "attractions", then use cleansing lotions and skin tonics.
  2. Make a gentle bust massage.
  3. Dip a q-tip into the most ordinary iodine solution.
  4. Over the entire surface of the bust draw stripes, bypassing the side of the nipple halo zone. Draw either longitudinal lines or spirals tapering towards the center.
  5. Wait until the applied iodine dries, then dress. It is important to remember that for the period of the procedures you only need to wear a comfortable bra that does not crush the skin from natural, breathable fabrics.
  6. The lines should not intersect with each other, and the distance between them is approximately 0.5 cm.

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Testimonials from fans of this method state that after a month of systematic iodine deposition, the size of the breast increases. But sometimes for a visible result it takes about three months.

If you have tried this method, leave your comments below the article. We will publish them for sure!

Contraindications for the use of iodine

Iodine increases the bust gradually, do not abuse the drug. Iodine therapy is not recommended in the following cases:

  • If in the process of applying the drug you feel a burning sensation, and the body temperature rises. In this case, you should interrupt the cycle of procedures or stop it altogether.
  • The intersection of iodine lines is not allowed, in this case, the formation of burns.
  • Strictly not recommended procedure for women prone to the formation of tumors in the breast.
  • Before starting the procedures, it is necessary to consult with the doctor-mammologist, to make sure that there are no seals and prerequisites for the formation of tumors in the treated area.
  • It is categorically not recommended to use the described substance in the period after pregnancy, because at this time the entire hormonal background of the woman is rebuilt. The results of experiments on your own body at this time can have disastrous consequences.

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Possible harm to iodotherapy

  • Iodine to increase the bust among professional doctors is a dubious method. There were no clinical trials in this area, and positive reviews are single. Doctors believe that the disadvantages of the method are more than advantages.
  • Iodine is absorbed into the body through the skin.
  • The drug does not act locally, but is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Frequent procedure contributes to the accumulation of the drug in the blood.
  • Excess substance leads to problems with the thyroid gland, causes allergic reactions.
  • When complications can occur, a disease known as iodism or a case of iodine poisoning. In this case, a person affects the respiratory tract, and there is a cough, the conjunctiva of the eye is affected, and vision is reduced. In addition, wounds and acne, erysipelas of the skin appear.
  • Sometimes an increase occurs due to an inflammatory process in the tissues caused by burns from iodine, which can later lead to breast tumors.
  • Doctors advise to apply the iodine reticulum on the chest only for colds or for the purpose of prophylaxis for short periods.
  • The use of an alcoholic solution of iodine leads to premature drying and aging of delicate skin.

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There are many contraindications to the procedure, and using it at home is a risky operation, and not all women decide on it.

Reviews of women who have received iodine therapy

To answer the question whether it is possible to increase the bust with the help of iodine solution, only those women who have experienced all the delights of therapy on themselves know.

Ilona is 18 years old. I was very worried that I had a small bust. The first size did not allow wearing dresses with an open neckline, took away the last drops of self-confidence. I heard that you can increase the size with an iodine grid. I smeared the mortar with lines, following all the recommendations. After 15 minutes, an unbearable burning sensation appeared in the area of ​​application. I had to suffer for a long time, after which I will not repeat the procedure.

Angelina is 27 years old. Recently I read about the iodine net to increase the bust and was surprised, because I used to apply this solution only with a cold. I tried to apply the drug with cotton buds on the neckline, at first it burned, but then everything stopped. I do the procedure three times a week, it seems that the chest begins to increase.

Svetlana is 20 years old. I have long wanted a big chest, but there is no money for the operation. I heard about iodotherapy, I decided to try, solely because the method does not involve special monetary costs. She performed the ritual for 2 months, but there was no special effect. The skin on the bust is thinner and looks much drier and older.

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Alternative ways to increase the bust

If you do not dare to try the effects of this solution on your own body, pay attention to alternative methods of magnification.

  • Massage. The blood flow is stimulated by a massage after a shower. With massage oil or moisturizer with massaging circular movements, walk clockwise and against your chest.

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  • Cold and hot shower. To give elasticity to the skin in the neckline, every morning before work and in the evening, take a shower, send cool jets of water to it.
  • Sauna. A weekly procedure will heal the skin, soften and gently cleanse it. The blood flow will increase significantly. However, after visiting the steam room you need to massage the bust using honey.

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  • Sport. To maintain the correct tone of the pectoral muscle, you should systematically perform a set of exercises aimed at the work of this particular muscle group.


  • Nutrition. Proper nutrition is useful not only for the bust, but also for the general condition of the body.


  • Hormonal drugs. A drop in the level of female hormones can lead to a decrease in the mammary gland, therefore it is necessary to replenish their supply with special preparations. Be sure to consult with your doctor before.

tablets and creams

  • Breast creams. You won't achieve much effect, but you can saturate the bust with a fortified remedy. Volume gels are more effective.

Iodotherapy for the bust, the most budget of the popular means of increase. The substance is very inexpensive, and the procedure can be carried out at home. Remember that you can not use the solution often. Gentle skin in the neckline should be moistened and nourished. Be sure to consult with a breast doctor before starting experiments on your own body.

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