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For girls who have a liking for a beautiful tan, it is easy to get lost in a huge amount of lotions, creams, mousses, sprays, special tinting wipes and other cosmetics that promise to give the skin a quick chocolate tint. Which manufacturer to give preference to, whether to believe the promises on the labels, which tanning for the body will fall better, spray or fluid, and can make a choice in favor of the gel? Find the right answers and learn about the merits of tanning you can in this article.

The unique advantage of artificial tanning products

Girls who want to visually reduce the volume of the figure will like this property of tanning as the opportunity to use them to contour the body on their own at home. To do this, professionals advise you to apply a tinting lotion on your body, and then use a bright highlighter, simulating the desired shapes and lines with your own hands. The main thing to know the correct scheme of applying tanning for such a visual weight loss. Alternately applying a dark and light shade on the skin will mask excess volumes. This is due to the fact that on a light shade, the skin reflects a greater amount of light, thanks to the "glow" of the chimmer.

Means for creating a light tan


If your goal is to achieve a weightless shade of body tan, it is better to give preference to milk or lotion. Especially well these tools are suitable for beginners in applying such cosmetics, since you can adjust the intensity of the shade, dispensing the amount of tanning. But the use of lotions and milk should be daily, the result must be maintained. The choice can be made in favor of the self-tanning milk from Garnier or Dove lotion. Such products have a low cost and are well proven among lovers of artificial tan. If you want to choose a bronzer from a more prestigious series, you can opt for Nutri Bronze lotion from L'Oreal. The effect of this cosmetic is manifested gradually over a week, and is noticeable more on dark skin. A bonus when applying lotions and body milk will be intensive moisturizing of the skin and its elasticity.

The easiest to apply

Leadership here is undeniable with sprays. You do not blot your hands, and accordingly, they will not have to be hard washed with scrubs, if the tool will take divorce. The durability of sprays is quite long and they dry out very quickly. The color is saturated, the main thing is to apply bronzer correctly and not to neglect the instruction:

  1. make sure the sprayer is in order, it is not clogged or broken;
  2. Spray bronzer need at a distance of about 40 cm;
  3. before spraying, the skin must be cleaned with a scrub;
  4. it is better to put means on dry skin, then it will not float;
  5. Shake well before use.

The most budget options bronzer

The price of tanning for the body has a huge run-up, and for many girls it is the availability of the product that is crucial for the purchase. One of the most budget options is Floresan Milk. The texture of the product is liquid, it allows you to apply it evenly. The price of body tanning is about 200 rubles, you can buy it in many cosmetics stores. But since it is milk, do not wait for a persistent and rich skin color. The effect will be gradual and light.

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Another inexpensive tanning is Sun Ozon. The disadvantage of this economy option is the saturated specific autosignar smell. The manufacturer indicates that the bronzer is suitable for normal skin. This product produces a good moisturizing effect, but not every girl can achieve even application. Reviews say that the tool comes off in stages, leaving spots. If you decide to purchase this particular product, scrub the skin thoroughly before applying.

New in the world of avtozagar

Manufacturers of cosmetic products want their product to be chosen by the consumer. To do this, they are trying to give the buyer something new, to interest him. It often happens that the promises on the label and the result on your body are different, like heaven and earth. How to figure out what is truly innovative development, and what can bring tears and disappointment. Probably the only sure way - judging by the reviews of girls who have experienced self-tanning on themselves.

The Tan secret product has recently appeared on the market for tanning products. The manufacturer promises easy application and amazing effect. But there are a lot of negative reviews on the Internet, and the tan, according to the girls, is not that even. The cost of Ten Secret is about 5,000 rubles.

four tanning products

But the concentrate with the effect of Clarins tanning, on the contrary, has many female fans. This novelty among bronzator, according to consumer reviews, provides a light swarthy shade. And the company Clarins has long been associated with reliability. If you take into account the experience of experienced, you can pick up a good tanning for a small price.

Bronzer Body Reviews

spray spraying

Tatyana: I have been looking for my perfect tanning for a long time. As long as my favorite is Estee Lauder spray, it fits well, the smell is pleasant. But sometimes it is very difficult to wash it off, here the scrubs will not help much, although this is an indicator of its persistence. I personally like that the skin after him is so soft! I tried the milk of this company - not the effect. Raisa: Because of the large number of moles on the body, I try not to sunbathe on the beach and tanning beds are taboo for me, so my salvation is self-tanning. I have already tried a huge amount of them. There are those who are very disappointed. But there are also favorites, for example, from Yves Rocher. It lays down just perfect, the main thing is to apply step by step and quickly rub it. And it also has a pleasant powdered smell that even then you can not use perfume. Sveta: My favorite tanning from Nivea. And it costs a penny and skin without yellow stains. When applied, the skin is not sticky, there is no nasty sensation of fat. But there is a minus - bedding stains = (But this is a lack of many bronzers. Lika: I tried cream, spray, gel, wipes of different brands and chose Payot serum for myself. Yes, the price is not the cheapest, but it's worth it. I do not worry that there will be another failure, it is always applied perfectly. So after a heap of experiments only Payot. And from his orange smell, I generally bastard.

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