Black face mask

Black mask

Black face mask is one of the most unusual in terms of its type of face care products. It is easy to get cooked, and you can create at home. If you are tired of struggling unsuccessfully with eels and black dots, then you need to try this cosmetic miracle on yourself at least once.

What is the black facial treatment for?

The main "chip" of this drug is a rich coal color, due to the peculiarities of its composition. Today the most common are such options for cleansing masks:

  • with cosmetic clay;
  • from activated carbon;
  • with healing mud.

You are probably familiar with each of the ingredients, as they are actively used in many cosmetic preparations.

original mask

The components are combined not only in dark color, but also excellent cleansing properties. The main difference is consistency.

Features of each:

  • The most pleasant, oddly enough, it is mud, because it is soft and plastic, so it is well modeled by hands and removed without any special problems with water.
  • Clay is dense, heavy, so you will feel the ease only after removing it from your face.
  • Options with activated carbon are the most effective, but they strongly skin, quickly set, and sometimes are removed with problems, because they very tightly cling to the skin. However, all the discomfort is more than paid off by their effectiveness.

skin benefit

What is the popularity of Black Mask

The effectiveness of a black mask will be visible only in the case of its correct application. If the composition with activated carbon is applied by the owner of dry skin, the feeling of tightness will turn into pain, the film will be more than problematic. At the same time, the thinned and sensitive skin is most likely injured. Or, without testing the composition of allergens, after applying rashes on the face, there is no point in complaining about the manufacturer.

Important! Remember that the effectiveness of this kind of drugs depends on compliance with tips on their use.

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Black Mask from black spots and acne "works" like this:

  • activates metabolic processes, affecting cell metabolism;
  • absorbs harmful toxins and slags, giving the cells useful minerals and vitamins;
  • cares for oily and problem skin;
  • significantly reduces the number of rashes, acne, pimples;
  • soothes inflamed foci;
  • improves turgor and complexion;
  • improves the appearance and quality of oily skin, eliminates the brilliance with which it is often covered;
  • draws dark points;
  • eliminates puffiness;
  • gives a feeling of lightness, freshness and purity.

Important! Note that there are very few worthy alternatives for skin cleansing. Even the majority of deep-cleaning pores scrubs do not participate in cellular metabolism and do not stretch toxins and slags.

If you are inspired, and want to try the tool, then you have only two ways: buy a Black Mask in the store, or learn how to make a black mask at home.


Purchased variations "Black mask"

Black mask from the black spots on the face is sold in any cosmetic store, and often called. These may be the following drugs:

  • Pilaten Hydra is the manufacturer of the Missha Group (South Korea), and the cost of the product is about 120 rubles for a 5 g sachet.

Pilaten hydra

  • Black Mask Purifying Peel-created for cleansing the face, produced by Shills (China), the price of 50 mg is about 200 rubles.

Black Mask Purifying Peel

  • Black Mask is manufactured by Boscia Luminizing (USA), and it costs more than 1000 rubles per 80 mg.


And this is only the most popular means for the face, but in search of a better option you should not dwell solely on its name. Many companies produce something similar at a budget cost.

How to apply Black Mask

Instructions for use of the Black face mask are on each package, but there are uniform recommendations for all types of covers.

  • Do not scrub the face before the procedure, but simply remove the makeup.
  • Try the effect on the crook of the elbow, or on the arm, but avoid areas with hair. If there is no allergy, you can start applying to the face.
  • Apply Black Mask on the face with a thick layer, bypassing the areas around the eyes and lips.
  • It is possible to apply the agent only on the T-zone, like other cleaning masks.

nose and t-zone

  • Wait about 10-15 minutes, and take off. If this is a recipe from black coal, then it will be removed with a thick film, and the remnants are removed with warm water, and if from clay, it is simply washed off.


Tips for homemade black masks

In order for a black mask to successfully fight against black dots, it is necessary to approach its preparation with great responsibility.

  • Indications for use: oily skin with problem areas, acne, rashes, inflamed lesions, irritation.
  • Contraindications: dry skin with possible flaking, constricted pores.
  • Checking the prepared mixture for allergens is carried out by applying the composition to the elbow bend, and checking the reaction 30 minutes after removal.

before and after application

  • Before applying, you can steam the face by holding it over the herbal bath to maximize the opening of the pores.
  • Using scrubs before applying, you risk injury to the skin.
  • Sometimes the film strongly adheres to the skin, and it is difficult to remove it. In this case, slightly moisten the surface, and then, gently taking the edges, remove.
  • After removal, it is better to apply a moisturizer and try not to go outside for an hour or two.
  • You can use it once a week for prophylaxis, and 2 times a week if the face has many problem areas.

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The best recipes for black masks at home

Means, prepared at home by all the rules, almost no different from shopping counterparts. Your attention the best recipes of black masks for your beauty.

homemade options

Clay recipes

  • Classic. Mix the powdered clay with water until the slurry, which fits tightly on the face, and does not drain.
  • With vinegar. 2 table. l dark clay + 2 ch.lozh. apple cider vinegar + a couple of droplets of tea tree oil.
  • Mint 2 table. l clay + the same milled leaves of mint + lemon juice are mixed to gruel.
  • With aloe and honey. Clay 2 table. l + apple sauce 2 tsp + aloe juice 2 table. l + liquid honey 2 table. l

from clay

Mud Recipes

  • Classic. A pair of spoons of mud powder + warm water.
  • Sea buckthorn. 2 tsp. cosmetic mud + 2 tsp. chopped pharmaceutical chamomile + 2 tsp. Sea buckthorn oil.
  • Dairy. Couple table. spoons of powder + warm milk mix to the desired condition.

result of application

Activated carbon options

  • Classic. Mix crushed 3 tablets of coal in warm water to slurry.
  • Black mask with gelatin. 4 tablets of coal grind + 4 tsp. powder gelatin + 2 table. l milk at room temperature. Leave on for 5-10 minutes alone to keep the components connected.

with gelatin

  • With clay. 3 tablets of activated carbon + 3 tsp. clay + 3 tbsp. l lukewarm milk + 3 tsp. gelatin. Leave for 15 minutes.

with coal

Black Mask Reviews

Some reviews of the use of a coal mask look like a miracle, while others smash the advertised novelty to smithereens.

  • Svetlana: I wanted to try the sensational miracle from the Internet, I bought Pilaten Hydra bags. I note that it feels like depilation of the face, hair pulled out with hellish pain. The skin has become cleaner, and the pores have narrowed considerably. Only now I try to do it less often, as it hurts.


  • Inna: I prepared a little mask with gelatin at home. Products for cooking penny, and prepare it is not difficult. The main thing is to recreate exactly the right consistency. Honestly, I was pleased. For comparison, I bought the Black Mask Purifying Peel, but I liked the jelly more.


  • Olga: I don’t know how people use this coal composition twice a week, it hurts a lot. I had columns of dark spots of 2-3 on the entire film, but her hair was littered with all.

Black Mask helps get rid of black acne by cleansing clogged pores. Perfect skin with a coal mask: myth or reality? What do you think? Write in the comments.

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