Biowave eyelashes

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Eyelash biowave is a safe salon procedure that allows making eyelashes visually longer, more voluminous, giving them a beautiful shape. This is every girl's dream, because not everyone by nature got puffy, fascinating eyelashes. Now you can put away curling irons and lengthening mascaras. After all, this procedure is able to give your eyes a beautiful frame with an elegant bend.

The essence of the method of biowave eyelashes

If you could not resist looking at the photo of the eyes on the Internet before and after biowave or were inspired by the experience of the girlfriend who made the biowave, it will not hurt you to know how the procedure happens. Girls with a particularly developed imagination can imagine this procedure as something incredible, in fact, everything is very simple.

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Having decided on a beauty salon and a master, you will come to the procedure. Then the wizard will step by step perform the following manipulations:

  1. You will be placed on a couch in a prone position and asked to close your eyes.
  2. For ever place special lining, moisturizing the skin and holding the lower cilia.
  3. On the upper cilia will apply a special tool that defat them and remove the remnants of mascara.
  4. A special sticky roller will be glued on the upper eyelid. Step by step, with the help of special tweezers, the master will gently glue your eyelashes to the roller, thereby giving them a future curl.
  5. Now a special curl is applied to the curl. It will last for about 10 minutes, then it will be wiped out and another gel will be applied. The scheme of applying the second gel is the same, the exposure time is also 10 minutes.
  6. Then the master will gently move the cilia away from the roller and wipe off the remaining gel.
  7. Rollers and linings are removed from the eyelids. The result of curling is fixed with a cold stream of air.
  8. Cilia processed nutrient based on natural oils and vitamins.

curling process

After a biowave, the eyelashes may lighten a little, semi-permanent mascara will come to the rescue. Its application will provide the lashes with a deep black color.

Service availability

Eyelash biowave is a relatively affordable procedure. Of course, its cost will be higher than the price of metal curling tongs and a tube of expensive mascara. But thanks to her, you can save a huge amount of time, forgetting about the morning makeup of eyelashes. And your friends will definitely appreciate the result. What to say about male coworkers. No one has yet been able to resist the flirty puffy cilia.

The price of the procedure may vary depending on the qualifications of the master and the level of the beauty salon. The average cost of biowave is 1300 r.


before and after the session

Biowave eyelashes has virtually no contraindications. It can be done even for pregnant girls and allergies, the materials do not cause allergic reactions. There are few contraindications to the procedure, but still they are:

  1. Frequent discharge of tears. If you have increased tearing, it will be inconvenient to carry out this perm. The tear will constantly flush the curling agent, and the result will be practically zero.
  2. Increased eye sensitivity. This is a rare case when the procedure can deliver discomfort.
  3. Individual intolerance. Although all components are safe, tested, and licensed for use in the eye area, some girls may have an individual intolerance to a component.

Effect on the state of the eyelashes

Biowave is considered a harmless procedure. The composition of the curl means includes natural ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions, as stated in the instructions. This allows you to conduct a perm session for many years. However, the interval between procedures should be at least 2 months. This is due to the renewal of cilia, it occurs completely in 90 days.

The procedure does not cause pain or any discomfort. Therefore, you can relax and wait for the result. After curling, you can immediately paint the eyelashes with mascara and wear contact lenses.

long cilia

Unlike perm eyelashes, biowave does not spoil eyelashes. You will not get sticking in different directions beams or burned ends, as often say reviews of girls who have done chemistry. A biowave is only 200-300 rubles more expensive than a chemical one, but it is safe and the result will not upset you.

Permanent biowave eyelashes at home

You are unlikely to succeed in carrying out this procedure yourself. Even having experience with curling materials, you will simply be uncomfortable doing a biowave on your eyelashes. However, if you wish to do this cosmetic procedure in a comfortable home environment and save a little money, you can negotiate with the master about home visits. Many cosmetologists practice this method of work, trying to please their clients.

perfect make up

You can also buy a set for biowave eyelashes, which will include a variety of materials, including semi-permanent mascara. These kits are available in many online stores. It is especially beneficial to purchase them for girls who often use this service. One such set on average costs 3 thousand rubles. It often includes several sets of overlays of different sizes, gels, glue and lotions. Materials for biowave eyelashes from the set are designed for several sessions perm. Having bought a set for biowave eyelashes and having passed special courses on training in this method, you will be able to carry out this procedure with your own hands to your friends and colleagues.

Video: conducting a biowave eyelashes procedure

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