Biopolymer gel risks and efficacy

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Biopolymer gel for injection contour plastic lips used for a long time. The use of gels (fillers) as fillers is much easier and cheaper to perform a surgical operation. Therefore, the overwhelming number of patients resorted to this variant of lip augmentation.

An important condition for the use of the filler is its biocompatibility with living tissues of the body. The most optimal for these qualities are injections of collagen or hyaluronic acid. They are natural fillers and perfectly “embedded” in the structure of the subcutaneous layer. However, the effect of the use of natural gel is short-lived due to its natural self-destruction. As a rule, the visible result lasts no more than six months.

Synthetic biopolymer gels

Modern cosmetology for the correction of lips offers biopolymer gels of synthetic nature. In the case of their application, the desired result is maintained significantly longer than when using natural formulations. Among the most popular synthetic polymers emit:

  • L-lactic acid polymer;
  • bio alkamide;
  • polymethyl methacrylate.

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L-lactic acid polymer is a by-product of anaerobic glucose metabolism, which is also non-toxic. Most often it is used to fill in facial contouring of the face (its “melting”) or to eliminate deep wrinkles. The effect of the use of this filler lasts up to two years.

Bio-alkamide (polyacrylamide) is a monomer with an inert nature with a long decomposition period. According to cosmetologists using this filler, it is non-toxic and safe for humans due to the ability of the drug to be encapsulated under the influence of natural collagen. This property prevents the gel from moving beyond the injection zone.

Polymethylmethacrylate is a synthetic polymer that is chemically inert, which is considered to be a non-toxic, bio-decomposable substance. As a filler, this polymer is widely known and is successfully used as an alternative to surgical facelift.

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New biopolymer drugs on the market for injection contour plastics appear almost annually. However, the safety and effectiveness of their use will depend on a number of conditions:

  • biocompatibility with human tissues;
  • lack of allergic and immune rejection;
  • the impossibility of penetration into other skin structures, except for the injection zone;
  • non-toxic effects.

Scheme for lip augmentation procedure

Immediately you need to make a reservation that you don’t really need to have lip augmentation procedures with your own hands at home, as you can cause irreparable harm to your health. There is a real chance for yourself to simply disfigure lips or distort common facial features. The procedure for performing the procedure for each patient is individual. That is why it is recommended to apply to reputable cosmetic clinics, where experienced specialists will select a suitable biopolymer gel on the lips, taking into account individual peculiarities, determine the dosage and outline of the contour.

Instructions for the procedure of injection contour of the lips involves the gradual implementation of simple actions:

  1. Sponges are treated with a disinfectant.
  2. Local anesthesia is done.
  3. A microscopic needle along the contour of the lips is incrementally made to inject the filler into the subcutaneous layer. Depending on the desired result, the injections are made subcutaneously, intramuscularly or under the mucous membrane.
  4. The injection area is massaged to evenly distribute the filler under the skin.

The whole procedure lasts from about 0.5 to 1.5 hours.

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Before and after the correction of the contours of the lips do not forget about the following rules:

  • on the day of the procedure, minimize articulation (let the muscles settle down);
  • do not sunbathe or overheat your body for a day;
  • do not injure the treated area, do not smear with unclear cosmetics;
  • sleep on your stomach the first night after the procedure.

Redness and traces of injections will disappear the next day. However, the final result will be visible only after a month, when the connective tissue will cover the blotches of the gel. The effect is guaranteed by cosmetologists for five years.

Lip augmentation with biopolymer gel risks

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Lip augmentation with a biopolymer gel carries with it some risks that cannot always be calculated immediately. After entering the gels of synthetic origin, the consequences can appear both immediately after the procedure, and after a few years. Incorrectly introduced biopolymer gel in the lips can provoke skin deformities in the form of hardenings (fibroid formations), flow of the filler into other structures of the subcutaneous fat, inflammations and other troubles. As a result - the deformation of the contours of the lips or the general distortion of facial features. This is eloquently indicated by numerous reviews of former fans of this method. Victims of a biopolymer gel warn their followers against ill-conceived steps in pursuit of changeable fashion and cheapness.

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Moreover, according to cosmetologists, removal of a biopolymer gel is possible, only this will not do without serious surgical intervention and the price of the issue will be much higher.

Video: removing biopolymer gel from lips

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