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Do you want your face to be fresh and young and your skin firm and taut? Then you need to pay attention to the procedure for VIP-class Biozheni. This cosmetology technique is popular all over the world. It is painless and highly effective. Having come to the beauty parlor, you will receive an instant skin lift that will last about a week. How a session is conducted, what is its cost and whether it is possible for everyone to conduct it, more on that later.

About the Bioshen procedure

Skin cells need constant nutrition, hydration and timely removal of waste products. If this does not happen, the cells age. The name of the method in French means "the genius of biology." The Biosheni apparatus, on which the procedure is carried out, was developed by a French company of the same name. During the session, cosmetics are used in the same laboratory.

Indications for Biogenie Visage

Bio-life is not just an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the face, it is also a treatment. Indications are:

  • Decrease in a tone and elasticity of a derma.
  • The appearance of wrinkles.
  • Bold shine, post acne and acne.
  • Dryness, peeling and feeling of tight skin.
  • Sensitivity of the skin and a tendency to allergic reactions.
  • Pigmentation and vascular mesh.

biogenie apparatus

A session can be carried out as a prophylaxis of the above problems. Due to the instant lifting effect, the method can be used to quickly improve the appearance of the face before an important event or “appearance”.

How is Biogenie done

The Biogenie Visage procedure is carried out in stages as follows:

  1. The beautician removes makeup residues from your face and diagnoses imperfections.
  2. An oily solution is applied to the treated area, and a cosmetic product Detoxicant is applied to the sponges of the device.
  3. Conducted hardware based on the effects of current, resulting in toxins will be removed from the epidermis.
  4. A special complex of Biogenie products is applied, thanks to which the epidermis is saturated with nutrients.
  5. Plasticizing biomask with lifting effect is applied.
  6. A lymphatic drainage manual massage is performed, a cream is applied according to the client's skin type.

After the session Biogenie Visage, the beautician will give you recommendations for skin care with your own hands at home. Follow these instructions on your own and your skin will remain healthy and beautiful.

What results for skin can be achieved?

cosmetology machine

The Biogeni procedure is a combination of cellular electro-aesthetics, manual massage techniques and the use of cosmetics from the Biogenie laboratory. Biogenie Visage will help you get rid of many problems of your skin:

  • deep cleansing of cells;
  • reduction of swelling and dark circles under the eyes;
  • elimination of redness and pigmentation reduction;
  • getting rid of comedones (black dots);
  • narrowing of pores;
  • skin disinfection;
  • cell saturation with nutrients;
  • face lifting: tightening small wrinkles and reducing large ones, improving facial contours.

procedure procedure

Bioburns on other parts of the body

The essence of the Biosheni Vizazh procedure is the same, it is carried out on the same apparatus, but it has different fields of application. The Biobeni technique can be used on the chest, neck and hair:

  • "Biogenie Breast" returns the elasticity of the breast, corrects the shape, improves the nutrition of tissues.
  • "Biogenie Hair" will help get rid of seborrhea, dandruff, hair loss and split ends.
  • "Biogenie Neck" cleanses the skin, smoothes wrinkles, restores elasticity.

Sensations during the session

The Biosheni apparatus acts on the dermis by currents that are identical in energy to that of human cells. During the procedure, nutrients penetrate the epidermis in a natural way. When exposed to the device, the integrity of the skin is not broken, so you can not worry, you will not experience discomfort during the session. Perhaps only a slight tingling sensation, but in general, the procedure can be called pleasant and relaxing. After the apparatus exposure, the beautician performs a light lymphatic drainage massage, applies the cream to the client's treated area. This procedure contributes to the development of the hormone joy-endorphin.

Contraindications to bio-longevity

face care session

Like any other procedure related to exposure to current, Biosheni has contraindications:

  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • oncological diseases;
  • individual intolerance to the effects of current;
  • recently suffered a stroke;
  • epilepsy.

Course fee

The Biobeni Vizazh procedure can be carried out one-time to improve the complexion, correct the deficiencies and saturate the skin with nutrients. For long-term effect, the course may consist of 4-5 sessions, which are held once a week. Approximate price of one session is 3500 rubles, you can also buy French lab products for home care. Give yourself joy and relaxation, and your skin health, velvety and youthful.

Video: Biogenie Visage procedure

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