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Belvedere lip balm is one of the top cosmetics products of the same name company that has been successfully producing cosmetics for over 20 years. The manufacturer pays special attention to lip care, because this part of the face needs careful care and high-quality cosmetics. Belweder Lip Balm is characterized by users and beauticians as a budget tool with excellent characteristics. Is it really, let's look at this material.

Features of Belweder Balm

Any decorative cosmetics has its own characteristics. Belvedere was no exception.

  • This cosmetic is developed on the basis of components of natural origin, which determines its high level of safety in the process of application.
  • The drug is developed with the addition of plant esters, such plants as: rose, orange, aloe and base oils.
  • It will save delicate skin from cracks, wounds, peeling and feeling dry.

feeling wet lips

In what forms and packaging produced balsam

Popular care product has a variety of release forms and original packaging.

  • Classic sticks with original packaging with a lever. It is convenient and allows you to easily carry the tool in a bag or pocket, without fear that it will open and wear outfit.
  • Bank-puck. All negative reviews are associated with this form of packaging. It is inconvenient to apply the gel, but the bright colors of the container immediately attract attention on the counter.
  • Liquid cosmetics. Packed in a plastic tube, and it is offered to be applied with a sponge like glitter.
  • Jelly. This drug deserves a separate applause. No other company has such a package yet. Packaging looks like a small bottle of foundation, equipped with a pump dispenser. Contents are squeezed out by pressing the bottle cap.

liquid and jelly

Overview of balms from the company Belvedere

The manufacturer insists that its funds are not perceived only as decorative cosmetics, but as drugs for health and beauty.

  • Remedy with rose oil. Developed for the purpose of careful care and prevention of the appearance of signs of aging skin. Recommended for use by women whose age has passed the 30-year milestone to restore the elasticity of sponges and combat dryness. In its composition you will see oils of rose and jojoba, palm and cottonseed oils, aloe extract. The release form is the most convenient - lipstick with a twisting mechanism.

Apply this cosmetic can be 10 minutes before applying makeup for lip care, and at the first manifestations of tightness and dryness of the mouth during the day. The texture of the lipstick is very delicate, and the average density allows the stick to retain its original form throughout the entire life cycle. You will enjoy a pleasant natural aroma of rose oils, and the skin after application will acquire a slightly pinkish tint.

with rose oil

  • Moisturizing with aloe extract. It is liquid in consistency, therefore it is produced in a transparent tube with a volume of 7 ml, equipped with an applicator. Do not be confused by the transparent liquid, because it turns out to be thick, so it is economically and evenly placed on the lips. The tool does not spread, and does not give the feeling of sticky mouth. After application the effect of the moistened gloss is created. The aroma of the product is pleasant, but not intrusive.

Despite the liquid form, the gloss does not wear off throughout the day. Hygienic shine quickly moisturizes the skin, because of this, it instantly softens, and small cracks or sores heal quickly and without problems. The versatility lies in the fact that it can be used both with lipstick and as an independent coating.


  • With orange oil and vitamin C. The list of active ingredients: orange, almond, cottonseed and palm oils, which are responsible for high-quality hydration; natural waxes, vitamins C and E; jojoba oil. Because of the light and pleasant texture on the skin does not create the effect of stretched film.

The product perfectly copes with the task of moisturizing and nourishing, keeps on the skin for a long time. The drug effectively fights with a variety of peeling and gives the skin an incredible softness. The product can be used at any time of the year, but your sponges will require fatter care for winter frosts.

with orange

  • Belweder in the form of a ball animating color. The product differs from all analogues by an unusual design; it is placed in a ball, which, when opened in two halves, exposes the hemisphere itself with glitter. Because of its rather dense consistency, it is applied to the skin in a thin layer with a single movement.

hemisphere with balsam

The peculiarity of this cosmetic product is that after applying the lips they get a beautiful pink color, and the paler their natural tone, the richer the shade of the coating will be. Finishing notes shine unobtrusive, they give the effect of moist mouth. This product has a sun protection factor of 10.

reviving color

  • Papaya Belvedere The release form is a round jar about 5 centimeters in diameter, and weighing 6 grams. The purpose of the preparation is gentle and gentle care for dry, skin prone to cracks in the lips. The manufacturer guarantees that with regular use, the balm will effectively moisturize the sponges for as long as 8 hours, instantly kill the feeling of dryness, speed up the regeneration of the integument and protect them from aggressive manifestations and environmental influences.

Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, papaya seeds, sweet orange bones and avocado pulp. The consistency of the product is solid, and it looks bright yellow.


  • Balsam in the form of a jelly multivitamin. It is sold in a bottle with a dispenser, and is provided with a finger. It contains vitamins A, E, F, anti-inflammatory alpha-bisabolol, aloe extract. It looks like a translucent jelly with a greenish-yellow tinge and the smell of tropical fruits.

Jelly is easily and easily applied to the surface. As a result, softening and moisturizing lips, their protection from the environment. The manufacturer advises you to use the balm several times a day as needed, covering the skin with a thin layer.

in the form of jelly

  • Flourishing Belweder with phytosterols. This preparation contains special phytosterols. These are substances belonging to the group of steroid alcohols, which are responsible for accelerating the regeneration of tissues, their healing and protection from sunlight. The shape of this drug looks like a column of hygienic lipstick green in a tube with a twisting mechanism without a cap. For the safety of the stick meets a special protective plate.

In make-up looks glitter with a pink shade. Of the minuses, only that if your lips are of a naturally saturated color, then the applied pink will not completely cover the natural tone. As a result, the color mix will not please you.

blooming with phytosterols

Interesting! In a tube with an applicator, you can buy Belvedere cherry, this is an analogue of a burgeoning model, only after applying the covers are painted in a natural, light red shade.


Price balms Belweder

Another significant advantage of this cosmetic product is its price. You can buy it in a pharmacy, online store or cosmetics store. The cost of the product depends on the brand of the pharmacy chain, region or country and the type of balm. On average in Russia for a bottle, you will give from 100 to 200 rubles, while Belweder is similar in quality to Carmex (price 350 rubles), LucasPapaw (650 rubles) and EOS (average price about 400 rubles).

brilliance and beauty

If you still doubt whether it is worth spending, then we will advise you to buy at least one sample. Numerous positive reviews and a natural composition guarantee that you definitely will not experience frustration and discomfort.

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