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In the abundance of cosmetic products it is quite difficult to find a really high-quality product. Probably, every girl bought the advertised shampoo or cream more than once, but without waiting for the miracle effect, you had to send it to the trash can or to the farthest shelf. Today, more and more women praise Belita Belarusian cosmetics, which does not have a wide advertising campaign, and therefore not everyone is known. Let's take a closer look at the products of the brand and, perhaps, find another must-have in the cosmetic bag, maybe it will be Belita masks or lipstick.

We get acquainted with the company Belita Viteks

Modern girls more often prefer promoted cosmetic brands, such as L'Oreal, Garnier, Bourgeois, even though it is not the least cost of their products. It so happened that domestic manufacturers are less credible, and perhaps the matter is really in prestige. Beautiful recognizable tubes of creams and bottles of mascara and ask for a beautician! But alas, the quality of the product often disappoints. Is that a placebo effect will appear and you yourself inspire yourself the positive qualities of a particular cosmetic product. Maybe it's time to change tactics? Why not try something natural and domestic, even if not so well-known ?!

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Two Belarusian companies Belita and Vitex have been working together for more than 25 years. Over the years, the range of products has expanded so much that every woman will be able to find at these manufacturers not only a product to care for her body, but also decorative cosmetics, household chemicals, accessories for makeup and much more. Belita and Vitex are not deprived of attention and men, also in the range there are special tools for teenagers. Let's consider the most top products of the Belarusian manufacturer.

Mask Belita for hair protein

One of the most favorite products of the Belarusian manufacturer among customers is the protein mask for Belita hair. It provides a quick professional restoration of the hair structure after dyeing, chemistry or bleaching of the hair with the effect of "sealing". Like most products for professional use, Belita's protein hair mask has a large volume of 500 ml. The product has a pleasant smell of apple freshness, which for a long time remains on the hair. The dense texture of this tool provides a comfortable application to the hair. The scheme of use is quite simple:

  1. Apply the right amount of protein mask to clean damp hair without touching the roots.
  2. Put the shower cap on your head.
  3. Within 10 minutes with a hair dryer, it is necessary to warm the curls with the means applied on them.
  4. Wash off the composition, and then you can proceed to the usual styling.

Numerous rave reviews confirm the effectiveness of this product. Given its low cost, about 200 rubles, it is impossible not to buy this mask. Your hair will become soft, docile, and the tips will get a healthy, well-groomed appearance. Particularly noticeable effect on tormented stains in light-colored hair. Of the shortcomings, some girls only note the need to wash their hair more often than usual, but for shiny and docile strands this is not a high price.

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Belita face mask Calendula

Another best-selling Belarusian-made mask was Belita for the face with calendula. This product will become a lifesaver for girls with sensitive skin, for whom it is quite difficult to find a mask that does not cause discomfort from the use.

This tool cleanses and reduces pores, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, thereby providing the skin with a matte finish for a long time. Composed "Calendula" You will find red clay and kaolin, which are absorbents that clean pores. Customer feedback mostly confirms the effect stated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Among the shortcomings, only a small amount of parabens and polymers can be noted. The volume of the bottle - 100 ml, cost about 100 rubles, you are not looking for this mask on the store shelves?

Alginante mask Royal Iris

Such a product as alginate mask Belita is recommended by most cosmetologists to their clients for skin care with their own hands at home. Alginate mask Belita or as it is also called plasticizing mask will be an indispensable express procedure before an important event. If you need a quick facelift effect, leveling color and eliminating shine, try this product. The price of a bag of powder is about 150 rubles, some beauties divide this volume into 2 applications. To make your skin glow with health, step by step follow these steps:

  1. Dissolve the powder with warm water to a consistency of thick cream.
  2. Quickly apply the product to the skin of the face until it starts to harden.
  3. After a couple of minutes, you will feel a slight chill from the mask.
  4. For full curing, the product needs about 15 minutes.
  5. Take off "Royal Iris" quite simple to itself, - it is easily removed in one piece.
  6. After using the product, wipe your face with a tonic. You will be surprised how smooth your skin will become, and your pores will narrow right after the 1st application.

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Belita Face Mask Super Smoothing

Another tool for instant results is the Belita face mask with a smoothing effect on the skin. Mask Belita Vitex created in conjunction with the Swiss Pentapharm experts. Application instructions are very simple:

  1. apply the substance to cleansed skin;
  2. wait 20 minutes;
  3. rinse with warm water.

In just 20 minutes of time, you will receive a renewed rested skin and rejuvenating effect. Price less than 100 rubles per 100 ml of funds.

Whitening mask from Belita Vitex

Whitening mask Belita will allow you to solve the problem of age spots on the face. For girls with problematic skin prone to pigmentation, a series of bleaching agents will be a find, which includes a night cream, tonic and a whitening Belita mask.

The whitening effect of the agent is provided by fruit acid, which is 10% of the agent, as well as 1% of salicylic acid. Mask Belita Vitex has a rather liquid consistency, but does not “slip” off the face. In the presence of wounds on the skin, acid can cause tingling. The tool does not tighten the face, although it dries out a little. Of the shortcomings, again parabens, but without them, the manufacturers of cosmetics, alas, rarely manage. The cost is very low, as on all brand products. A tube will cost you about 80 rubles.

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On the official website of Belita Vitex you can familiarize yourself with all the existing products of the company. The pursuit of brands often hits the pocket, but does not bring satisfaction with quality. Let's enjoy shopping and save, because the quality does not always provide a high price, which is confirmed by Belita Vitex cosmetics.

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