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The spring-summer 2015 season has prepared for women of fashion several interesting makeup trends, including arrows on the lower eyelid. If you are used to failing your eyes, you will like this trend in make-up. The eyeliner on the lower eyelid is more demanding not only for the technique of execution, but also for the appearance of the girl who wears it. We will tell you how to draw arrows and what they should be in order for your makeup to become really relevant this year.

What should be the trendy arrows on the lower eyelid

Not every beauty will like this trend. The fact is that makeup artists offer fashionable women non-standard execution of eyeliner of the lower eyelid. If you are used to applying eyeliner along the line of cilia growth, adding volume or turning eyes to them, then for the actual make-up, the arrow on the contrary should be noticeable and attract all the attention in the make-up. This year the bright eyeliner of the lower eyelid with pencil will be fashionable, and the makeup artists advise not to darken, but to boldly use the brightest shades.

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At New York Fashion Week, designer Peter Som decorated his models' faces with bright orange arrows in the middle of the lower eyelid. Such a podium variant will dare to repeat in ordinary life only the most courageous experimenter. But Roberto Cavalli offers fashionable women to hold a wide line with a dark liner below the growth of eyelashes, and leave the upper eyelid clean. This technique is more applicable for ordinary girls, but still remains obliging to the image as a whole.

Who are suitable arrows on the lower eyelid

It is no secret that eyeliner can drastically change the shape of the eyes. This technique is actively used by makeup artists. And if the line on the upper eyelid can visually stretch, widen or narrow the eyes, then the eyeliner of the lower eyelid always narrows them. Therefore, this trend makeup in 2015 can be adopted exclusively for girls with big eyes.

When appropriate eyeliner lower eyelid

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Keep in mind that clear arrows on the eyes, and even more so on the lower eyelid, are demanding of your image. This means that wearing a tracksuit, you will look ridiculous with such makeup. But under a cocktail dress or for a ceremonial evening dress such arrows would be appropriate. Bright unusual arrows on the eyes are suitable for parties and summer looks. But remember that when focusing on the eyes, you need to apply makeup in neutral colors.

How to draw an arrow on the lower eyelid

The arrows on the lower eyelid can be filled with various cosmetics. We will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

  • Shadows. Creating an arrow on the lower eyelid, you can use the baked shadows. They can be applied both dry and wet, after having moistened the applicator with water. This line will look soft and best suited for day makeup.
  • Pencil. This is the most common way to draw lines on the eyes. Pencil is easier to erase if you make a mistake. To do this, you will need a cotton swab and makeup remover without oils. Pencil is great for beginners and first attempts. The harder the pencil, the clearer the line will be. Compared with the shadows, pencil arrows will be more saturated and clear.
  • Liquid eyeliner. The advantage of this method of drawing lines on the eyes is a higher durability than with a pencil. Before you draw the lower eyelid eyeliner, practice with a pencil. Liquid eyeliner requires skill and hardness of the hand. If you get caught in the middle of the line, all makeup will be spoiled.
  • Eyeliner-pen. This tool is also called the liner. The advantage of the pen is simplicity and ease of use. Unlike a liquid eyeliner, you will have less chances for blunders; the saturation of the arrow will be slightly weaker than with liquid eyeliner, but brighter than with a pencil and shadows.
  • Cream liner. The intensity of the shade will be slightly weaker than with a liquid eyeliner, but it is much easier to paint with cream. The texture of the cream allows the brush to easily slide over the skin. Until the tool is dry, you can correct irregularities, this is also undoubtedly a big plus. Externally, the product resembles a jar of cream, the brush goes separately.

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Makeup with focus on lower arrows

The step-by-step instructions described below will help you execute a podium version of a make-up with eyeliner of the lower eyelid. This makeup will be appropriate for a fashionable get-together, it will emphasize the beauty of your eyes, with him attention to your person is guaranteed. The phased scheme is as follows:

  1. Take a bright pencil, the shade of which is harmoniously matched to your appearance. For example, a girl with blue eyes can use the turquoise color of a pencil.
  2. Apply it on the mucous and on the lower ciliary contour. Greater emphasis should be placed on the outer corner of the eye.
  3. The area of ​​the lower cilia gently work with a brush. To do this, you need to take the pigment with a pencil with a brush for eye makeup.
  4. To make-up look more holistically, the line should not have gaps in the skin between the cilia.
  5. Take eye shadows of the same shade. With their help, you must fix the pencil, causing them on top.
  6. Using a flat brush, correct the shape by extending the tip of the arrow.
  7. The final stroke of the mascara on the upper cilia.

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A few secrets of "wearing" the shooter on the lower eyelid

Knowing these nuances, you will not make mistakes in the make-up with arrows:

  • When choosing a black liner, do not apply mascara on the cilia of a different color.
  • Light-skinned brunettes are great plum, purple and emerald shades.
  • Brown-eyed girls are best suited to black lines.
  • Blondes with blue eyes can experiment with color eyeliners; a light gray shade and khaki are best for a casual look.
  • Pay attention to the matte textures of eyeliners and pencils. Such products will make your look deeper. Yes, and matte makeup this year more than ever relevant.
  • To freshen up the image and make the look glow, use pearl pencils.
  • If you draw a line along the ciliary edge, use white kayal for the mucous membrane. He will visually expand the eyes.
  • You can combine the arrow on the lower eyelid with the line on the upper, also in the makeup you can use the shadows. But here it is important not to “overload” the eyes. Makeup artists are advised to draw a line only on the lower eyelid and emphasize a curl of eyelashes with mascara. Then your makeup will be natural and fashionable.

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The eyeliner of the lower eyelid is relevant and fresh. If you want to try something new for yourself in makeup, shooters will give you more freedom to experiment. We have selected for you the best photos of this trend, perhaps you will take some ideas into service.

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