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Such a phenomenon as cellulite few people get round. Although it is not a disease, it can make life harder for girls who crave for a perfect body. Until 1973, no one paid any attention to this phenomenon, and he did not hear about anti-cellulite gels until the owner of one fashionable salon began attracting clients to her, promising to get rid of "thighs". And so began the global fight against cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Speaking in medical terms, irregularities and bumps on the thighs and buttocks are not cellulite at all, but gynoid lipodystrophy. It is with her that anti-cellulite gels are called to fight. But in life this term did not take root. The word "cellulite" is used everywhere, but not quite correctly. In fact, cellulite is a purulent inflammation of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. But so it happened with the terminology.

If you think about the essence of the phenomenon, you can easily understand that no anti-cellulite gel cream will help by itself. After all, cellulite is a violation of trophism in the subcutaneous fatty tissue, violation of the outflow of blood and lymph, resulting in a change in the shape of fat cells, their accumulation in the nodes, separated from each other by dense fibrous tissue. It is these nodes, bumps, irregularities that we mean by the "orange peel".

cellulite on the hips

Causes of Cellulite

The causes of cellulite are simple - unhealthy diet, that is, an excess of fat and carbohydrates in food, a sedentary lifestyle, an insufficient amount of water entering the body, as well as heredity and poor ecology. That is why fat cells begin to behave incorrectly. You can fight with the "orange peel" at home - good nutrition, sports, an adequate daily regimen and some anti-cellulite gel corrector, as an aid.

It is important to understand that the gel from cellulite warms the skin well, enhances the metabolism in it at the local level, accelerates blood flow and contributes to improving skin tone and improving the trophism of fatty tissue. And it is beautiful and it works! But only in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise.

Cellulite Stage

  • The first stage, or predtsellulit– when there are no skin irregularities yet, but we can note the swollen appearance of the skin, its consolidation. This stage itself usually no one notices. But it is here that you can begin to actively rub the anti-cellulite gel into the hips, buttocks and stomach, it will be very effective, as well as think about nutrition and lifestyle.
  • The second stage - the irregularities of the subcutaneous fat are visible only if you collect the skin in a fold by hand. Soreness yet.
  • The third stage - small bumps, bumps, small knots, swelling of the skin - all this is noticeable to the naked eye in any position, bruises on even the skin from minor effects easily appear, there are spider veins. Collapse the skin painfully. Here it is time to seriously engage in complex treatment.
  • The fourth stage - all the irregularities, mounds significantly increased, they are soldered to the skin, dense, there are depressions between them. It is no longer possible to fold the skin. Palpation severe pain. It is clear that no anti-cellulite gel corrector alone will not help. Only diet and sport, nothing new.

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Do anti-cellulite gels need to be applied?

With proper nutrition and exercise, cardiovascular anti-cellulite gel cream can be used and even necessary at any stage of cellulite. After applying the gel cream is useful to make yourself a massage of problem areas. The gel will work fine from the outside, helping to improve skin tone, increasing blood flow and metabolism in the skin and fatty tissue. By the way, it will be most effective to use a gel-body scrub for cleansing step by step, and then a remedy for cellulite.

anti-cellulite gel and scrub

Which gel to choose?

Today, there are a lot of anti-cellulite products on the cosmetics market. The scheme of their actions is about the same, but they differ in some special ingredients.

badyaga + laminariya and optimals bodi

  • Gel "Badyaga plus kelp" from "7 notes of health" contains directly badyagu, there is kelp and red pepper. The reviews on this product are very good, it really warms up the skin, stimulates blood circulation, after the course of the girl’s application, she notes a smoothing of the skin, an increase in its tone. The advantages of “Badyaga plus kelp” also include the price, about 150 rubles, the natural composition, the ability to buy at any pharmacy. And to the downsides - the need to wash off after 30-40 minutes and a burning sensation. So after all, red pepper, and how else?
  • Another option is an anti-cellulite slimming gel corrector from Oriflame. The composition, as stated in the manual, includes soy isoflavones, blue-green algae extract, caffeine. Feedback on this product is contradictory, more negative. Someone did not notice any result at all, someone saw only a slightly improved appearance of the skin, but someone was very pleased with the result. The customers of the gel are dissatisfied with the oriflame of the high price and the small volume, and some do not like the smell of the gel.
  • There are also two budget options from domestic manufacturers - Pure Line and Black Pearl. Marks of this cosmetics are known, perhaps, for everyone. Among other things, they produce and tools to combat cellulite. The firm Clean Line offers not only a gel against cellulite, but also a cream for modeling a silhouette and a body scrub gel. The manufacturer recommends using the entire line in a complex, step by step manner. The girls who have tried a series of means express different opinions about them. Many people do not like the stickiness and unpleasant consistency of the cream. On the other hand, it does not need to be washed off, it is convenient. Few people got the expected effect of the anti-cellulite gel, and not everyone felt the warming effect. Of the benefits noted, of course, the price is about 150 rubles per tube.
  • Anti-cellulite gel cream from the company Black Pearl also has good reviews associated with a rather pronounced smoothing, softening of the skin. Also, customers note a pleasant smell and texture, low price. However, there are opinions that the pull-up effect is not the same as we would like, and in general, the promises made by the company are not fulfilled.

pure line and black pearl

Whatever product for the fight against cellulite you choose, it will have a large or small positive effect on the skin - helps to smooth, make it softer and more elastic. If the product contains peppers, it is very helpful in improving blood circulation and deeper effects on adipose tissue. But not a single miracle cream is able to overcome cellulite on the vine. Only these means, sport and proper nutrition will help you to achieve the perfect body without cellulite!

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