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Young makeup - what can he do? You can look young and fresh without plastic surgery. No, in particularly neglected cases, one cannot do without them, but in the meantime, appearance allows, it is better to wait with them. Hide a few years can be more gentle ways, making the right anti-aging makeup.

What gives rejuvenating makeup?

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The essence of the rejuvenating make-up lies solely in the visual effect. With well-chosen shades of cosmetics, with which the disadvantages are masked and the merits are emphasized, a woman can be transformed beyond recognition. Unfortunately, many ladies do everything exactly the opposite: they not only do not diminish with ineptly applied cosmetics, but also add extra years to themselves. Therefore, every girl after a certain age needs to know how anti-aging makeup is done at home.

What is old and what is young?

Before you begin the practical part of the anti-age make-up, you need to figure out what age gives and how to neutralize the influence of these factors with the help of decorative cosmetics. To begin with, the skin of the face should be well-groomed, regardless of the past years. If she is engaged occasionally, she has a very tired and old look, then no anti-aging makeup will not help her. Therefore, the face should be monitored daily, and especially carefully after 30 years. The treatment should include peeling, cream with vitamin A and E, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, whitening elements.

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Female age is often given exactly the eyes. Swelling, swelling, hanging eyelids, black circles, wrinkles of all possible depths and sizes are signs of years that you want to hide. You can disguise them with cosmetics, but, first of all, you need to get enough sleep, eat right, move and reconsider your posture for sleep - often the swelling appears precisely from the wrong position during sleep. For the rest, anti-aging makeup can hide the influence of years on your eyes.


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They are also a factor of age. Over the years, they lose their pomp, juiciness, natural luster, turning into a thin, with lowered corners, strip. For some, these changes occur asymmetrically: one lip retracts inward, the other against its background seems too large. In some cases, it is impossible to do without injections and fillers, but a young makeup with its own hands can also conceal some influence of time.

How to make anti-age makeup step by step?

Highlight what you absolutely can not do - instruction:

  • Use black eyeliner, black mascara with volume effect.
  • Use matte shadows, shadows of dark shades.
  • Make eyebrows too thin, thinking they are young.
  • To do a wide tattoo on the eyebrows, which is also not young.
  • Use rich, textured lipstick in bright and dark colors.
  • Overlay bright blush.
  • Use dense concealers and concealers of dark or too light tones.
  • Circle lips with a bright red or dark outline.
  • Draw black arrows on lower eyelids.
  • Use the techniques of youth make-up.

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Young makeup: secrets and execution scheme

  1. Cleanse the face with peeling, moisturize and apply a nourishing cream. Impose a base under makeup with reflective particles. This tool will hide wrinkles, pores, tighten the skin, oval and even out the complexion.
  2. The next stage is the tonal basis. It should be a natural color. Apply with a sponge or wide brush, spreading it evenly over the entire face. At the same time, on the central part of the face, the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks impose a darker tone, and on the cheekbones - lighter. Carefully shade everything, grabbing the skin near the ears and on the neck.
  3. There is another secret how to make your own makeup that is young. All cream, powder, tones and base should be applied along the ascending massage lines to reduce the effect of gravity.
  4. Makeup artists recommend for age make-up to use loose mineral powder with reflective pigments. It perfectly masks all the flaws, cares for the skin, gives the face a radiance of youth and pomp that disappear with age. Powder is applied to all areas, including under the eyes.
  5. To remove nasolabial folds, use the corrector of the brightest tone. Walk them right through the folds and these creases will become almost invisible.
  6. If you have unkempt eyebrows, then no anti-aging makeup will not save you. They must be neat and have a certain shape. Underline brow line better shadows than a pencil. In this case, the shadows are not applied on the base of the eyebrows, so as not to give the face a sullen look, but begin to paint from their center.
  7. Pay special attention to blush. They should be present, but the tone is better to choose a calm, neutral. Peach or light pink color can be used if you are doing makeup that is young. Blush is applied on the apple of the cheeks and then shaded.
  8. Instead of a black eyeliner, use a pencil or a shade of brown, green, tea-colored. To draw along the line of the growth of eyelashes, and to slightly uplift the outer edge of the arrow upwards - this will visually lift the eyelids and eyes.
  9. Shadows use soft, calm tones, the color of the eyes: light brown, gray, peach, golden. They should not be pearl or too dull, it is better to choose with a soft glow, which will give your eyes a glow effect. Shadows are applied to the upper eyelid with mandatory shading, up to the outer edge of the eye.
  10. Rejuvenated look mascara dark brown with the effect of lengthening and curling eyelashes. This will make the eyes bigger, and the gaze open and shining. Voluminous mascaras, especially false eyelashes, will make the overall image heavier, which will add extra years.
  11. Lips underline in pencil. In this case, it is better to take a natural tone that matches the color of the lips. If it is darker, it will definitely reveal all the flaws of this part of the face. The contour of the lips circle a pencil, then cover with lipstick or gloss. The color, again, is chosen individually, but it is better to avoid bright colors and dense textures. Instead, apply peach, pink, light brown gloss with a moisturizing effect.

Important details

The main rule and the secret of age makeup is the lack of clear lines and borders. After all, they give the age and defects, so they should be avoided. For the same reason, do not apply dark shades of lipstick, eye shadow and rouge.

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So we figured out which makeup is young, and which make-up is old. It is not difficult to make an age make-up, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations step by step and the result will certainly surprise and delight you. Do not forget about other aspects of the image: if you do anti-age makeup, but leave your hair and hands unattended, you will not get a rejuvenating effect. Everything should be harmonious, so take care of the appropriate manicure and hairstyle.

Video: master class on creating a rejuvenating makeup

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