Angel lips for lipperomones for fluffy mouths

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If you have not heard about Angel Lips for lips, it is possible that after reading this article, you will also want to get this tool. The feedback from women who have experienced it on their own lips is extremely positive. Let's understand what is so in Angel Lips cream, that from him in wild delight, without exception. Or maybe not so good?

What kind of cream Angel Lips lip?

Angel Lips- lip augmentation cream is not new, they are known all over the world, but to us it "reached" recently. This tool is designed to increase the volume of the lips, enriching the skin with natural oils, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. But that is not all. "Chip" means that distinguishes it from the usual nourishing creams in that in its composition Angel Lips cream contains pheromones. Due to their presence in the composition of the product, the production of its own pheromones is launched in the body after several applications. As a result, your sponges should become considerably plumper and over time you will be able to stop using Angellips, since the need for this will disappear.

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What is the part of Angel Lips?

To figure out how to "works" cream with pheromones Angel Lips, is to learn about its composition. Components of the product are:

  • Coconut oil. It contains lauric acid, which has an antibacterial effect, hyaluronic acid, which perfectly moisturizes the skin, as well as triglecerides, which promote the penetration of the above-mentioned acids into the dermis.
  • Adipofillin. This active substance improves the contour of the lips, smoothes wrinkles, tightens the skin and makes it more dense. Adipofillin is often included in anti-aging remedies.
  • Vitamin E. It inhibits the aging process and accelerates the process of skin regeneration. Another useful feature is the improvement of blood circulation, thereby increasing the volume of the mouth.
  • Arginine. This amino acid enhances the protective ability of the skin integument.
  • Hot pepper extract. Due to this component, immediately after applying Angel Lips for lips, you will see a noticeable increase in their volume. Red pepper acts as an irritant, increasing the flow of blood to the lips. This component is often used in the manufacture of special cosmetics "vocation" which - lip augmentation for a short time.
  • Setsfil. This is the one "secret ingredient"which activates the production of the body's own pheromones. Surprisingly, the women's reviews about Angel Lips really confirm the fact of increasing attention from men during the use of the tool.
  • D-panthenol. This component effectively moisturizes the dermis, promotes healing of microcracks on it, and also protects the sponges from ultraviolet rays.
  • Beeswax. By forming a thin barrier through the lips, this component protects them from the harmful effects of external factors, nourishes the skin and prevents moisture from leaving it.

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Summing up, the conclusion suggests itself involuntarily: Angel Lips lip cream with pheromones is really capable of making the sponge more luxurious due to the presence of red pepper extract in it, because we all know that this is how the plumpers work. But will the effect be long, as the manufacturer promises? Alarming is the fact that the existence of a substance "setsfila" not aware of the all-knowing Google, or even Yandex. But to provide the lips with high-quality moisturizing and protection from negative factors, the components of the composition may well

How to use Angel Lips?

Angel Lips lip cream is very simple to use. Instructions for use the following:

  1. Apply the product to the mouth with fingertips, spread it over their surface.
  2. You will feel a slight burning sensation; this red pepper extract has worked. Lip volume increase occurs almost immediately due to improved blood circulation.
  3. Angel Lips cream is absorbed almost instantly, without weighing down the mouth.
  4. If you have applied too much, remove the excess with a dry cloth.
  5. Angel Lips pheromone cream should be applied twice a day for 2 weeks.
  6. After this period, the manufacturer assures that it will be enough to use Angellips only once a day.

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Contraindications to the use of Angel Lips

Angel Lips cream for lip augmentation as such has no contraindications. The only thing is the individual intolerance of the components in its composition, in particular beeswax. If you have experienced an allergic reaction to any ingredient of the product, or if you are worried about unknown components in the composition, it is better to refuse to use it.

What do the experts think?

Many women Angel Lips for lips recommended by beauticians. If you consider all existing methods aimed at increasing the volume of lips, Angel Lips lip cream with pheromones is the most harmless and affordable. For comparison, the cost of a tattoo with an increase is at least 5 thousand rubles, the price of hyaluronx injections is on average about 15 thousand, while you can buy Angel Lips cream for about 1500 rubles.

Angel Lips for lipperomones for fluffy mouths

In addition, psychologists have advised some women to try Angel Lips cream for lips in action. Experts do not focus on the aesthetic result of the tool, but on increasing the woman’s confidence in herself and her attractiveness. But here the great power of self-suggestion works, and as you know, placebo is effective in treating even serious diseases, is it worth talking about low self-esteem.

Customer Reviews of Angel Lips

What causes mistrust most of all is that the feedback on Angel Lips is everywhere and only positive. Women say that with daily use after a week you can notice an increase in lips in volume by 20%. Why then beauty shots and lip augmentation machines are still so in demand? After all, it is much easier to spread sponge cream! Many people know that to promote products, manufacturers publish custom articles and reviews on the forums. To try or not, of course, you decide. What if miracles do happen and they are in a white tube with a red inscription "Angellips"?!

If you have tried Angel Lips cream and want to share your opinion about this product with our readers, leave your feedback in the article.

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