White manicure

bright white marigolds
There are many ideas on how to create a white manicure. Each of them will find their fans and purpose. We will tell you what a manicure with white lacquer can be, and step-by-step schemes will help you to repeat these ideas with your own hands.

What is the white manicure

glitter design
White nail polish is one of the most popular shades. Of course, using it as a single-color coating is not the most advantageous option. White varnish can behave very capriciously, and the result will be boring. But rarely nail design goes without this color. Using white nail polish, you can create many options:

  • Manicure white french. He made each of us repeatedly. Now the jacket is made in different colors, but the snow-white tip is a timeless classic.
  • White lacquer patterns. Using white color, you can create an unusual manicure simply by adding curls or dots in a chaotic manner to a monochromatic coating. If you have a little skill in painting, this color will allow you to create delicate drawings on the nails with white varnish.
  • White background. Nails with a white varnish - as a canvas for the artist. On this background, you can draw anything using various shades and techniques, stamping or stencils. The result on your hands depends only on your imagination.

striped design
White manicure can be chosen absolutely to any image. Using examples of how to paint your nails with white varnish, you can always look your best.

Bright gradient with white pattern.

The transition of colors and bright shades is an unconditional trend of the last time. Using white nail polish and stencil, you will be able to decorate your hands with a masterpiece, which, it seems, can only be done by a professional craftsman. The instruction is:

  1. Apply a transparent base to your nails.
  2. Create a gradient: take a small piece of sponge and 2 neon coating colors, for example, an orange tint and a lime color from the Bleached Neons line from Maybelline.
  3. Apply to the sponge in the form of a nail plate cover: orange on top, and green below. Print a gradient transition to the nail, wait for drying and repeat the procedure again for a clearer result.
  4. Remove excess varnish around the marigolds and cover them with a colorless top.
  5. Choose a stencil with a geometric pattern and apply with it a white lacquer. If you do not have special stencils, you can make it yourself at home by cutting out the desired pattern on the adhesive tape.
  6. Cover the result with a layer of drying.

bright gradient nail art

Animal print

Black and white manicure with animal print "zebra" will be a godsend for every fashionista. Make it very easy and you can not do without a white background, stemping to create stripes of zebra and black lacquer. Step by step it looks like this:

  1. Apply on the nails white coating in 2 layers.
  2. You can apply a pattern with a thin brush and black lacquer, but to create the perfect print you will need a stamping.
  3. On the plate, apply a black layer, wait 7-10 seconds and apply another 1 layer, then the print will be bright and clear.
  4. Using a scraper, remove the excess from the plate, print the image on the stamp and transfer it onto the nail in one motion.
  5. When the drawing is dry, cover it with gloss.

horizontal zebra
White black manicure with zebra print is ready. Similarly, you can create a black and white manicure with any patterns using this technology. Print can be performed on all nails, and selectively.

Velvet Marigolds

Using snow-white flock powder, you will create something very unusual on your hands. All your girlfriends will certainly want to touch your nails, because this nail design with white lacquer does not have to be seen every day. A professional master for applying flock uses a special device - flockder. But without it, you can make velvet marigold itself. For this:

  1. Apply on the nails white lacquer in a single layer and wait until it is completely dry.
  2. Apply a second layer and, without waiting for it to dry, dip a finger in a jar of flock.
  3. Wait until the coating hardens completely, and then remove excess flock from the skin with a brush.
  4. Velvet marigolds can be alternated with glossy snow-white or make all your fingers fluffy. You can use 2 or more flock shades using this technique, for example, a red-white manicure.

velvet design

Graffiti effect

The effect of graffiti looks stylish and unbroken. This manicure is made with white lacquer and any other shades that you like. To recreate street art on nails as accurately as possible, use bright, juicy tones. To put the letters, you will need to stamp with this pattern. Step-by-step scheme is as follows:

  1. Apply in 2 layers of white coating.
  2. Spread varnish of bright color over the surface of the sponge, for example, yellow.
  3. You can remove excess coverage by printing a sponge several times on a sheet of paper.
  4. Apply the pattern on all nails.
  5. Repeat the action with different shades to get a chaotic color pattern.
  6. Remove the lacquer from the skin if it gets on it as a result of creating a pattern.
  7. Using black color of a covering, apply a stamping with an alphabetic pattern.
  8. Secure the result with a layer of drying.

nail art stamping

In this technique, you can perform a red-white manicure or use any other color combination. You can choose the stamping to your taste, and you can do without it. If you can draw with acrylic paints, this pattern will be an excellent alternative.

Inspired by Kate Hudson

At the Golden Globe 2015 ceremony, actress Kate Hudson eclipsed everyone with her snow-white dress with elegant cutouts from Versace. Inspired by the image of the star, you can create a neat manicure by repeating the broken lines of her outfit on the nails:

  1. Cover plates with a colorless top.
  2. Using a fine brush, draw horizontal lines with silver lacquer in a chaotic manner.
  3. Top white varnish, apply vertical lines of different thickness and at different angles of inclination.
  4. Cover the result with a layer of drying.

actress kate hudson

This fast manicure looks very gentle, it is appropriate on the nails of different lengths and shapes. You can add a thin strip of pink, such a white-pink manicure will look even more tender.

Double V-french

How to create a French manicure, everyone knows. Classic snow-white tips will be more than a dozen years to decorate the handles of beauties. And this season you can slightly dilute the snow-white jacket with a trendy blue color. Perform the following steps:

  1. Snow-white lacquer paint a V-shaped smile line, brushing is not smooth along the tip, but at an angle.
  2. When the coating dries, repeat the same blue varnish 1-2 mm below.
  3. Apply a glossy top to the entire plate.

v-shaped french
Simple white blue manicure ready. It fits perfectly into the image of the inhabitant of the metropolis, complementing any outfit. It is very easy to create a different manicure every day, it is enough to have several shades of coatings, a couple of plates for stamping and a little decor, and, of course, you can’t do without white varnish!

Video: original white manicure

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