Wedding manicure on short nails in 2015

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On the wedding day, attention to the pens of the bride will be increased, because all the guests will certainly want to admire the ring on their finger. Today, long claws have almost completely lost their popularity, naturalness and minimalism are in fashion. If you are a bride and are looking for ideas of stylish nail design 2015, we suggest you consider a wedding manicure for short nails

Wedding manicure ideas on short nails

Some mistakenly believe that it is impossible to perform elegant nail art for the bride on short nails. This is not at all the case and we will show you the ideas of a wedding manicure for short nails:

  • The main shades of the nail design for the bride are traditionally white-pink, marshmallow, pastel, mother-of-pearl.
  • Delicate nail design for a wedding is well complemented by silver and golden shimmers, glitters, coverings with white confetti.
  • Graceful drawings on short nails are easy to apply with a stemping.
  • Classic french on short nails will be combined with any wedding dress. If your image allows little liberties, consider a moon jacket.
  • Solid manicure nude varnish will not attract too much attention and looks stylish. If you chose an elegant openwork dress, note it.

wedding jacket

You probably already had a complete image of the bride in your head. Neil design should be a harmonious continuation of the ensemble. Rhinestones, microbeads, lace, foil, threads can go to the course, but the main thing is not to overdo it. Using the following schemes and photos, you can easily execute a wedding manicure yourself or suggest an idea to a master.

Delicate nude for the bride

If you decide to do a manicure with your own hands, pay special attention to nude nail art. This is the simplest version of the nail design, but it also has its own subtleties:

  • When choosing a shade of nude coating, keep in mind that for girls with fair skin they are best suited for varnishes with a pink undertone, and for beauties with dark skin it is better to prefer coatings with a peach and grayish tint.
  • Be sure to make a trial wedding manicure on short nails before the celebration to understand how the coating behaves on the plate, how resistant it is, how many layers you need to apply and wait for the varnish to dry completely.
  • Use the base under the lacquer, then the color of the coating appears richer and lies smoother.
  • It is recommended to apply any varnish in 2 layers, nude coatings are no exception.

manicure for bride

Nude manicure is an indisputable trend of 2015, and therefore it is not difficult to find a high-quality lacquer of natural color. Every self-respecting major manufacturer will give you a choice of several options for nude coatings from light beige, almost imperceptible to rich shades of coffee with milk.

Nude with Stamping

Wedding manicure with shellac for short nails

The most practical option for nail design is wedding manicure with shellac for short nails. Such coverage will remain in its original form for at least a week, enduringly enduring all the wedding festivities. If you have a UV lamp, you can make a manicure yourself, or you can go for nail design to the salon. If you decide to do a manicure at home, you will need a step-by-step scheme for applying shellac to the nails and the next idea of ​​wedding nail art. Delicate pastel pink design with silver ribbon, made with shellac - a symbiosis of practicality and elegance in manicure. The step-by-step instruction is as follows:

  1. Make a classic manicure, correct the shape of the nails, polish the surface.
  2. Using a brush, brush off the dust that has appeared on the nails after filing.
  3. Treat the hands with an antibacterial agent and the plates with a degreaser.
  4. Cover the nails with a transparent gel-base shellac. Send the pens under the llama for half a minute-minute. At this stage, the stickiness of the coating does not need to be removed.
  5. It was the turn of pale pink shellac: in the traditional way, like applying ordinary varnish, cover the nails with shellac.
  6. Send the pens to dry under a UV lamp for a minute.
  7. Apply to the nails fixing gel. We send our hands under the lamp for 2 minutes.
  8. Using an adhesive remover, treat each nail.
  9. Take a silver ribbon. The tapes have a sticky layer, so it is enough to trim the desired size and place them on the nails along the smile line.
  10. To keep the ribbons firm, be sure to put a finish on top.

shellac for the bride

The shellac coating does not crack, does not scratch, looks flawless. With the help of shellacs, you can perform a moon jacket or a gradient color transition. In addition to ribbons, the wedding neyl design with shellac can be made to the bride with fine-grained glitter, which should be applied to the entire surface of the marigold in a chaotic manner, with varnishes with confetti.

Thematic design on short nails

Increasingly, the future newlyweds are moving away from the wedding classics towards creative solutions. If you also decide that a black tuxedo and a magnificent princess dress are not for your couple and have chosen an unusual outfit for yourself, then wedding manicure ideas with a thematic design will be useful to you. To perform them carefully, it is better to entrust your hands to a professional. Our photo ideas will help you with the choice.

Themed Nail Design Bride

Video: Creating a gentle neyl design bride

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