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Pedicure is an important part of a woman’s health, along with a manicure. Female legs require the same careful care as hands. Basic knowledge of how a pedicure takes place at home helps to correctly assess the state of your health, and this depends not least on the condition of your feet. This is a crucial step that can not make mistakes. Choosing a kit for hardware pedicure, avoid doubt, so as not to cause yourself damage. In order to avoid them, it is necessary, as people say, to arm yourself well.

What you need for hardware pedicure

hardware pedicure set

The market of pedicure accessories is huge, it offers a wide range of tools for hardware pedicure and, of course, for classic edging. These kits include a lot of jigs and accessories. Here are just a few of them: nippers, scissors, tongs, knife, shovel, sand and grinding caps, nail files and rasps. This is an incomplete list of all footwork accessories.

Equally important is the equipment of the workplace, in which the master of the hardware pedicure conducts the procedure. For this we need - a sterile gown, a mask, garbage bags and accessories, disposable slippers, a chair, a footrest and hygiene products.

Device for hardware pedicure and accessories for it

A prerequisite for a good pedicure salon is the presence of a special electric bur cutter for a hardware pedicure, which is equipped with all the latest achievements, in particular a dust collector, which allows the master and the patient to clean air when treating and applying varnish. The device - a vacuum cleaner sucks up dust and small particles from nails and coarsened skin into special paper bags - dust collectors, and has a lot of advantages over manual treatment of the feet, as a set includes a large set of accessories. In the first place in this list, you can put the cutter.

Cutters for hardware pedicure

set of tools for pedicure

Mill - the tool for processing with the cutting edges (teeths) on the end. It is divided according to the method of manufacture, as well as the method of its application. Material for the manufacture of cutters - steel, abrasive material or rubber. According to the method of execution and application, they are distinguished - cylindrical, rotor, conical, end, spherical and others. The milling cutter is made using a conical or cylindrical shank.

A pointed or milling cutter is used for treating nail grooves - a narrow space between the roller and the vertical edge of the nail. The use of a ball with a diamond coating is also not excluded.

The mill is rotor, cylindrical. It differs from others in that its working surface has transverse notches with longitudinal spraying. The end of such a cutter is flat, straight, which allows you to process the edges of cracks, remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis, remove corns and corns. Rotary cutter, made in the form of an ellipse with longitudinal stripes, is necessary when processing the crater of core corn. If difficulties arise, you can use a hollow mill.

foot treatment with pedicure machine

To make a hardware pedicure in the area of ​​rough processing, and more precisely in the heel area, the natopysh will need a cutter with a diameter of 13 - 16 mm with a large graininess on the working edge. The finer work in the area of ​​small fingers and the intermediate space between them is processed by a mill with a diameter of 5-7 mm with an abrasive spraying of medium grain.

Home appliance for hardware pedicure

set for home pedicure hardware

In addition to the hardware pedicure used in specialized salons on stationary conditions, a more domesticated machine for hardware pedicure and manual manicure appeared. True, for a long time, women doubted such an innovation because they didn’t know how to do a hardware pedicure using such a device, but later they appreciated all the advantages of this device and reviews about it appeared in the media and on the Internet only positive.

A kit for hardware pedicure has in its kit an object similar in appearance to a men's electric razor. The small size, with a comfortable handle in the girth, allows women to make a hardware pedicure without leaving the house without any help. The main thing is to choose the nozzle, which are included in the set of electric pedicure set. Such nozzles for hardware pedicure allow you to process the skin of the feet on a dry, without prior wetting and steaming. At the moment there are several types.

Nozzles (mills) for hardware pedicure included in the kit

nozzles for pedicure

  • Nozzle large, cone-shaped - is used to remove rough skin by grinding. With its help you can easily remove corns, cracks and natoptysh.
  • The nozzle is small, cone-shaped - it is used in hard-to-reach places to remove interdigital calluses and ingrown nails.
  • The nozzle is cylindrical. With it, you can easily cope with horny nails, give them shine and novelty.
  • Nozzle disk with a working surface of the pile - designed for polishing the surface of the nail space on the hands and feet.
  • The nozzle is disk, relief. It is used for filing the edges of nails. A larger notch on the face of the disk serves to treat the toenails.

foot processing device

Other additional types of attachments and accessories may also be included with the electrical device. For those who have just purchased such a device and do not know how to use it, it may be advisable to start at low speed, and then, after attaining certain skills at work, you can move to higher speeds. Do not forget to sanitize the instrument after the hardware pedicure has been completed. The condition of your legs also depends on the good handling of the instrument, and they deserve to themselves the careful handling and careful leaving.

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