Velvet manicure - plush know-how in nail coating

Shaggy nail design

Velvet manicure broke into the lives of girls like a hurricane and created a furor in the world of nail art. All the beauties at the moment refused to cover the usual varnish and began to decorate their nails with a velvet coating. Suede, plush, wool, fleecy, terry, shaggy, cashmere, velor, as they do not call it an interesting coating. Let's see why the velvet manicure is called velvet? Everything is quite simple, the coating on the nails looks very similar to velvet sandpaper, consisting of small particles of wool, acrylic, cotton or other similar materials. For the first time a suede manicure was opened by the company Ciate, originally from Britain. It was a special set with which it was possible to create an interesting nail art with 3D coating on the nails.

Materials and tools for velvet manicure

To create a wool coat you need a small set of materials. In the set should be such tools as varnish, it can be completely different shades and flocks. Flock is a material that looks like small fleeces of viscose or cotton wool. There is no velvet in flock. Only after the suede manicure is done will that very velvety effect become noticeable. Flock can be made of villi of different lengths and thicknesses. This property helps to carry out experiments with the application, and the wide color palette of varnish allows girls to choose even the most crazy shades of coating. In addition to the set for a velor manicure includes a brush. With it, you can easily clean your fingers from unnecessary particles of materials.

Varnish, brush and flock

If you have chosen the professional version of this coating, then in the beauty salon, a velvet manicure is created using a special device-flocker. Flokayder helps to tightly attach flock particles to the nail plate. A cashmere manicure with a flocider will last you longer than a home cover option. Flokayder also helps to work on the coating gel varnish (shellac).

Creating a velvet manicure at home

Fluffy nail design

Many girls believe that a plush manicure can not be done at home. This opinion is wrong. You can make a plush manicure yourself, spending a small amount of time and preparing high-quality materials. Let's take a step by step ordering instructions for creating velor nails.

  1. In order for velvet nails to become a real decoration, you need to prepare your fingers, having previously processed the cuticle with forceps.
  2. Using a tampon dipped in acetone, degrease the nail bed.
  3. From the bottle with the flock, remove the villi, slightly thin them with a stick, thereby saving the flock from lumps.
  4. Proceed to applying the varnish, the desired shade. The varnish of the desired shade is applied in one layer.
  5. Then wait until this coat is completely dry.
  6. Coat the nail bed again with a layer of varnish, then you no longer wait until it is completely dry, but apply a flock. The villi are best applied with a finger. Dip your finger in the flock, and then patting the flock evenly on the nail plate.
  7. Brush off any unnecessary villus with a brush.

Step-by-step scheme for applying a plush coating

Girls, we draw your attention to the fact that velvet nails do not need to be covered over with a transparent varnish! Now you know how to make a velvet manicure yourself at home, having a simple set of tools. You can buy materials for cashmere manicure in any specialized store for nail art masters.

Pros and cons of plush nails

Let's take a look at the positive and negative qualities of velvet nail cover. Having learned these sides, you clearly decide whether to resort to this type of manicure.


  • Velor manicure is ideal for those cases where you want to be the center of attention.
  • The procedure of applying velvet coating takes only half an hour and does not require special skills.
  • If you have made velvet nails not on your own, but in the salon, then such a coating will withstand as much as 20 days, without requiring special attention and care.
  • This cover has no analogues, it is unique and stylish.
  • Small flock particles can create not only a solid coating, but also help to create an interesting pattern, even with small details.


  • A considerable price of the procedure when going to the salon and materials for use at home. This is due to the fact that this product in the market is a novelty.
  • If you created velvet nails at home, then be prepared for the fact that your suede coating will live only a couple of days.

Multicolored suede design

Professional velvet manicure

Color cashmere manicure

If your finances allow you to purchase a flocider for such a procedure, then we will present you with a more professional technique, in which we will step by step analyze the techniques for creating plush nails.

  1. First you need to do the preparation of the necessary tools and materials. You will need a gel polish, a base, a finish gel that does not have a sticky layer, a flock, a flocider, a special metal stand, a coarse manicure brush and a UV lamp.
  2. On the desktop in front of you, put a metal stand and attach a flokayder to it. Pre-flockyde need to fill the flock villi with the desired color.
  3. Apply to the nail base and dry it in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  4. Cover your nails with gel varnish of the same shade as the flock villus.
  5. Dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  6. Cover the nail bed with a gel finish.
  7. Turn on the flocker and direct it to the nail. Villi of the flock will start to fall out through the hole in the flocider, tightly attaching to the nail plate.
  8. Dry the nails in the UV lamp again for 3 minutes.
  9. Using a coarse nail brush, remove all unnecessary villi.

And so, the professional version of shaggy manicure is ready. Salon velvet design can be not only in one color. An experienced master can make you velvet ombre manicure, as well as decorate plush nails with pictures or offer you suede French manicure. After a few home workouts to create a shaggy design, you can create a plush manicure ombre, velor jacket and even make simple patterns on the nails.

Reviews of velvet manicure

The technique of how to make suede nails yourself you know. Now we’ll read a bit of the reviews of those ladies who have undergone this creative procedure.

Maria: I love to try new fashion trends. Upon learning that plush nails had appeared, she immediately ran to the beauty salon in order to try out this unusual procedure. The result was pleasantly surprised. Almost 2 weeks my eyes pleased velor nails.

Lyudmila: Having made myself suede nails, I found anxiety. I was very afraid to damage the cover while doing household chores. But if you do not belong to the category of girls who are always fussing around the house, then plush nails are a very original design variant that will surprise all friends and colleagues.

Oksana: I didn’t like cashmere nails at all. I went to the salon where I was put on a new-fashioned procedure, and eventually got shaggy nails similar to a winter sweater. The hairs infuriated me all the way home. Once in my native lands, I removed them with tears, forgetting about the money I spent on a velvet manicure.

Multicolored woolly coating

Girls, now you know different opinions about hairy nail design. From these reviews it can be understood that the result of this procedure may not please everyone. Find out for yourself the question whether the velvety nail design is good or bad, only you yourself can go to the salon or create it at home.

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