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Want to know how to make an unusual and unusual manicure that will surprise all your friends and girlfriends? Then this article is useful to you. Each girl, watching her appearance, pays attention to her hands and nails. Not every young lady can at home grow her own nails to take advantage of a variety of nail designs for artificial nails. But everyone can do their own creative and unusual manicure for natural nails. It does not require large material and time costs.

What you need to create an unusual manicure

interesting design

If you are not a professional manicurist, and do not have all the special tools for creating drawings and beautiful lines, do not have to spend a considerable amount of money to get it all. It is enough to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Dots. This is a special tool, similar to an ordinary ballpoint pen, only instead of a rod, the dots have a fine tip with a round end. By putting dots in paint or varnish you can make perfect dots and circles. You can draw patterns and curls dots. If you do not have a dots, you can easily do it yourself. There are a lot of instructions on the Internet, the easiest option is to take a pencil with a grater on the end. Into this grater inject a thin office needle with a round end. Dots ready.
  • Stickers to create smooth lines in French manicure. If there are none, you can use a simple tape, preferably on a paper basis.
  • Various varnishes of different shades, glitter, shellacs.
  • Old newspapers. With their help, you can make an unusual design even on short nails.
  • Nail polish remover, alcohol, fixative, lacquer base.

Variations of an unusual manicure with step by step techniques.

Armed with all the above materials, you can create an unusual manicure. First you need to carry out a standard procedure for shaping the nails, grinding, polishing and cutting the cuticle.

Points may look very unusual.

smeared points in the nail cover

To make such an unusual manicure at home, you need to take varnishes and dots. The minimum number of colors of varnish - 2, and the maximum, perhaps, does not exist. If your style of dress and life allows you to use bright colors in nail art, why not do it, especially since spring is ahead and you want to fill life with colors. Now step by step:

  1. Cover your nails with your favorite polish. Try to make the most even coverage.
  2. Dip the tip of the dots in a lacquer of a different color and touch them to the nail. So you put a perfectly flat point.
  3. And now give free rein to your imagination; you can both randomly draw dots and create very complex drawings. Start simple: make 5 dots in a circle, take a different color of lacquer and put another dot in the middle of the circle — this is the flower. Put a large dot, for example, with blue lacquer, and now take a light tone of the same color and place a smaller dot on top. So simple and very unusual.
  4. Wait for the drawing to dry. Secure the result with a transparent coating.

delicate design

Unusual manicure at home is ready, it remains only to boast it girlfriends.

Moon jacket

original moon coat

Everyone knows what a french is, but an unusual French manicure called “moon” was made not all beauties for himself. It is possible to surprise your colleagues or close friends with such a creative and non-broken decision. Here you can safely experiment with colors. To create an unusual French manicure you need: 2 shades of lacquer, stickers to create a smooth line. The lunar jacket scheme is very simple. First, apply one color of coating to the entire plate, stick a sticker on the nail and paint a crescent on the tip not on the tip, as usual, but at the base of the nail, near the cuticle. Such an unusual beautiful manicure will be a worthy alternative to the usual jacket, and the technique of execution is not more difficult, so everyone can do it.

transparent moon jacket

Newspaper Manicure

Newspaper nail art is probably the most unusual manicure that can be done at home on a natural plate. It will take only 1 varnish, better white, old newspaper and alcohol. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut out small pieces from a newspaper so that they completely cover the nail.
  2. Apply white varnish and let it dry completely.
  3. Moisten the newspaper blanks with alcohol and apply to the varnish for 30 seconds.
  4. Remove the newspaper, let the paint dry.
  5. Cover with a colorless varnish.

newspaper nail art

The result is a very original and unusual manicure. To achieve this result will not work not through a single stencil, not to mention the painting with brushes.

Unusual Nail Art Shellac

Shellac is actively used in the nail industry in recent years. You can apply this coating on the nails yourself, the scheme is as follows:

  1. Apply a base under shellac with a thin layer;
  2. dry under a UV lamp for 1 minute;
  3. apply colored shellac;
  4. send a hand under the lamp for 3 minutes;
  5. repeat the coating with colored shellac and dry;
  6. apply a thin layer of shellac topcoat;
  7. dry the coating for 3 minutes under the lamp.

design with shellac

To create an unusual manicure with shellac, you can use 5 different shades on each nail, differing in tone from each other. And you can use different juicy colors. Even without a picture such a manicure will be original.

Video: Step-by-step technique for creating an unusual creative manicure

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