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Modern fashion trends to all gentle and easy. Exact, thin lines of clothes, gentle make-up colors, natural transparent manicure and soft hair tones - all this creates an image of a stylish woman. Back in 2013, Valentino’s house had such an image when displaying outerwear and has since been picked up by other fashion experts.

Place of manicure in the image of a modern woman

Real woman create details. The most beautiful and stylishly selected clothes spoil the bad version of manicure. It is very important to take into account current trends and skillfully combine them with clothes purchased. In this case, the best option for makeup artists consider a transparent manicure and a short length of nails. This option emphasizes the tenderness of the image, femininity, soft lines of designer clothes.

Of course, such trends are not only aesthetic, but also a practical explanation. The modern woman leads an active lifestyle. She has no time to sit at home, because every minute is painted. Often she makes her own living, spends all day in the workplace. From there, her way lies to the gym, where there is no place for long nails that can lead to injuries. However, personal life has not been canceled. The need to always look attractive, neat, tidy remains a priority.

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As a result, the fashion for a manicure with transparent varnish with shortly cut nails was fixed as dominant in fashion houses. Bright colors remained at the mercy of schoolgirls, and long nails can be used one-time, as part of a special image, nothing more.

Make a manicure at home is easy

It should be noted another useful feature of modern fashionable nail art. This option is easy to do on your own, and everything that is done by hand is much cheaper than a similar process done by the hands of specialists.

Look at the hands of professional fashion models! They use clear gel nail polish. In practice, this is a transparent medical coating that will give the marigold a healthy natural glow and at the same time saturate the tissue with the necessary substances. You can use a translucent varnish. The short length of the nails allows you to refuse to build broken ones: it is difficult to break short nails. And it is just that every woman can put on herself a pleasant shade.

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How to diversify transparent nail art

Naturally, every day to walk with the same nails boring. The fashion allows you to combine transparent nail polish with applications, elements of French nail art, water-color or manicure techniques. It will have to work here, although the schemes are quite simple, the main thing is their exact step-by-step implementation. The basis for all these options are transparent or translucent varnishes. However, for the watercolor version several colors are used, when colored drops are smeared with a brush on the base.

For a manicure on water it is easy to find step by step instructions on the Internet. Drops of varnish on the water are combined into patterns with a regular toothpick, and are applied to the nails with the usual dipping into the liquid. Such a manicure transparent varnish looks very original, with a small practice takes a minimum of time. In addition, you can apply a pattern to one or several fingers, painting the rest with a basic tone.

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Enchant a man with a manicure

It turns out that men perfectly notice the details of the female image. Long nails with bright or deep dark tones of their instinctively alarming, repel. But short marigolds and natural manicure help to feel close to a woman easily, comfortably. Isn’t it what every lady craves, who creates herself a fashionable, stylish look? Now it can be done easily, quickly and inexpensively.

Video: creating a transparent manicure "Tights"

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