The secrets of unedged manicure in european

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Modern cosmetologists are increasingly recommending to their customers a European non-trimmed manicure, since this procedure does minimal damage to the nail plates and the surrounding skin. Traditional - non-European, edged manicure and pedicure, involving the steaming and cutting of the cuticle, often leads to the formation of cracks on the skin of the fingers and burrs. In turn, these problems can turn into a hit in the damaged areas of infection and the occurrence of inflammatory processes. Especially brightly these effects manifest themselves among the owners of thin skin or closely located blood vessels. In addition, a cropped manicure requires the skill of handling specially designed tweezers or scissors.

Some adherents of the European manicure call among the minuses of the procedures with cuticles cuticle the possibility of contracting AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases transmitted through blood. Cutting tools can also damage the growth zone of the nail.

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The technique of performing a European manicure involves several stages of working with the skin surrounding the nail plate: softening the cuticle with the help of special compounds, removing dead skin cells, re-treatment with means to slow down the growth of the cuticle. To understand what a European manicure is and what is its advantage, you need not one, but at least six to eight procedures, since the funds intended for its implementation do not act immediately. Softening rough skin of the cuticle requires at least a month of treatment.

The advantages of European manicure

  • safety of the procedure;
  • lack of pain when performing unedged manicure;
  • the procedure involves an integrated approach to the care of the hands, which makes them more well-groomed and allows you to keep the skin young;
  • Another advantage of unedged manicure before trimming can be called the fact that after it the nails look neat and well-groomed, even without the use of lacquer coatings. That is why it makes themselves even men who watch their appearance.

How to do a European manicure

If you have special cosmetics and accessories, you can create a European manicure at home.

Tools for European manicure and the necessary equipment

moving the cuticle away

  • cloth napkin or a small terry towel;
  • liquid to remove or soften the cuticle;
  • universal nail file;
  • orange sticks for manicure and pedicure;
  • pumice for European manicure (used in cases when the cuticle is very rough);
  • liquid to reduce the rate of formation of a new cuticle;
  • nourishing cream for hands and nails;
  • varnish covering for a nail plate.

European manicure technology

Non-cropped European manicure begin with creating the shape of the nail plate. With perfect observance of technology implementation, these operations are performed without the use of scissors. Creating a form with the help of a nail file will provide a smoother and smoother edge and prevent the occurrence of cracks and delamination of the nail.

Currently, cosmetic stores have a huge selection of different nail files, differing in both the type and purpose of use, and the material from which they are made. For a non-cut manicure, it is better to purchase a versatile nail file made of glass. Metal manicure tools are unsuitable for this type of procedure.

applying cuticle softener

When processing the edge of the nail plate need to make all the movements in a certain direction. Nail file movements should be sweeping and light. The edge of the nail should be polished so that it is not inclined. The least-prone to brittleness are the half-square and oval shape of the nail. The most fragile shape of the nail is pointed.

cream on the nail plate

Selecting the type of filing nail, it is necessary to evaluate the initial data, including the bulge of the nail plate. If it is insignificant, and the natural shape of the nail is oval, then you can choose any shape of the nail. Square turning is suitable for convex round or oval nails.

file filing

Flat round nails allow any design option. Square flat nails are better not to round and sharpen, but to preserve their natural look. The triangular primeval form looks most advantageous in a classic oval design.

Cuticle processing

After creating the selected shape of the nail plate, the stage of processing the cuticle begins. On the skin surrounding the surface of the nail, apply a special liquid designed to remove and soften the cuticle. As stated above, for obtaining a visible effect, will require a number of procedures. However, after the first use, the coarse skin will become softer and more elastic, it will be easier and safer to remove it with wooden sticks.

When choosing remedies, it is better to give preference to those that contain vegetable oils that prevent skin cracking and promote healing of existing injuries. It is worth noting that the funds intended for the cuticle, can not bring any harm to the nail tissue.

The liquid is kept on the nails for a certain time specified in the instructions. After that, with the help of orange tree sticks dead skin cells are removed. All actions are performed as accurately and smoothly as possible. After performing this operation on each of the nails, with the help of a napkin or towel, remove the remnants of a cosmetic product.

The next stage is the application of nourishing oils or cream to the entire surface of the hands. This action, to achieve greater effect, can be supplemented with massage movements.

nail polishing

After the cream or oil is absorbed, the nail plate is degreased with a special tool for nails and applied on it a lacquer coating. Ideally, between the procedure for processing the cuticle and the application of varnish, a pause of several days is maintained.

Video: technique of making unedged European manicure

Now you know all the secrets and rules of how to do a European manicure. After all, its technology is as simple as possible and our article proved it. Be always perfect !!!

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