The oval form of nails - the rules of the perfect manicure

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For some time now manicure is an integral part of our image. The shape of the nails, their length, color and design can be characterized by their owner. The oval shape of nails is considered to be classic and traditionally one of the most sought after. So let's find out how to make an oval nail shape so that it looks appropriate and elegant. And also, is it possible to do this not complicated procedure on your own at home?

Oval nail shape - manicure classic

Often, the oval shape of the nails is confused with the almond-shaped. Consider: these are different manicure options. The first repeats the outline of the base of the nail plate, which manicurists often call the smile line. The free edge of the nails with proper processing mirrors the cuticle contour, which creates the perfect balance and fits almost everything. And especially it is recommended to those young ladies whom nature has endowed with plump fingers with a wide nail surface. In the case of an almond-shaped manicure, the nail is sharpened to the free edge, thus resembling a drop or almond nut.

It is worth noting that beauties with thin and long fingers should wear the marigolds of this type very carefully, as it visually lengthens both the nail and the finger itself. And all that is unnecessary is ugly.

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Often, the oval shape of the nails is recommended in cases where they are short, of medium length, or if a procedure is performed.

Each option can be beat in its own way, using different techniques of coating and design, depending on the desired result. However, keep in mind that the oval shape of the nails is quite vulnerable to mechanical damage and is more susceptible to the occurrence of cracks and fractures, unlike, for example, from the square shape of the nails.

Secrets of craftsmanship: how to make your nails oval

You can make ideal oval nails on both natural and accrued nail plates. In the nail salons you will be able to offer a whole arsenal of designer finds on the design and method of changing the nail fabric.

Extended oval-shaped nails in the cabin are often modeled using acrylic or gel extension techniques. These two techniques differ in the method of polymerization modeling composition. Acrylic technology for this uses a compound of liquid monomer and acrylic powder, and gels harden under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

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Oval shape manicure do it yourself

However, we do not always have the opportunity to use the services of professionals, and the extension procedure is not always necessary. In this case, how to make your nails oval at home will help to understand the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Clean the nails from the remnants of varnish, make a salt bath. Treat the cuticle with an emollient, cut off the excess with nail scissors or forceps.
  2. Cut the free edge of the nails to the desired length so that they all match the same size. For this it is convenient to use tweezers (for short plates) or straight nail scissors.
  3. Mentally drawing a vertical axis along the surface of the plate, determine the center point - the middle of the free edge. Mark the side points that mirror the smile line of your marigold.
  4. With a medium-grained nail file, model a half-oval shaft on both sides, making movements from the lateral points to the central one. On how to file an oval-shaped nails depends not only the appearance, but also their health. Therefore, the movement must be accurate and directed only in one direction - on both sides from the edge to the center.
  5. Fine-grained nail file gently round the edge of the center point and the entire surface, getting a perfect oval nails.
  6. Rinse hands with warm water, then gently apply a moisturizer.
  7. After a short pause, you can proceed to the most interesting thing - to arrange or decorate an oval manicure yourself.

Oval-shaped nail design

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Modern fashion is more persistently calling for naturalness and naturalness. The industry of the nail design is also gradually freed from cumbersome and inconvenient structures, from the use of modeling or the use of fancy lines. Recently, such pretentiousness is acceptable only for the epatage fashion shows.

  • Various modifications of French nail art are suitable for an oval-shaped manicure: classic “French”, moon manicure or “inverted French” and their combination - lunar French.
  • Oval nails appropriate to decorate the floral pattern. This option always looks feminine and cute.
  • A lace appliqué is suitable for an evening look.
  • For special occasions, décor with rhinestones or glitter is used. They harmoniously look on the cover of gentle pastel tones: beige, lilac, olive or pink.
  • For adolescence, the imagination is limitless - any colors, drawings of insects and animals, stickers and beads.

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A wide arsenal of techniques and the versatility of the shape of the nails allows you to experiment boldly: the design of the oval-shaped nails does not limit your possibilities at all, but rather expands the creative horizons.

Video: technique for creating oval nails

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