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blue-blue nail design

Nails are a real canvas for creating works of art, and an important part of the image of a woman and an indicator of her taste. New fashion trends in nail design appear constantly. One of these new products is manicure tekton. It is carried out with special paints offered by the E.Mi brand. Such a manicure can be done not only in an expensive salon, but also at home.

The founder of the E.Mi company Ekaterina Miroshnichenko is a master of nail design of the highest level. It is she who regularly offers fashionable women new designs and technologies to create them. A Catherine brand produces many products and accessories for nail art. Texton paint is one of the latest developments of the company.

Ekaterina Miroshnichenko

What is a texton ?!

E. Miroshnichenko in 2014 proposed not only the new TEXTONEandCombiture neil art technique, but also the means for its creation. Such a tool has become a special paint with a metallic luster, which effectively emphasizes any bas-relief, a convex pattern applied to the nail. The texton on the nails looks very beautiful due to the metallic luster and the volume texture emphasized by it.

Paint texton has a liquid consistency, 5 basic colors of the palette are easily mixed with each other and give almost all possible colors. The manufacturer offers 2 sets of colors to choose from, either five colors - gold, silver, blue, crimson and black, or two colors - gold and silver, as the most popular. The bonus set includes a little book with a tutorial on mixing shades and master classes telling how to create a texton nail design.

nail design by Catherine Miroshnichenko

Features of textiles

Textile paints have a number of distinctive properties.

  • They have a liquid consistency, which allows making the coating with a thin layer, using the product economically. You can also gradually apply several layers for a rich color, it will not look heavy.
  • The texture of paints makes it easy to mix them, getting a variety of shades.
  • Dyes are in bottles of 15 ml, similar to ordinary nail polish, the brush inside is the same. This makes their use convenient.
  • Tekston on nails reveals any surface irregularities. This can be both a plus and a minus. It is good to emphasize a three-dimensional pattern, but it is somewhat inconvenient if you need to perfectly cover the surface of the nail.
  • Ink dries not only in the UV lamp, but also in a natural way, which is good for use on your own.
  • The product was originally created for possible combination with many other materials, therefore its scope of application is extremely wide. Nails of tekston can be executed with application of any decorative elements - liquid stones, thermo-stickers, velvet sand, crystals and others.

liquid stones in nail design

Technique of manicure tekton

Technique of manicure tekton implies two options.

  • The first is the use of paint as a background when the entire surface of the nail is covered, and a design is created on top of bright metallic.
  • The second is the use of dye to underline the relief, texture made by 3D gels, acrylic paints and other materials that the nail industry has.

manicure from Catherine Miroshnichenko

There are several important points in using texton:

  • Whether it is natural marigolds, gel polish or artificial nails, the surface is thoroughly sanded and covered with some basic tool, because this nail art tool reveals all roughness.
  • It is necessary to apply with a thin layer, paying attention to the ends and sides of the marigold.
  • For practicality and durability, it is necessary to finish the coating, also with sealing ends.

corrugated nail art

Manicure tekton at home

The technique of creating textone manicure at home is simple, and the paints are easy to use. It is enough to think of exactly which nail design tekston you want to do to yourself. The instructions below will help in the works.

  1. As already mentioned, the surface of the nail should be prepared by carefully grinding.
  2. Next, the nails are covered with a basic tool to eliminate the slightest roughness.
  3. If you want to nail the polystyrene monotonous coating, or create a drawing on top of the paint, you just need to apply the polystyrene on the nail in several layers and allow to dry completely. The technology does not differ from the use of conventional varnish. Next - the scope for imagination.
  4. If you need to create a complex design, for example, with a bas-relief, then you need to step through the background coating, dry it, paint over the desired ornament, and apply a textone on top to reveal the pattern.
  5. In both cases, at the end of the procedure, it is necessary to apply a topcoat to fix the result.
  6. Let the materials dry or dry the nails in the UV lamp. All is ready!

E.MI nail art

Manicure tekton can be an excellent option for every day, as well as for festive events. Metallic shine always looks bright and elegant. Using the same colors at home is very convenient, and the scheme of creating a manicure is simple. All you need is imagination and patience, and you will manage to create your own unique design. Success in creative work!

Video: manicure "Texton"

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