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Not so long ago, the company Alessandro has caused a stir in the industry of manicure services. The whole nail world was presented a miracle nail polish called Striplac. Striplac nail polish can not be attributed to the usual varnish or girls favorite gel Shellac varnish. This lacquer is ultra-resistant, it can last for 10 days on fingers and all this time look as if it had just been inflicted.  With the Striplac coating, you can safely forget about such problems as peeling off edges, ugly chips, as well as scratches, in addition, Alessandro’s Striplak is completely non-toxic and does not expose your nails to a negative effect.

The positive side of the coating nails Striplakom

  1. One of the most important qualities of this varnish is its durability. You are guaranteed 10 days to sparkle with a trendy nail coating.
  2. The extensive colorful palette of Striplak gives you the opportunity to please yourself every day with a new color on your fingers.
  3. Long glossy shine that does not fade under any circumstances.
  4. Since Shellac lacquer contains diamond dust, it not only gives your nails a bright coating, but also protects them from the harmful effects of the environment. The nail plate under the coating becomes stronger.
  5. Only 60 seconds are enough for drying of this design.
  6. Super fast removal procedure that does not require acetone and other harmful substances.
  7. The line of the color palette has a very pleasant aroma. When you open, you can smell the peach

Striplac in hand

Set Striplac from Alessandro

Inside a quality kit that you can buy at any specialty store for nail art masters, contains:

  • LED lamp. Required for rapid polymerization of the coating.
  • Coverage + Twin Coat base- 2 funds in one. Will provide flawless application.
  • File It will help you shape and polish your nails.
  • Cuticle pusher stick. To move the cuticle.
  • Color lacquer Striplac your desired shade. The color palette of this tool brand Alessandro has more than 50 shades.
  • Cleansing pads for nails. They will help you create the perfect base for coverage.

Set Striplac from Alessandro

Striplac Manicure at Home

Let's take a closer look at all the nuances of how to create a beautiful Striplac manicure step by step at home. By the way, Pamela Anderson is a big fan of such a manicure, as well as the official representative of this type of nail coating. Before we proceed to our step-by-step application scheme, it must be said that this miracle varnish is intended only for natural nails.

Striplaka Color Palette

Coating application

  1. Using a pusher wand, gently push back the edges of the cuticle.
  2. Using a nail file, file the nails, giving them the shape you need.
  3. Using the same file, lightly steam out the nail bed.
  4. Using a special cleansing pad, carefully clean the nail plate.
  5. Peeled marigolds must be coated with a Twin Coat base.
  6. Place your fingers in the LED lamp for exactly 1 minute.
  7. After that you can start applying the chosen shade of varnish. You can apply it in several layers, but do not forget that each repeated layer should be dried in the lamp for 1 minute.
  8. After you have applied the main shade of lacquer, you need to apply a coating of Twin Coat and hold it in the LED lamp for 1 minute.
  9. After drying, remove the sticky layer with cleansing pads.

Manicure removal

Unlike gel manicure or Shellac coating, Alessandro's Striplac does not require the intervention of chemicals or coarse nail files, which means that your nail plate will not be damaged. To remove the Striplak, wait for the nail to grow back, then gently pry the edge of the cover and remove it like a film. The procedure for removing nail polish ensures up to 90% of the purity of the nail bed. The remaining 10% of the coating particles can stay on your nail bed due to individual characteristics, if your nails are exfoliated, very dry or porous. These particles can be removed with a soft buff.

Striplaka removal

The cost of covering Striplac from Alessandro and reviews about it

If you make out the question of the set price for creating a Striplak design, then the starter kit will cost you about 7,000 rubles. The most expensive of this set is the LED lamp. If you are interested in the price for the lacquer itself, then its estimated cost is 600 rubles. If the purchase of consumables and tools for you is too great, then you can ask for this procedure in the salon. The price of salon manicure with the Striplac design varies within 700 rubles. As for the reviews, we can safely say that they are only positive.

Olga: Luck Striplak struck me with his resistance coating. Neither household chores, nor frequent washing of the head, nothing affected the brightness of the coating made by me in the cabin. I'm thinking of buying a home set, in order to create a manicure with Striplak own hands.

Catherine: After going through the procedure of covering with Striplak from the master, she simply fell in love with this stylish design. I did not regret my blood 6900 and bought myself the whole set from Alessandro.

Valentina: She was a big fan of Shellac's cover, but then the manicurist suggested that I try the new Striplac varnish from Alessandro. After the procedure, I realized that I would completely forget about Shellac. The coating was conquered by the fact that after it there are healthy nails, and no chemistry is needed for removal.

Ksenia: More recently, I became the owner of the Ice Lamp and bright juicy varnish with the interesting name Striplak. I was extremely surprised by the size of the lamp, I thought to see in front of me a rather voluminous apparatus. With such a compact typeset, I freely travel around girlfriends, xnj.s make him a cool manicure. There is a small but to do a pedicure with such a lamp, you need to do it, all the toes go in there with difficulty.

Video: How Striplac is applied

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