Sterile instrument and compliance with sanitary standards in

Sterile manicure tools

I think cases when a manicure done in the salon became the cause of serious diseases for women - fungi, hepatitis, and even AIDS - are known to almost everyone.

It is regrettable to admit, but it happens. Word of mouth, media and the Internet regularly informs the public about such incidents. This leads to the fact that many women go to a professional manicurist only in exceptional cases. Then, when you need an exclusive design or absolutely no time to put your hands in order yourself.

Want to know how to earn the trust of customers and make your salon a place where they will not only come without fear and doubt, but also recommend it to their friends?

Make your salon a model of cleanliness and tidiness, prove that the tools you use are completely sterile - and most of your visitors will turn into regular customers.

I, Natalya Biryukova, - an expert in the field of beauty, the head of the salon "Merely" - I will share with you how to achieve perfect sterilization of instruments and maintain sanitary safety in the cabin.

General rules

  • First of all, the master must look neat and maintain his workplace in an exemplary manner. This is exactly what customers are immediately paying attention to.
  • On the working surfaces in any case should not be dust, nail clippings, scattered napkins, stains after wet cleaning and especially manicure device.
  • Clean should be all items involved in the procedure: furniture, lamps, hood, manicure and pedicure baths. It is advisable to handle all this after each client with a special disinfectant.

Manicure Disinfection Tools

And the most important question that you should pay special attention to is the sterility of the instruments used for manicure and pedicure.

Careful disinfection, sterilization and proper storage of manicure instruments are both a guarantee of the safety of the procedure both for the client and the master, and the impeccable reputation of the specialist, and a factor that directly affects the profit of the salon.

Immediately, I note that the master must have at least 2 complete sets of tools at his disposal: one in work, the other in the process of disinfection and sterilization:

  • Disinfection

After each client, all used devices should be immersed for 30-60 minutes in a bath with disinfectant. The disinfection time depends on the concentration of the solution: the higher it is, the less time it takes to achieve the desired effect. Prepare the solution strictly in accordance with the attached instructions.


  • Cleaning

Using special chemical solutions and a stiff brush, remove the smallest pieces of skin and remaining dirt from the instruments. Dry the cleaned tools on the grate box or a clean napkin.

mechanical cleaning

These 2 procedures destroy the simplest viruses and bacteria.

  • Sterilization

After cleaning, the instruments should be roasted in a sterilizer - ultrasonic or infrared, autoclave or dry heat gun. Under the influence of high temperatures - 230-250 degrees - pathogens of fungal diseases and severe infections, such as hepatitis C, are guaranteed to die.

kraft sterilization

Rules of heat treatment tool

The sterilizer for heat treatment tools must be placed in a paper Kraft package, equipped with an indicator. Depending on whether the instruments are heated - with steam or dry air - the indicator, having been in the sterilization cabinet, will change the original gray color to light pink or brown.

Instruments remain sterile for 72 hours after processing. Storing them under a UV lamp prolongs the effect of sterility.

marking and printing

To keep manicure and pedicure accessories in a sterile state is not difficult at all. To this you just need to get used to and not doubt the need for disinfecting procedures.

However, it is necessary not only to work with an absolutely clean tool, but also to show it to the client. We must convince him that in your salon any procedure is completely safe and completely eliminates the possibility of any infection.

For this:

  1. Organize a booth in the salon where customers could see certificates confirming that they have completed training courses and the qualifications of each master.
  2. Unpack the kraft package directly in front of the client: he must be sure that after sterilization this instrument is used for the first time.
  3. Use disposable materials and tools to the maximum - napkins, gloves, wooden sticks, files, etc.
  4. Allow customers to come with their tool.

By adhering to these recommendations, you will eventually gain the trust of customers and bring your salon among the most popular and sought after in the city.

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