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Stemping manicure appeared in the arsenal of modern fashionistas quite recently, but with confidence it occupies a leading position in the technique of nail design at home. This simple method allows you to apply on the nail plate fancy drawings, patterns, ornaments using special blanks, which practically does not require special skills from the performer.

Stamping manicure is a modern technology of nail art, which is carried out using a special set of tools that allow you to transfer the selected pattern onto your nails. In other words, to put a stamp on the nails, the same way the word “stamping” is translated - stamping.

Among the significant advantages over standard salon procedures, nail art stamping allows you to:

  • easily create fancy patterns on your nails with your own hands, regardless of the level of complexity and the technique of the design;
  • get a bright, unique manicure, which is not inferior to the salon procedures;
  • independently performing a manicure with a stamping, you can significantly save on the next trip to the beauty salon;
  • gain time by simple application techniques using standard stencils.

stamping manicure

Nail Art Stamping Kit

Manicure with the help of stemping has become so popular that you can easily find a suitable set for stamping on the market. It includes:

manicure stamping set

  • A disc with several types of patterns: usually from 8 to 10 different stamp options. The variety of designs is very large: from images of floral motifs, tattoo designs to various national flags and eclectic ornaments;
  • two shades of lacquer: the number of varnishes can be large - it all depends on the cost of the kit itself. The varnishes included in the set have a thicker consistency than the standard ones in order to avoid the spreading of the pattern and the smearing of its borders;
  • rubber stamp: it serves as the very seal that translates the pattern on the nail plate;
  • scraper: helps to get rid of excess paint on the disc with pictures.

Next, we will focus on step-by-step instructions that will be useful to us in order to create a manicure with the help of stamping.

Technology execution manicure stamping

The scheme of applying stamping patterns is quite simple and consists in the step-by-step execution of the following actions.

design instructions

  1. We start with the basics - we put our hands in order, which means - we do a classic manicure in order to give our hands a well-groomed look. Believe me, no nail art can fix the untidy look of your hands, so in order not to spoil the whole impression, we proceed to the procedure.
  2. Choose a primary color for your design. Apply, completely covering the entire nail plate. Leave to dry completely.
  3. Prepare a plate with engraved drawings. To do this, remove the protective film from the surface of the disk and apply a shade of lacquer on the surface of the drawing, which contrasts with your foundation on the nails. Try not to go beyond the boundaries of the picture. Choosing a contrasting color combination, such a stamping manicure will look especially impressive.
  4. Using a scraper, remove excess varnish from the patterned plate so that the varnish remains only in the hollows reserved for the drawing.
  5. Place a rubber stamp on the plate for a couple of seconds. Try not to smear the image with careless movement of the hand or vibrations of the stamp. The image imprinted on the stamp should be clear and saturated, otherwise transfer the pattern to the nails will not work without loss of image quality.
  6. Press a stamp with a pattern to the area of ​​the nail where you want to leave a print. Try not to blur the image. Remove the stamp vertically. Enjoy the result.
  7. If the surface of the stamp remains contaminated with varnish - remove excess paint from its surface with a nail polish remover.
  8. Step by step do the same with all the other nails.
  9. When the picture dries, apply a final coat of fixer.

zebra design

Manicure ideas of nail art stamping are so diverse that they allow you to create quite complex drawings and graphics on the nails, while not requiring special tricks from the performer. The only thing you may need is to expand the color of the standard set with additional shades. This will allow you to experiment with colors, shades, graphic elements, etc. The matte base of the nail is perfectly combined with brilliant drawings (silver, golden). The use of decorative elements for the final design of the design is welcomed: beads, bows, rhinestones, sequins, etc. Everything depends only on the designer’s imagination and creative approach.

Lucky for stemping

Now I would like to dwell in more detail on what kind of stamping should be, and whether there are alternatives to special tools included in the stamping kit. Varnishing for stamping should have the following qualities:

  • thick consistency: this will allow you to clearly transfer images to the surface of the nail, preventing drips and erosion of the pattern;
  • high pigmentation: stamping manicure looks especially impressive when using contrasting colors that clearly separate the borders of the pattern and the main background. If the varnish does not have this property, then the effect of this design will turn out to be “smeared”;
  • The lacquer base must be matte: only such a background allows us to make the picture clear and bright, which is our final goal.

pattern printing

High-quality varnish for stemping - this is 80% guarantee of your success. As a rule, varnishes, which are used for classic manicure, have insufficiently dense structure and pigmentation, which does not allow to achieve the desired effect on the nails. Of course, the density can be added due to artificial shrinkage of ordinary varnish, but in this case, as a rule, the drawing dries out on the stamp before it is printed on the nail.

nice design

Therefore, we advise you not to experiment in vain, buying a bunch of varnishes, in the hope of achieving the desired result. Use the professional series to not be disappointed in the effect obtained. Moreover, such searches for an alternative option often result in a much larger amount than the purchase of professional lacquer for stamping.

Video: creating a stamping manicure

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