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The acrylic boom of 1970 prompted the manicure masters, who invented a method for building nail nails, that it was possible to vary not only its length, but also the shape of its free tip. Then for the first time the term “square shape of nails” came into use in manicure salons. Their popularity was fixed in 1978 after the presentation of the “French manicure” style, which prompted the masters to the idea of ​​how to make the square shape of nails more refined. Modern fashion trends in nail art tend to be natural and natural. Therefore, it is natural that many women prefer a concise and elegant manicure with a square shape.

Square Nail Art Manicure

Such nail art almost always looks harmonious and natural. However, for girls who have short and plump fingers with wide marigolds, square nails will look out of place. They are much more suitable marigold rounded or pointed shape. For others, you can safely use square nails, which are mainly divided into two types:

  • Soft square - the edges of the nails slightly rounded. The soft square shape of the nails is versatile and practical. It does not require restrictions on use.
  • Sharp square - edges remain sharp. Square manicure with sharp edges looks spectacular, but creates a lot of inconvenience to its owner. They can cling to clothes or hair. They are not recommended to do on weak and brittle nails, because they are susceptible to stratification. Best of all, the graphic form will look on the nails of short or medium length. On very long ones - the clarity of the line is lost due to the bending of the plate.

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Versatility makes square manicure popular with men too.

Modeling methods: how to square your nails

Marigolds are round, oval, oblong, trapezoidal. Any view can be corrected in various ways and give it a square shape. You can visit the nail salon, where the master will professionally handle nails. If desired, the extension procedure is carried out, and the actual design is selected. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the salon, then at home you can give your nails a clear rectangular shape.

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Building "square edge" nails in the salon

In the beauty salon with the help of paper ribbons, templates and special gels, you can simulate the rectangular edges of nails. The extension scheme in the beauty salon is gradually as follows.

  1. As standard, as with any other manicure procedure, the hands are disinfected, the cuticle and the free edge of the nails are processed.
  2. Then a paper pattern is applied to form the desired look.
  3. A degreaser and base gel are applied to the natural surface of the marigold. Formed free edge using the modeling composition. Gel layer is fixed under ultraviolet rays.
  4. To fix the result, a layer of gel is reapplied to the area of ​​growth and dried under a UV lamp.
  5. With the help of a special liquid, the waste layer is removed from the nail plate and the edges and surface are cleaned.
  6. Finishing gel is applied, fixed under ultraviolet light.

black and white extended french

Extensive square-shaped nails look perfect and are decorated with various types of nail design. They do not require correction for a long time.

Square shape nails with their own hands

If you are adjusted to yourself, independently correct the marigolds and make them square, then you need to have at hand a number of tools: nail files for manicure (preferably different grain structures); tweezers, tweezers, manicure scissors with smooth edges, nippers (you can cut off the edge of the marigold smoothly). Deal with how to make your nails square - the following instructions will help.

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  1. It is standard to disinfect hands, degrease plates, remove cuticles and burrs.
  2. If you cut the edges of the nails, soak them in warm water beforehand - after such a procedure, they are easier to cut off. If only filing is required, it is better to do it on a dry nail, in order to avoid its stratification.
  3. In order to trim a smooth edge, use a pliers or knipper-the tool that covers the entire width of the nail. You can pre-make a markup cut by placing your finger on a horizontal surface.
  4. The appearance and strength of the nail plate will largely depend on how to file a square-shaped nail. Therefore, carefully grind the edge, holding a glass medium-grained nail file in one direction (back and forth is not suitable). The edge line of the nail should be strictly perpendicular to the vertical axis. Then edge sawed parallel to each other and along the longitudinal axis. Sharp corners can be slightly rounded using a fine-grained nail file, making movements from the edge to the center.
  5. Finally sand the surface and all edges. Remember that polishing can be done no more than once a month, so as not to thin the nails.
  6. Rinse hands with warm water and soften with cream. After a short break, you can begin the process of step-by-step design and painting.

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Square nail designs and designs

For the masters of manicure, a rectangular view of the nail plate is a happy opportunity to express your imagination. After all, the “platform” for drawing a picture is quite large and it is convenient to work with it. The only thing not recommended to do the transverse graphics on short nails. This will visually shorten them.

The modern design of square-shaped nails involves many ways to design them using:

  • various types of patterns and color patterns;
  • gradient (smooth flow of colors);
  • lunar manicure, in which the contour line along the cuticle is outlined;
  • various types of "French" (French manicure).

bright design

The square shape of the nails allows the use of rhinestones and stickers, but in all it is necessary to observe the measure. After all, the ideal geometric type of manicure itself is a great decoration, so do not get carried away with excessive decor.

Video: how to square a nail correctly

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