Shellac is a hybrid gel varnish without chips and scratches.

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Beautiful manicure decorates the fingers of many modern girls. What are the only colors and coatings do not sparkle on the nails? But the main problem in nail polishing is his short life. Home cares, games with a child, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, all this ruins a beautiful manicure. It starts to peel off, chips and cracks appear. How to keep his firmness? To the aid of the young ladies suffering from the problem came the design of shellac nails. Let's take a closer look at covering Shellac nails !?

Expert Opinions. What is shellac?

This question is increasingly being asked to the client's specialists of fashionable beauty salons. Beautiful people complain about constant contact with water, cooking dishes, ironing clothes, caring for children, and even sports take up a lot of time and effort. As a result, nail polish constantly slazit. Nails are not clear what color. The mysterious Shellac gel lacquer has become a solution to this problem. The leading American corporation CND Shellac said to the whole world that its products are technologies of the future, and their Shellac manicure with gel polish is a miracle an invention.

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The design of shellac nails has been used for a long time and not only in manicure, but also in pedicure. At the same time, a pedicure shellac on feet is kept for more than a month. Shellac is the most suitable nail treatment option for a business woman who values ​​time and money. The cost of the shellac manicure procedure with full care is 1500 rubles, and the time spent on shellac is only 30 minutes. The coating is applied to the nail plate in the same way as a conventional tool with a brush, but it dries in a UV lamp. But is this nail design shellac really good, as they say about it ?!

How is a gelcoat coating created?

Step by step we consider all stages of the procedure for creating nail design Shellac at home. First, prepare all the necessary tools and materials, only with a prepared working area you will be able to properly apply the coating. We proceed to the procedure:

  1. Treat all fingers with well-sharpened tweezers, cutting off all unnecessary edges of the cuticle.
  2. Using a nail file and scissors, give the desired shape to your marigold.
  3. Using a non-coarse grinding buff, slightly grind the nail bed on each of the 10 fingers. This procedure interlocks the UV lacquer with the nail bed simply flawlessly.
  4. Clean the nails with alcohol or a special liquid.
  5. Treat the nails with a base coat of a special transparent leveling agent.
  6. Dry the base agent in the UV lamp for 5 minutes.
  7. Cover the nails with the first coat of Shellac and dry in the lamp for no more than two minutes!
  8. Proceed to the next layer, this layer will mask all the imperfections of the first and re-send your fingers to the drying in the UV lamp for two minutes.
  9. Well, you are already on the penultimate stage, here you need to cover Shellac with a fixer and also dry it.
  10. Remove the adhesive layer from the cover with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol.

Well, your long-term nail cover is ready!

what is shellac

Small tips for creating the perfect gel nail polish

Having decided to master the design of shellac nails at home on your own, you should know some little things that will help avoid big trouble:

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  • Avoid bundles! If you notice a peeling piece on your nails, then remove it with a diamond file for a natural nail plate. Only on a perfectly smooth surface will gel serve good service.
  • Do not allow contact with alkalis! When in contact with them the nail plate can change its structure, and as a result, the coating will ugly dislodge at the most inopportune moment.
  • Degrease the nail plate! Only after manipulating with the degreasing of the nail can you ensure good adhesion between the nails and the Shellac design.
  • Dry properly! Such a design dries up in the UV lamp in two minutes, do not overdo it more than the set. Set the timer!

Positive and negative sides of shellac manicure

Many girls are interested in whether Shellac is harmful to the nails? Consider all the positive and negative aspects in this procedure:


  • Does not contain harmful substances in its composition.
  • Helps to strengthen the weakened nail bed.
  • Does not cause allergies.
  • The application procedure takes only half an hour.
  • Guaranteed durability, lasts for 2 weeks.
  • A rich color palette, 12 rich colors.
  • Gives a wide scope for creativity, with it you can create any design.

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  • Application and removal of Shellac c nails can take place only in the salon. Since the drying of the composition occurs in the ultraviolet lamp, and only the master can remove it without disturbing the structure of the nail.
  • Not a small cost of the procedure. Applying and correction of shellac, costs about as nail extension. And if your nails grow quickly, then the cup you will visit the salon!
  • Since you spend your homework after shellac only in gloves, you can overtake fungal diseases on the nail plate. Why it happens?! Long stay in rubber gloves and constant contact with water cause temperature jumps and expansion of the nail bed. And it threatens with small imperceptible cracks in the structure, into which dirt, bacteria and water seep. All this multiplies throughout the wearing of the composition (approximately 2 weeks), and an unpleasant picture may soon become in front of you.

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Carefully detachment! Possible errors manicure gel varnish

Quite often, young ladies talk that shellac coverage is not as durable as the well-known brands CND, Jessnail, Gelish, OPI, Entity, Ezflow claim. Let's see where the truth is, and where is the lie:

  • Sometimes the human body does not want to take to itself any foreign material. Such situations are very frequent when a girl has problems with hormones, strong avitaminosis or hypervitaminosis, or you simply take strong medications.
  • If you are the owner of very exfoliating nails, then the design on the nails will not last long in any way. Contact the specialists for the procedure of polishing the nail bed.
  • Due to your inexperience, you didn’t observe all the subtleties of the manicure process. UV varnish or you purchased not high-quality materials.
  • You have applied a very dense layer of funds on the nails. The thick layer means will never last long.

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What kind of nail gel is suitable?

There are no restrictions on the shape or structure of the nail plate. The tool can be applied to natural and extended nails, and they, in turn, can be either short or long, pointed or almond. By the way, shellac for short nails is the most fashionable version of manicure.

How is the procedure of applying shellac in the cabin?

Most often, beautiful persons go to the salon, to make a shellac manicure, because few of the girls attended manicure courses, as well as purchased tools and a UV lamp for home use, and the work of the master is always encouraging for the best result. But there are cases when girls fell into the hands of poor self-taught masters. Let's understand the actions of an experienced specialist.

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Application takes place in several stages:

  1. The preparatory stage before the procedure is a manicure. The master puts your fingers in order, gives the correct shape to the nails. Remember, before applying the nail plate is not subjected to processing a rough file! Only non-professional masters can clean the surface, referring to poor contact of the coating with the nail!
  2. After the nail bed is completed, the master defats it. As the application of the degreaser is finished, do not touch any objects with your fingers!
  3. The next step is the base impregnation under shellac. You dry the base in an ultraviolet lamp for 5 minutes, after which the means of shellac itself is applied, the shade you wish. You dry it again in the lamp.
  4. Now finish straight procedure. The master puts the finish shellac and seals it at the edges of the nail plate and dries the nails in the lamp. After the composition is dried, the master removes all irregularities in the application, if any, and covers the cuticle with oil.

Rules care after the procedure Shellac

This coating may deteriorate if acetone and other alcohol-containing products get on it. Therefore, when cleaning the house, wear gloves.

Try not to mess around in hot water, as water under the influence of different temperatures causes the deformation of the nail plate, which is bad for shellac. Dust particles and particles of dirt can stick to it, as it contains resin. You can remove them with cotton or a cloth, and your nails will shine again with cleanliness!

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Interaction gel polish with other procedures

Many beauties who underwent the shellac nail design at home or the master in the salon is interested in one thing: how does gel lacquer take other procedures.

  • Classic edged or European unedged manicure will not cause any damage to the coating, but rather make the nails more beautiful.
  • Spa treatments with paraffin for nails and skin are best done after your fingers are coated with UV varnish.
  • You can safely decorate your shellac claws with a design applied with the help of gel or acrylic. The main thing that shellac on the nails was thin.

Video about applying gel varnish

What to do if the manicure is tired and there is no time for the salon?

You can remove it at home by purchasing a special film. You must strictly follow the instructions and you will get rid of manicure. But it is still better to go to the competent master, so as not to harm your nails!

shellac stripping

Coating with shellac design

If you want your fingers to decorate the original nail design with shellac, do not limit your imagination and ability to create. Let's see what options interesting design coatings, you can do with your own hands at home. 

Set for shellac has a rich palette of colors, about 30 shades! Choose any 2-3 colors and gently, slowly, drain their boundaries. Such merged colors will help you create an ombre manicure.

Try on your fingers a moon manicure with UV varnish; this is a safe and very fashionable option now. Remember that this French manicure is done with a smile line at the cuticle of the nail bed!

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