Sea manicure

bright blue white red nail art

“How to make a marine manicure?” Is a fairly common question this season. Perhaps one of the most up-to-date trends is exactly the manicure in the nautical style. In the beauty salon specializing in manicure and pedicure, you will surely be selected with suitable sea colors and nail decorations. But after all, many girls would like to independently learn how to create a marine manicure, which we will teach you in our article.

To create a similar style on the nails, you need to choose the right sea colors. It can be light blue or bright blue, classic white or strict black, and even the red color will perfectly fit into the created style and create the necessary accent. In addition to the usual monochromatic shades, the nautical theme in manicure requires some zest. Make extra chic help special stickers and decorations for nails.

romantic pink design

Marine manicure can be done on absolutely any nails, regardless of their shape and length. There are plenty of options for applying paint sea on the nails at home. After examining some of the subtleties, you can learn how to create a delightful nail cover with your own hands.

Marine manicure for long nails

Recently, short natural nails have become fashionable, but, of course, there are many supporters of classic long nails left.

Star anchors

To create this cover, you will need a base for manicure, plain blue, white and silver coatings, as well as applications or stickers in the form of anchors and stars.

anchor design

  1. Prepare the nail plate to apply the base.
  2. Cover the marigolds with a basic base, this will help to keep the manicure in a nautical style for a longer time, as well as protect your marigolds from absorbing color.
  3. Cover the base with blue and let it dry well.
  4. Select several fingers on which the pictures will be located. Usually it is one or two fingers on each hand.
  5. Stick the stickers in the selected places and fix them with a finishing coat. In the absence of the latter, the use of ordinary clear varnish is possible.
  6. On the remaining fingers, draw in the corners in a row running thin strips of white and silver colors alternating with each other.
  7. At the end, cover the nails with clear varnish to secure the result.

Colorful seashells

Now in stores that specialize in the sale of nail care products you can find a variety of applications, rhinestones or even real stones. That is what you need to create this image. And so, you will need small shells made for nail design, plain shades of white, pink, gold and orange lacquer.

drawings in nail art - shells, fish, beach

  1. Apply the base on the nail plate and let it dry.
  2. Cover the marigolds in pink, keeping the anonymous and middle fingers clean.
  3. On the middle fingers, apply a golden color, and on the ring fingers - white.
  4. Let the lacquer dry thoroughly, then take a thin brush and make strips on the “white” fingers. On one hand, the stripes will be orange, on the other - pink.
  5. Glue the shells to the little fingers and ring fingers with a special glue.
  6. Fix the result with a transparent finish.

Marine manicure for short nails

As mentioned above, in this season undoubted love from the fairer sex won a short natural marigold. The scheme of creating a nautical style on short legs is certainly easier than on long ones. Acting in steps, you get a flawless fresh nail-design.

Sea jacket

Instructions for creating a French manicure in a nautical style is almost the same as usual. You will need a clear varnish, solid red, black and white, as well as special strips for the French manicure.

blue jacket

  1. Prepare the nail bed for nail polish and apply stickers - strips for the French coating.
  2. The tips of the nails that are not covered with stripes should be painted white. Wait until the varnish is completely dry, and only then peel off the strips.
  3. On the resulting white tips with a thin brush, draw several parallel strips of black.
  4. On the ring fingers, draw red stars.
  5. Fix the design with clear lacquer.


Sea manicure for short nails can be created in very unusual ways, and here is one of them. You will need plain lacquers of yellow, pink and black tones, as well as the usual dry sponge, which is used to wash dishes. In the creation of this design must be followed strictly in stages.


  1. Prepare the nails for varnish.
  2. Visually divide them into two parts - lower and upper. The upper part must be covered with yellow lacquer, and the bottom pink. In what sequence it is not important to do it, but it will still be more convenient to start from above.
  3. When the varnish is completely dry, it is necessary to apply the colors used on the palette. The palette can be any plastic surface that does not absorb lacquer.
  4. Do not wait until the varnish dries on the palette, otherwise it will not work. Dip the sponge in the applied tone so that the sponge imprints colors in the same design as on the nails.
  5. Attach the sponge several times to the nail plate in the place where there is a transition between the colors.
  6. As a result, you should get a smooth beautiful transition from one color to another.
  7. After the varnish has completely dried, paint black lacquer on the unmarked nails. If you do not want to draw, you can replace this item by sticking ordinary stickers for nail design.
  8. Cover the picture with clear varnish.

Sea manicure will suit every girl, he will perfectly decorate and refresh your nails and will cheer up others.

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