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The modern world involves finding an alternative in everything, even when choosing the shape of nails. From such abundance dizzy What kind of shape to prefer, so that our hands become perfectly attractive? We picked you up useful information on the topic of round nails and how to properly select and create a stylish design for such a nail bed at home.

Round marigold - hit season

Why exactly round shape of nails? - you ask. Yes, the question is certainly not easy, because sometimes not only the beauty of fingers and hands, but also the whole picture of your appearance depends on the shape of the marigold, we answer. The round shape of the nails is the most resistant and it is easy enough to create it yourself; besides, the shape of the nails is round and quite attractive and creating a manicure on round nails with your own hands is very simple.

The rounded shape of the nail creation scheme

the filing process

Round nails choose active representatives of the fair sex, due to their practicality and beautiful appearance.

  1. The rounded shape of the nails is attached in stages using ordinary nail files and orange sticks to remove the cuticles.
  2. After all the cuticles have been removed, and this is the procedure for a classic cut manicure, which we hope you can do it yourself, you need to give your nails a well-groomed look.
  3. It will help give all sorts of baths for nails and hands, as well as other moisturizing and softening agents.
  4. When making round marigolds, make sure that they are of the same length; this is the basic rule for any manicure. Trim the free edges of the nails, guided by the length of the shortest of them.


Popular nail design round shape

Flawless nails with rounded tips can be called the standard of femininity, attractiveness and extraordinary lightness. Even the usual transparent coating with a glossy shine looks very fashionable and modern. By choosing classic french tones to cover the plates, and this is a white shade close to the natural color of the nail or just a transparent varnish, you can emphasize the smooth lines of the free edge, as well as highlight the bend and perfect shape of the nail plates.

Look at the sample photo provided by us and you will see for yourself how unusually sweet and gentle can be a manicure with round nails made in classic French tones.

jacket with pebbles

French design

French nail polish manicure is a very elegant version of everyday nail art that will suit any girl, regardless of her style or age. Neat smile lines that follow the contours of the marigold make women's fingers more subtle and add a unique charm to their owners.

With this option of nail art, you can go not only to work, but also to a party, and in order to make the French manicure with round nails look even more solemn, you can decorate it with drawings and add a small amount of jewelry. For decorating it is better to use small elements, since large details in this case will look tasteless and pretentious.

Moon design

moon manicure

Lunar manicure on round nails is a kind of flipped jacket, instructions for creating it were given in our detailed article on the moon nail art, so you can refer to it. In our case, the moon manicure can be performed in both dark and light shades, and to enhance the effect of an inverted french, you can put a smile line of micro stones in the form of the moon. The refined outline of the marigold in the shape of a semicircle, decorated under the moon design will transform your fingers, as well as make your pens more elegant and expressive. You can see for yourself by viewing the above beautiful photo.

Modeling nail round shape

If nature has not presented you with a neat rounded marigold shape, but you would like to become their owner, refer to the nail extension procedure. There are two methods: gel technology of building up and acrylic, and today we will consider step by step both variants of the procedure - nail extension of a round shape.

blue jacket

Gel round marigolds

At once we will say that the nails accrued by the gel are much stronger and more elastic, and the procedure itself is quite simple to perform.

  1. The gel is applied to the nail, and then 2 to 3 minutes on it shine with an ultraviolet lamp.
  2. The gel under the action of ultraviolet on it begins to harden and then the nails are given the desired shape, in this case, round.
  3. In order to make nails strong and firm, the procedure is repeated 2 to 3 times.

Transparent, shiny nails, obtained with the help of the gel, look very attractive and natural.

Acrylic round marigolds

acrylic in jars

Nail acrylic round shape, a more complex technique, it uses powder mixed with a liquid hardener. As a result of their mixing, a thick and viscous mixture is obtained, which quickly hardens in air. Such a composition, applied evenly on the nail, after hardening, is treated with ordinary nail files, gives it the desired shape, and here it is rounded, and is colored to the color of natural.

Video: sawdust technique of round nails

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