Rock manicure - types and techniques of creation

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What is rock music? First of all, it is the spirit of freedom and youth. And youth and freedom do not tolerate compromises, which is why fans of this musical style want to emphasize the difference from the representatives of other subcultures with their appearance. Such girls always stand out from the crowd: torn jeans, black T-shirts and overalls, blue-black hair, large metal ornaments, heavy shoes and so on. Combining such a style with a classic or glamorous manicure is quite difficult, but this does not mean that nail care should be completely abandoned. Rather, on the contrary, by showing enough imagination, you can create a rock manicure with your own hands and even focus on this detail of the exterior.

In order to learn how to do a rock manicure, you will first of all need to purchase an arsenal of cosmetics. Red, white and black varnishes, craquelurers, rhinestones, needles, stickers and stamps will become faithful helpers.

Rock manicure for beginners

The simplest rock manicure, which even the most inexperienced person in this matter can do on his own at home, is his nails, evenly painted with black varnish. It can be matte or glossy, depending on the idea. The most difficult thing in such nail art is to paint your nails with an even layer of varnish and let it dry thoroughly. Any attempts to correct an unfortunate rock manicure in black most often turn into the need to completely clean the nail plate and paint it again.

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Rock manicure in French style

French manicure can look quite brutal, if you use darker colors instead of the usual pastel varnishes. For example, a rock manicure can be solved in such a manner: paint the main part of the nail black, and the tip protruding beyond the surface red. Or vice versa: make most of the plate burgundy, and paint the tip black. There is a great variety of color combinations that rock manicure allows, the main thing is to give free rein to your imagination.

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Manicure with rhinestones

It would seem what does rock nails have to do with glamorous accessories such as rhinestones? In fact, shimmering stones look great on nails painted in dark colors. Rock manicure can be decorated with single crystals or create a composition from them. For example, one of the nail plates can be decorated with a cross lined with rhinestones.

nails with gold rhinestones

Nail art with stickers or stamps

Rock manicure in a monochromatic black color may seem rather boring to some young ladies, especially if you use this option often. To diversify the image, you can decorate the nail plate with drawings. There are several options for applying pictures on the finished monochromatic manicure: stickers, stamps and drawings with needles. In the absence of art education, it is easier to use stickers on your own. For example, images with the image of skulls, roses, fire and so on will perfectly fit into the image of rock.

Marigold Catty Perry

Needle drawings

The most original rock manicure can be created with the help of needle-drawing techniques. In this case, you can realize any of your manicure fantasy, however, it is better to master the method of drawing a picture from such simple plots as flames, stripes, peas and asterisks. Such patterns will not only be easy to perform, but it is also quite easy to disguise small blots.

design with cobweb

To create a nail art you will need ordinary sewing needles, toothpicks and a set of multi-colored nail polishes. The drawing is applied to the already painted and dried nail, first large parts with toothpicks, then with the needles little things are drawn.

Video: instructions for creating a rock manicure at home

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